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2022-2023 US Extended Weather Forecast Farmers' Almanac
2022 – 2023 US Winter Extended Forecast
2022 – 2023 Canadian Winter Extended Forecast

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Review of Canadian Winter 2021-2022

Last year, our extended weather forecast for Canada called for a “frosty flip flop” winter. And for all intents and purposes, that’s what transpired. What started out as a cold December in the West and mild in the East, flipped to mild conditions in the West and cold in the East (January), and remained that…

Successful Review of Winter Weather 2021-2022

Our Long Range forecasts fared well. The Farmers’ Almanac predicted winter weather 2021-2022 to be a “frosty flip flop winter” and that’s what we got! We also warned our readers of a few big, unusual storms that would come to pass: An early-season nor’easter at the end of October and a late-season blizzard during the…

Weather Lore Quotes

  • Red sky at night- sailor’s delight, Red sky in morning- sailor’s warning.
  • Rain before 7- clear before 11. Rain after 7- rain all day.
  • Step on a spider and it will surely bring rain.
  • Dog days bring the greatest heat and the most thunderstorms of the year.
  • Crickets and tree toads singing loudly in the evening indicate it will be fair and hot.
  • When robins call loudly and steadily, it will rain soon.
  • If it rains on the first Sunday of the month, every Sunday except one usually will be wet.
  • Six weeks after you hear crickets chirp in the summer, look for frost.
  • When the ants close up their hills, we will have rain in a day or two; if the ant hills are open, it will continue to be fair.
  • Winter fog will freeze a dog; summer fog will roast a hog.
  • Three foggy mornings and then a rain.
  • A dewy morning brings a good haying day.
  • A heavy dew at night promises a good day to follow.
  • Still, moist and camp hot air means rain on the way.
  • No dew in the morning indicates rain.
  • Low banks of haze in the south indicate rain.
  • When leaves turn over, it’s a sign of rain.
  • Variable wind indicates a coming storm.

You know it’s going to rain when…

  • Bees stay close to their hives
  • Swallows fly close to the ground
  • Flies and gnats bite in vain
  • Birds stay perched on telephone wires
  • Your corn or badly healed broken bone talks to you
  • Sound travels far and wide
  • If ants build lots of walls, rain will surly fall
  • A cow scratches its ear
  • Leaves show their backs
  • Sheep collect and huddle
  • Large halo ‘round the moon

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