What Is Your Zodiac Sign? Zodiac Sign Dates And More

“What’s your zodiac sign?” You’ve probably been asked this question more times than you can count. Whether it’s when meeting an acquaintance, going on a first date, or even chatting with coworkers, the interest in astrology and zodiac sign compatibility is more popular than ever and on the top of many people’s minds. Even if you don’t read your horoscope regularly—or “believe in it” for that matter—you still, at the very least, are likely to know your zodiac sign.

Astrology has been around for thousands of years, and since then, people worldwide have used it as a lens to not only better understand themselves and their own personalities, but other people, as well. When someone asks you your zodiac sign, they’re referring to your “Sun” sign, based on your date of birth.

Zodiac constellations.

There are twelve different zodiac signs. Each has their own symbol, based on the image of the constellation that the ancients found in the sky. Not only this, over time humanity realized that each zodiac sign has their own unique personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and characteristics, as well. Find your birthday within the dates ranges below and learn more!

The difference between Astrology and Astronomy


Element: Fire

Symbol: Ram ♈

Ruling Planet: Mars

Quality: Cardinal

As the first zodiac sign, Aries are known as the leaders of the zodiac. They are passionate, pioneering, and bold, never afraid to follow their heart’s desires and conquest whatever it is that they set their eyes upon. As eternal children at heart, Aries like to enjoy life by creating opportunities for themselves and taking an action-oriented approach. They are especially independent and ambitious, but also prone to a feisty attitude when their buttons are pushed! Yet, despite a predisposition to getting fired up, they are also able to release their anger quite readily once it has been burned off.

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Element: Earth

Symbol: Bull ♉

Ruling Planet: Venus

Quality: Fixed

Steady, loyal, and strong, Tauruses are all about building a life of stability. They like to take their time, enjoying life and stopping to smell the roses. As the most sensual zodiac sign, they crave to indulge their senses whenever possible, immersing themselves in beauty and harmony. They tend to be particularly hardworking, determined to build wealth over the long-term. Because of their connection to nature and consistent desire for pleasure, they hunger for peace, passion, and romance. Yet, because they can be quite focused on what they want or believe, they may find themselves digging their hooves into the ground to defend their opinions with a stubborn mindset. Ultimately, though, they tend to be very practical, kind, and grounded people.

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Element: Air

Symbol: Twins ♊

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Quality: Mutable

As one of the most curious zodiac signs of all, Geminis are always eager for new horizons and adventure! Their minds—and ideas—move a mile a minute. Known to be quite excitable and quick-witted, they tend to have highly developed communication abilities and love to intellectualize their emotions. When it comes to connecting with others, they are also very social and versatile at blending in with different groups of people. Yet, because they tend to have two sides to their personalities, they can often possess one side that is charming and cordial, with another that is a bit more fickle and judgmental. Once they conquer this, they are able to more easily stand on higher ground.

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Element: Water

Symbol: Crab ♋

Ruling Planet: Moon

Quality: Cardinal

Known to be one of the most sensitive and emotional of the zodiac signs, Cancers are also one of the kindest and compassionate of all. However, because they are symbolized by the crab, they can also possess a hard shell to crack before they are willing to trust others and be vulnerable. Ultimately, though, because they often treasure family, domesticity, and tradition they are excellent homemakers and famous for their nurturing abilities. Cancers are also highly empathic, softly romantic, and tremendously loyal to those whom they value. Just watch out for their intense emotions if you leave them high and dry!

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Element: Fire

 Symbol: Lion ♌

Ruling Planet: Sun

Quality: Fixed

Bold, courageous, and confident, Leos like to rule the roost and be the center of attention! Even if they don’t like to stand in the center of the limelight, they still like to be instrumental in the lives of those around them. Respect and integrity are important to them, and they tend to thrive in positions of authority. However, this can also lead them down a darker path of pride or greed. Ultimately, though, at their core, Leos are romantic, creative, and affectionate, eager to live life vividly and enjoy life to the fullest.

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Element: Earth

Symbol: Virgin ♍

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Quality: Mutable

As one of the most analytical and focused zodiac signs, Virgos not only understand the grand perspective of any plan, but also the nitty-gritty on how to map out the most cautious strategies. They are able to intuitively know how to organize people and the world around them, which often aids them in being excellent managers. They also value hard work, productivity, and domesticity, able to juggle it all! However, one of their shadow sides involves an innate level of perfectionism—which can make them hypercritical or anxious in regards to themselves or others. As long as they are able to diffuse this trait, they will find a greater level of peace.

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Zodiac sign symbols.


Element: Air

 Symbol: Scales ♎

Ruling Planet: Venus

Quality: Cardinal

Known as natural peacekeepers, Libras love to provide a sense of balance and justice in their lives and relationships. Harmony is of the utmost importance to them. Also, since they enjoy social connections tremendously, they are often particularly romantic, popular, and charming, gifted in communication and negotiation. Yet, because they do ultimately take an intellectual approach to everything, they can be notoriously flakey or indecisive when faced with challenging situations. Last to note about them is that they are true lovers of beauty and luxury, always eager to immerse themselves within it whenever possible.

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Element: Water

Symbol: Scorpion ♏

Ruling Planets: Pluto and Mars

Quality: Fixed

Often cited as the most intense zodiac sign of all, Scorpios are “all or nothing” kinds of people. This is because at their very base, they are tremendously passionate and emotional individuals. While many people can say Scorpios have a bad reputation, they are not inherently bad people. In fact, they can be one of the most devoted, loving, and sensual of all zodiac signs—that is, if they like you. Scorpios tend to have a laser focus on what they do—or don’t—desire. They often possess great psychological depth, able to analyze and assess themselves and others with incredible precision as they also blend in their intuition. When they harness their skills, they can be remarkably hard working and great agents of positive transformation.

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Element: Fire

Symbol: Archer ♐

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Quality: Mutable

When it comes to one of the most naturally rebellious of all zodiac signs, that would certainly be a Sagittarius. This feisty, impulsive, and spontaneous zodiac sign hungers for adventure and new experiences constantly. They refuse to settle or be contained in a cage. If they are, they will do everything to break out of it! Freedom, exploration, and expansion are integral to their natures. This can lead them to ultimately become very philosophical, experienced, and wise, as they form unique perspectives of the world in which they live. Yet, one challenge they may experience is that they may be particularly restless and unable to focus and commit to one thing. By working through this, they can achieve great things.

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Element: Earth

Symbol: Goat ♑

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Quality: Cardinal

Strong, patient, and focused, Capricorns are eager to build everything in their lives for the long-term. They can be tremendously hardworking and ambitious, as they like to build a vision of what they’d like to achieve and then slowly but surely plod along toward it. They have great levels of discipline and self-sacrifice, able to funnel their grounded and practical natures toward their goals. However, despite these positive attributes, they may also be stern and detached emotionally as they often choose a realistic approach that prioritizes facts. By getting in touch with their feelings, they can find balance in their personal and professional lives.

Learn more about Capricorn zodiac sign


Element: Air

Symbol: Water Bearer ♒

Ruling Planets: Uranus and Saturn

Quality: Fixed

Aquarians are known to be one of the most intellectual and independent zodiac signs of all. They favor logic and cold, hard facts over emotions. This can at times lead them to be particularly detached. Yet, this same ability to evaluate emotions often leads them to form unique perspectives on human relationships and society at large. Social involvement and connection tend to be extremely important to an Aquarius, as they often grow from interacting with a wide network of people. On a positive note, they can also be particularly eccentric and inventive, but because they can become so focused on their own opinions, they may at times be especially stubborn and inflexible once they’ve made up their minds.

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Element: Water

Symbol: Fishes ♓

Ruling Planets: Neptune and Jupiter

Quality: Mutable

As the last zodiac sign on the wheel, Pisceans in many ways sum up all of the zodiac signs that have come before. In this regard, Pisceans can be especially intuitive, emotional, and imaginative, eager to look at life from a spiritual or ethereal perspective. They are also one of the most sensitive and romantic zodiac signs of all, eager to explore relationships to the deepest of levels.

With innate empathic and creative talents, Pisceans are often quite receptive, much like a sponge, able to absorb the energies and emotions of people around them. However, a challenge they may face is that if they are picking up intense vibrations, they may either cave in and become impressionable to others or instead become entirely overwhelmed and swim off spontaneously on their own. By remaining grounded, Pisceans can better manage these traits.

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