When Is Easter 2024?

When is Easter Sunday? Why does the date change every year? We explain.

When is Easter 2024? Sunday, March 31, 2024. Easter Sunday is, of course, always on a Sunday, but the exact date varies each year depending on the Moon’s position in early spring. We explain.

Upcoming Dates for Easter

YearDate of Easter
2024March 31
2025April 20
2026April 5
2027March 28

Why Does Easter Fall On A Different Date Each Year?

Easter and other religious holidays related to it — Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, and Good Friday — are called “moveable feasts.” This means that they are not fixed dates on the calendar. Instead, these holidays are assigned according to what’s called a lunisolar calendar, which aligns the moon’s phases as well as the sun’s position in the sky. (Passover and other Jewish holidays also adhere to the lunisolar calendar.)

How Is The Date of Easter Determined?

According to a Fourth Century ruling, the date of Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon, which is the first full Moon of spring. It occurs on or shortly after the spring equinox (also known as vernal equinox). March 22 is the earliest Easter can occur in any given year, and April 25 is the latest. If the first spring full Moon happens to fall on a Sunday, Easter Sunday will be observed on the following Sunday.

Easter is dictated by the Moon.

Astronomers are able to tell us precisely when the Moon will perfectly oppose the Sun, which is when it is considered to be a “full.” However, the Church follows its own methodologies in determining when the Moon turns full. One important factor is something called the “Golden Number.” It is a rather arcane series of computations that in the end provides a date for Easter. Of course, on occasion, the date for the full Moon does not exactly line up with the date that is provided by astronomy.

Easter Weather

Pretty sky with sun shining behind clouds giving off purple and pink hues.

Be sure to check out our Easter weekend forecast here!

Easter Flowers

Easter flower bouquet with a yellow Easter Egg.

Want to make an Easter bouquet? Take a look at these 9 Popular Easter Flowers and What They Symbolize.

Have a potted Easter lily and want to know how best to care for it? Review this article: Caring For Your Potted Easter Lily.

Easter Traditions

Dyed Easter eggs on table in variety of colors next to coloring jars.

Ever wonder why we dye eggs and eat ham at Easter? Learn more.

4 Clever Ideas For Stay-At-Home Easter Fun

If you can’t be with loved ones this Easter, try these ideas:

1. Virtual Easter

Close-up Of Mother And Daughter Video Conferencing On Tablet At Home.

Many online video conferencing tools are free, and easy to set up right from your computer or smartphone. You schedule a date and time and send your guests the generated conference code. This is a great tool to use to stay connected with loved ones. Here’s a guide to the many options available.

2. Mail it!

It’s fun getting mail that’s not a bill or sales flyer. Why not make your own Easter cards and mail them? You can even print customizable Easter greetings found online to send to family and friends.

3. Zero Waste Egg Hunts

Food waste may be on your mind these days so if you decide not to make colored eggs this year, there are still ways to have an Easter “Egg” hunt.

  • Sock Hunts – Hide pairs of Easter-themed socks (rolled into an egg shape) around the house. You find them, you keep them!
  • Paper “Eggs” – Before Easter, have the kids decorate eggs made out of construction paper and then have an adult hide them. On Easter morning, whoever finds the most eggs wins a prize. You can even include messages on the back for more prizes!
  • Get Creative! You can hide just about anything to make it fun for kids. Check these clever Easter Egg Hunt ideas here.
  • Puppy FunPlan an Easter Egg Hunt For Your Dog! A clever idea from DogTipper.

4. Make Your Own Bubbles

Little girl blowing soap bubbles in spring outdoors.

Who doesn’t love bubbles? Try some of these homemade bubble recipes from the DIY Network. Head out to the back yard and watch them float away for great spring/Easter fun!

Delicious Easter Recipes

Rice Krispie Easter Egg Nests Recipe

Close up of rice crispie cakes in pink and white cup cake cases.

These are super easy to assemble. Using your favorite Rice Krispies™ Treats recipe, simply press into the cups of a muffin tin lined with colorful paper baking cups, to create a “nest.” When cooled, add a few jelly bean “eggs” and enjoy! You can even color your nests by adding a drop of food coloring to the marshmallow mixture, or melt some chocolate chips into the marshmallow mixture for chocolate nests.

Italian Easter Bread With Colored Eggs Recipe

A photo of Easter bread with colored eggs.

This traditional Easter Bread recipe* comes from Chef Sal Scognamillo of Patsy’s Italian Restaurant in New York City. The Scognamillo family has owned and operated the Italian restaurant since 1944. Get the recipe here!

Peanut Butter Eggs, Meringue Bunnies, and Beet Pickled Eggs

Blue Easter eggs surround cupcakes along with bunny shaped white cupcakes.

Whether you enjoy a traditional Easter dinner of ham and hot cross buns or you’ve started new traditions of your own, try these adding these dishes to your Easter table. We guarantee every-bunny will love these egg-straordinarily tasty and festive recipes!

Fantastic Recipes for Easter Brunch

An Asparagus Bake Easter Brunch Dish.

Try these recipes for an unforgettable Easter brunch celebration.

Easter Trivia

A variety of different colored marshmallow peeps with similarly colored jelly beans.

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