Strawberry Moon Horoscopes — June 2023

Strawberry Moon Horoscopes — June 2023 featured image

Hey FA Readers! Due to the popularity of last month’s full Moon horoscopes, we reviewed our popular Zodiac Calendar and consulted globally recognized astrologer Kyle Thomas to create a special report for the next full Moon! Here are ways that June’s Strawberry Moon may affect you according to your zodiac sign. Strawberry Moon 2023 Astrology

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Flower Moon Horoscopes – May 2023

Flower Moon Horoscopes – May 2023 featured image

This year’s Flower Moon (May 2023) is unique because it undergoes a penumbral lunar eclipse while Mercury is in retrograde. According to astrology, eclipses are believed to be three times more energetically intense than any regular full Moon and tend to align with significant life events. Often times, lunar eclipses bring major news, turning points,

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The Astrology Of Eclipses

The Astrology Of Eclipses featured image

According to astrology, eclipses bring rapid developments and encourage us to move in the best direction — personally and collectively, as a society. If you are on the “right path,” you may experience major triumphs and victories. If not, you may meet a challenge that forces you to change direction, for the better. Curious how

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Moon Meditations: How to Align With The Phases Of The Moon

Moon Meditations: How to Align With The Phases Of The Moon featured image

Hey FA Readers! Many of you are familiar with our famous Daily Planning Calendar, which suggests the best days for planting vegetables and doing household tasks for best results. Our Gardening By The Moon Calendar shows when to sow seeds (and transplant crops). We also have a Best Days Calendar that tells when to get

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Retrograde: More Than Just Mercury!

Retrograde: More Than Just Mercury! featured image

You’ve heard of Mercury retrograde, but did you know that all of the planets have apparent retrograde motion? That’s right, each planet appears to move backward in the sky at specific intervals—some for weeks and others for months at a time! Mercury retrograde gets a bad wrap for causing horror stories and comedy acts, but

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