Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan Long Range Weather Forecast for November 28th to December 27th

November 2020
  • 28th - 30th
    Turning stormy Alberta east to Manitoba.
December 2020
  • 1st - 3rd
    Clearing weather spreads east to Saskatchewan; stormy Manitoba.
  • 4th - 7th
    Fair, then unsettled; snow for Rockies and points east to Manitoba.
  • 8th - 11th
    Clearing skies sweep east to Saskatchewan; flurries Manitoba.
  • 12th - 15th
    Stormy weather thru Alberta, Saskatchewan.
  • 16th - 19th
    Turning colder.
  • 20th - 23rd
    Some occasional snow.
  • 24th - 27th
    Fair, then turning stormy with heavy snow in Rockies and out over the Prairies during the Christmas/Boxing Day holiday.