Be The Business Your Customers Will remember (Copy)

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Be The Content Your Customers Remember! Long before the FARMERS’ ALMANAC was sold at bookstores, it was used as a powerful promotional product for businesses of all types and sizes. Learn how to use the 64-page Promotional Edition of the FARMERS’ ALMANAC to generate awareness, increase consideration, build traffic, deliver an offer, drive sales, induce

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Sell The Farmers’ Almanac In Your Store

Sell The Farmers’ Almanac In Your Store 2024 Release Date – August 2023  Every year since 1818, people everywhere seek out the Farmers’ Almanac to help them plan the year ahead. From weather forecasts, to gardening and fishing calendars, to stargazing and Moon watching tips, the Farmers’ Almanac is an annual best seller everywhere! Today, with its growing popularity

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Promotional Edition

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Promotional Edition Farmers’ Almanac for Businesses Align your company with centuries of wisdom. Farmers’ Almanac is a best-selling annual publication, but it’s also a powerful promotional tool that businesses and organizations use to: Build Brand Loyalty Increase Awareness Show Appreciation Market Products/Services Your Logo and Message + Our Covers + Useful Content = Year-Round Value

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Farmers’ Almanac Advertising Options

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Here at the Farmers’ Almanac, we do amazing things. We predict the weather for up to a year in advance. We alert people to when there will be an amazing alignment of planets, a meteor shower, full Moon, or eclipse.  We tell people how to grow their own food, when to drop a fishing line in the water, share

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