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February Night Sky Guide (February 2023)

February Night Sky Guide (February 2023) featured image

February’s night sky will have many highlights, including Jupiter and Venus hanging closely together, the Full Snow Moon, and your best opportunity to spot the once-in-a-lifetime “Green” Comet. Have a telescope? Don’t miss Jupiter and its four Galilean moons. After this month, Jupiter won’t be observable again until July 2023. We recommend aiming for February

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Snow Myths And Odd Facts

Snow Myths And Odd Facts featured image

Ever wonder if it’s true that no two snowflakes are alike? How about if large snowflakes mean the storm won’t last long? Learn the truth about popular myths and bizarre facts that you’ll want to tell a friend about. After reading this, you may find yourself building an igloo! Snow Myths Explained Contrary to popular

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How To See The New “Green” Comet

How To See The New “Green” Comet featured image

Update: The Green Comet (c/2022 e3 ZTF) otherwise known as Comet ZTF is currently traveling away from Earth and out of our solar system, never to return again. Your last (and best) chance to catch a glimpse will be on February 10. The full Moon will interfere until that time. (See below.) Learn more about

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5 Appalachian Winter Traditions You Will Love!

5 Appalachian Winter Traditions You Will Love! featured image

Hey FA Readers! We love discovering and featuring young, talented folks who are keeping their family’s heritage alive and well! Appalachia and Appalachian traditions have always intrigued our readers, so we asked Whitney Johnson AKA “Appalachian Forager” to share some of her favorite winter activities. Whitney is a smart business woman who mixes humor and

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Best Lakes To Fish In Texas

Best Lakes To Fish In Texas featured image

Texas truly offers some of the best bass fishing in the country. Whether it’s the variety of lakes, a surplus of lunkers, or great opportunities to charter a boat, Texas offers more than you can do in a one week’s vacation. You’ll have to call the boss and tell him you’re not coming back for

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Grow Vegetables In Dry Climates

Grow Vegetables In Dry Climates featured image

Yes, you can grow vegetables in dry climates or during droughts. Here is a list of the best vegetables to plant, as well as tips on how to keep things growing during dry conditions. Xeriscaping is a fancy word for a method of landscaping in dry climates. In addition to employing water conservation techniques, it

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