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Almanac Weather Outlook for January 5th

  • Northeast & New England
    Series of coastal systems brings 4-8” of snow across NY, PA, New England; a wintry mix farther south.
  • Great Lakes, Ohio Valley & Midwest
    Intermittent light snow, flurries.
  • Southeast U.S.
    Series of coastal systems brings 1-2” of rain; wintry mix possible higher elevations of northern VA, WV, and western NC.
  • North Central U.S.
    Heavy snow (up to a foot) from Rockies through Northern & Central Great Plains.
  • South Central U.S.
    Widespread stormy conditions.
  • Northwest U.S.
    Severe Pacific disturbances move inland, bringing heavy rains to coastal and valley sections and heavy snow to higher terrain areas.
  • Southwest U.S.
    Pacific storms sweep inland, bringing heavy precipitation; heavy snow over high terrain regions.

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