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Full Moons are known to be the most intense periods of time that bring up intense emotions such as passion and irritability. They many inspire pivotal moments, breakthroughs, and breakdowns. To assist you in navigating these phases, renowned astrologer Kyle Thomas curates monthly Full Moon horoscopes exclusively for Farmers’ Almanac readers! See excerpts as well as links to full articles for each full Moon below:

Harvest Moon horoscopes.

Harvest Moon Horoscopes – September 29, 2023

As cooler breezes blow, trees burst with fiery colors, and nights get longer, you may ask yourself, “What great things may come with this new season?” Occurring one week after the equinox, September’s Full Harvest Moon will be the first full Moon of fall, the fourth supermoon in a row, and … Harvest Moon Horoscopes – September 2023 – Tap here!

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Blue Moon Horoscopes

Blue Moon Horoscopes – August 30, 2023

As the sweltering summer heat reaches its peak, you might be curious about what lies ahead in the coming months. This August presents a rare Blue Moon, a phenomenon that occurs when two full Moons grace the night skies within a single month, causing heightened emotions. In addition, this particular Blue Moon is the third consecutive supermoon, known to magnify … Blue Moon Horoscopes – August 2023 – Tap here!

Sturgeon Moon Horoscopes

Full Sturgeon Moon Horoscopes – August 1, 2023

As we enter the peak of summer, we are surrounded by the enchanting symphony of crickets in the dark, the mesmerizing dance of fireflies at dusk, and the comforting presence of stars on clear nights. August Full Moon (2023) brings with it a rare celestial phenomenon—a double full Moon. While we usually only experience one full Moon per month, this time we will be blessed with the intensity of two lunar cycles. Make the most of this unique … Full Sturgeon Moon Horoscopes – August 2023 – Tap here!

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Horoscope for Buck Moon 2023.

Full Buck Moon Horoscopes – July 21, 2023

July is a festive month filled with celebrations for Independence Day, cookouts, and summer festivals. It’s an excellent time for reflection, as the July Full Moon in 2023 falls right in the middle of the year. This presents a unique opportunity to assess your accomplishments from the first six months of the year, express gratitude, and set goals for the remaining months. This Buck Moon is the first of four consecutive supermoons and … Full Buck Moon Horoscopes – July 2023 – Tap here!

Astrology for June full Moon 2023.

Full Strawberry Moon Horoscopes – June 21, 2023

The June Full Moon dances beautifully with Mars, the planet of drive and passion, which may invigorate you to pursue what you desire. Trust your instincts and take the lead with assertive and direct actions. Confidence should not ruffle feathers, as long as sincerity and integrity is at the core. However hurdles my pop up as a result of the full Moon clashing with Saturn, the planet of challenges … Full Strawberry Moon Horoscopes – June 2023 – Tap here!

Astrology for May 2023.

Full Flower Moon Horoscopes – May 23, 2023

The May full Moon 2023 is unique because it coincides with a penumbral lunar eclipse and Mercury in retrograde. According to astrology, eclipses are believed to be three times more energetically intense than a regular full Moon and often align with significant life events. Lunar eclipses can bring major news, turning points, breakthroughs, or breakdowns in the days, weeks, or months surrounding them. Considering these factors, here is … Full Flower Moon Horoscopes – May 2023 – Tap here!

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Kyle Thomas, an expert astrologer.
Kyle Thomas

Kyle Thomas is an expert astrologer who writes for The New York Post, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Marie Claire, Elite Daily, Bustle, and more. He has been featured on Access Hollywood, E! Entertainment, NBC and ABC television. Kyle is globally recognized as a "celebrity astrologer" for his guidance of well known actors in Hollywood and prominent business executives, but he also loves sharing his comic insights with everyday people. His work explains how astrology influences lifestyle and trends worldwide. Learn more about him at KyleThomasAstrology.com.

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