Weather Lore

Before there were weather apps for your smartphone, Doppler radar, or the National Weather Service, our ancestors were busy observing their natural surroundings and noticed that animal behavior, clouds, and other elements of nature gave clues about the weather to come.

The result: weather folklore — sayings, rhymes and anecdotes that were passed down from generation to generation. Weather lore is one of our favorite subjects here at Farmers’ Almanac, and It’s been a reader favorite since our very first edition in 1818.

Below is a collection from our archives.

Dandelions And 5 More Plants That Predict The weather

Dandelions And 5 More Plants That Predict The weather featured image

Did you know that there are plants that predict the weather? Dandelions and these five other plants can tell you when it may rain, the temperature outside, and more! Dandelions Despite their reputation as pesky lawn weeds, dandelions are also good indicators of rain—especially since you’re likely to find them wherever you go! Like pimpernels

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Have You Seen The Persimmon Forecast 2022-23?

Have You Seen The Persimmon Forecast 2022-23? featured image

According to popular folklore, a persimmon can predict winter weather. How do you make a persimmon forecast? It’s easy. Just split open a seed of a locally grown fruit and look at the pattern inside. If you see a fork, winter will be mild. A shovel (or spoon shape)? It will be snowy. A knife

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