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How Much Do You Know About Hurricanes? Take Our Quiz

Be sure to check out our hurricane preparedness tips here!

Hurricane names for the latest season.

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  • Julia Brown says:

    I am very frightened of any kind storm, so I stay up to date on any bad weather that may be forming or coming my way. I may have 2 or 3 but most of them I got correct.

  • Betty J Lazicki says:

    I’m a weather channel “fanatic”…love watching storm stories.

  • Kim Crawford says:

    I would like to know how much I know about hurricanes.

  • pam says:

    it wasn’t until I moved to alabama that I understood what sustained winds were,for hours and hours and days.Be as safe as you can,it is almost impossible to fight mother nature

  • Barb - Former CT Yankee says:

    Wasn’t Andrew a Cat 5 storm? I didn’t see it mentioned here.

    I remember Hurricanes Carol, Connie and Diane from growing up in Connecticut. I will never forget how scared I was by all of the rain and flooding. I thought I had left hurricanes behind when I moved to Ohio – until we got a visit from Ike in 2008! I’m in KY now – will see what future weather brings!

  • Amanda Todd says:

    I’m from Corpus Christi, Texas. We’ve had our memorable hurricanes hit through here. Just like the poor people living in Florida. Every year I track the tropical weather with no educational experience other than what I taught myself on what signs to look for. Oh and tracking fronts. It’s fun for me. I loved this quiz! But Harvey devastated me and my neighboring small towns: Rockport, Aransas Pass (where I work), & Port Aransas. Awesome job everyone.

  • Trudy Mintun says:

    I got 1 wrong, and I’m from Minnesota!

  • Linda says:

    We live in central Florida, west of Orlando. Hurricane is expected to be a cat 1 as it travels north up the “spine” of the state for 3 days. Based on current info, we don’t know if it’s best to stay and ride it out at home or in a shelter or flee to family in Ohio tomorrow. It’s a long drive for seniors. What would you do?

  • Annie says:

    oh well I got one wrong what do I know , I hope all those people in FL get out and go some where else or to a shelter soon.

  • Joan Bussemey says:

    nice test

  • CarolAnn says:

    I don’t see where it tells the score…..

  • Brenda boots says:

    Fun made me think a bit more

  • Steve Gomez says:

    millibar reading associated with each category is what?

  • Val Prendergast says:


  • Ed says:

    Got 90. At least it is an A. Congratulations to all you high scorers.

  • Laura Buckley says:

    Did well at 💯 %.
    Hoping Dorian is not as devastating as being predicted. Getting prepared is still very important.

  • Chris (Ubermaus) Vytlacil says:

    The question about damage is not specific enough. When I took my meteorology class in college we were told the majority of the damage is from the wind. Coastal regions get the storm surge damage but over the entire path its damage is from wind overall.

  • Robin Jennings says:

    I love quizzes I got 100% I forgot to say it b4

  • Robin Jennings says:

    I love quizzes

  • Makayla says:

    I got 100 and I like quizzes do it was fin

  • Jane Robbins says:

    I am Jane from Maine. I got 80%. If your a ” Main-ah” you gotta know your “weathah”

  • Angela Lebron says:

    Got 80 % not to bad.

  • Kat says:

    I got 60%. I am from Vermont where we now have hurricanes…

  • ronnie says:

    Wrong about the cat 5 storms. Even Lilli was a cat 5 storm. For some reason it lost steam before landfall. We get hot-spots in the gulf-stream just off the coast and they cool off just before landfall.

  • Matt says:

    100% – studied weather my entire life! 🙂

  • Mary Buttry says:

    I did pretty well for not living in the coastal regions of the US! I got 50% of the answers right and have not been physically in the path of a hurricane! I’ve lived in central Illinois my entire life! We get tornados and floods in our areas!

  • RedBull says:

    I beg to differ…when the eye of Irma passed just 3 miles from my home on Saddlebunch Key… in the Florida Keys… the Weather Channel had a representative taking wind readings just down our street. He clocked 156mph sustained winds. My neighbor’s wind meter busted when it reached 157mph….

  • Bee Clemons says:

    #10. Any question that includes the word never is always wrong.

  • Travis R. says:

    BAM!!!!! 100%….always wanted to grow up and be just like Jim Cantore!!!!!!

  • Joseph Daniel says:


  • LADONNA says:

    I got a 90% wow…

  • LADONNA says:


  • Weatherette says:

    80% might of known i would not know all history on the past hurricans. Almost got it right.

  • Darius says:

    70-100%! Can’t Believe it.

  • Michael Taz WrightReynolds says:


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