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Johnny Appleseed Day

Johnny Appleseed Day featured image

...a family farm. Johnny Appleseed The Legend of Johnny Appleseed Johnny Appleseed’s legend begins when John Chapman left the family farm and signed on as an apprentice for an orchardist...

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Cashews: The Nut That’s Not A Nut

Cashews: The Nut That’s Not A Nut featured image

...actually a seed.  The cashew (seed) comes from the cashew apple. The apple is yellow and bell-shaped and slightly resembles a bell pepper. The cashew is encased in a crescent-shaped...

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20 Natural Bad Breath Cures

20 Natural Bad Breath Cures featured image

...11. Munch on an Apple You’ve heard apples are “nature’s toothbrush” with good reason. An apple a day keeps the bad breath away. Apples contain anti-bacterial properties and fiber, which help...

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Monster Mouths For Halloween!

Monster Mouths For Halloween! featured image

...Press 5 or 6 mini marshmallows (or yogurt raisins) into the nut butter closest to the peel side of the apple slice. Top with the other apple slice “lip” and enjoy!...

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What The Heck is Scrapple?

What The Heck is Scrapple? featured image

...buckwheat flour, onions, and spices like sage and thyme. Formed into loaves and pan-fried, scrapple was typically served at breakfast with apple butter, ketchup, mustard, honey or maple syrup. While...

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