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Press Releases See recent Farmers’ Almanac press releases here. High Res Images & Downloads Web and print resolution images of the Farmers’ Almanac covers, weather maps, and editors. Common Press Questions And Answers Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the Farmers’ Almanac. Interview Requests Get contact information for the editor and

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An Interview With Ken Burns

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For three decades, documentary filmmaker Ken Burns has been exploring the people, places, and events that comprise the fabric of America. Whether a bridge over the East River in New York, a five-year war between the states, or the transformative writer of the 19th Century, the driving force at the heart of all of his

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Interview Requests

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Looking for a lively, unusual, but informative interview for your story or show? Farmers’ Almanac editors love to talk about unusual weather, long-range weather outlooks and more! Both seasoned interviewees, editors Pete Geiger and Sandi Duncan are ready, willing and able to share stories that people want to hear and read about. For inquiries regarding

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Farmers’ Almanac Advertising Options

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Here at the Farmers’ Almanac, we do amazing things. We predict the weather for up to a year in advance. We alert people to when there will be an amazing alignment of planets, a meteor shower, full Moon, or eclipse.  We tell people how to grow their own food, when to drop a fishing line in the water, share

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Common Press Questions and Answers

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What is the Farmers’ Almanac?Founded in 1818, the Farmers’ Almanac is North America’s most timeless, trusted, and treasured source for long-range weather predictions, humor, fun facts, and valuable advice on gardening, cooking, fishing, conservation, and much more.The Farmers’ Almanac and Canadian Farmers’ Almanac, which feature our trademark orange and green cover, are sold in supermarkets,…

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Farmers’ Almanac High Res Images & Downloads

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Farmers’ Almanac Images for the Media  Click on the format and image type link below the thumbnail of the Farmers’ Almanac image you wish to download, then right click on that image and “Save Image to Downloads” or “Save as” onto your computer. 2023 Farmers’ Almanac US Summer Weather Forecast pdf2023 Farmers’ Almanac US Summer

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