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Expert Brass Polishing Tip

Slice a lemon in half and cover the cut section with a teaspoon of table salt. Rub the lemon on the tarnished piece, in a scrubbing motion, squeezing it as you go to release the lemon juice. Rinse the item with warm water and let dry.

Gardening Secret

Dairy product - Pecorino Romano

Heading out to do some gardening? Scrape your fingernails along a bar of soap to create a barrier that keeps dirt from getting deep under your nails. Once you’re done working, grab a nail brush and brush out the barrier as you wash your hands.

Create A Keepsake Holiday Tablecloth

Frozen lemonade concentrate - Stock photography

Create a special keepsake this holiday. Have family members sign a tablecloth with a washable marker. Then, embroider their names. Add to the tablecloth as the family grows!

Bug Bite Relief

Hand Sanitiser - Hand

Got a bug bite that itches? Soak a cotton pad in Witch Hazel and apply to the bug bite. Wait a few minutes and the itch will be gone!

Create An Orange Tea Light

Orange - Party

Create a lovely tea light for your Mother’s Day brunch table using an orange! Simply flatten the orange a bit with your hand, then using a sharp paring knife, cut a shallow hole in the top of the orange. Insert a tea light and you have a beautiful table decoration! Tip and image courtesy of

The Proper Way To Wash Your Hands

Hand washing - Hand Sanitiser

Don’t rinse and run! Here’s the proper way to wash your hands to avoid the spread of germs. Wet hands. Soap up (any soap will do), and lather for 20 seconds. Be sure to scrub fingertips, backs of hands, wrists, between fingers, and under fingernails. Rinse, and towel dry.

Reuse Those Wine Corks

Wine - Cork

Reuse wine and champagne corks as plant markers. Write the name of the plant on the cork with permanent marker, push it onto a metal skewer or chopstick, and place it in the soil next to the appropriate plant. 

Revive Champagne With A Raisin

Champagne - Sparkling Wine

To bring the bubbles back to your bubbly, simply drop a single raisin into a glass or bottle of champagne or sparkling wine. The carbon dioxide remaining in the wine will adhere to the fruit and release it back into the drink. 

Remove Gravy Stains

Bleach - Stain removal

Spilled gravy on your favorite shirt or holiday tablecloth? Here’s how to get it out: blot up as much of the liquid as possible (don’t rub!). Then mix 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide with 1/4 cup liquid dish soap. Work the mixture into the stain, then let it soak for 20 minutes. Rinse with cool water

Reusable Storage

Beer Bottle - Bottle

Don’t throw away the empty cardboard six-pack bottle carrier. Use it to store garden tools, crafts, glue, pencils, holiday trinkets, and other items!

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