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2020-2021 US Winter Extended Forecast

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What The Heck Is A Bugnado?.

A vortex of whirling bugs? A bugnado seems like something straight out of a sci-fi movie! See how and why they form and what to do if you see one coming your way!

Weather Lore Quotes

  • Red sky at night- sailor’s delight, Red sky in morning- sailor’s warning.
  • Rain before 7- clear before 11. Rain after 7- rain all day.
  • Step on a spider and it will surely bring rain.
  • Dog days bring the greatest heat and the most thunderstorms of the year.
  • Crickets and tree toads singing loudly in the evening indicate it will be fair and hot.
  • When robins call loudly and steadily, it will rain soon.
  • If it rains on the first Sunday of the month, every Sunday except one usually will be wet.
  • Six weeks after you hear crickets chirp in the summer, look for frost.
  • When the ants close up their hills, we will have rain in a day or two; if the ant hills are open, it will continue to be fair.
  • Winter fog will freeze a dog; summer fog will roast a hog.
  • Three foggy mornings and then a rain.
  • A dewy morning brings a good haying day.
  • A heavy dew at night promises a good day to follow.
  • Still, moist and camp hot air means rain on the way.
  • No dew in the morning indicates rain.
  • Low banks of haze in the south indicate rain.
  • When leaves turn over, it’s a sign of rain.
  • Variable wind indicates a coming storm.

You know it’s going to rain when…

  • Bees stay close to their hives
  • Swallows fly close to the ground
  • Flies and gnats bite in vain
  • Birds stay perched on telephone wires
  • Your corn or badly healed broken bone talks to you
  • Sound travels far and wide
  • If ants build lots of walls, rain will surly fall
  • A cow scratches its ear
  • Leaves show their backs
  • Sheep collect and huddle
  • Large halo ‘round the moon

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