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Category — Astronomy

Mile-Wide Asteroid With Its Own Moon Set To Do A Flyby This Weekend

An asteroid nearly a mile wide is expected to pass by Earth this holiday weekend. Should we be nervous? Who can see it? We have the details…

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Summer is Here! Solstice Facts & Folklore

Everyone’s favorite season arrives Friday! Here’s everything you need to know about the longest day of the year, including some unusual summer solstice folklore…

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Rare “Money” Moon?

Nope. Totally fake. April Fool!   But April’s full Pink Moon is coming! Learn about that here.

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Equinox and Solstice—What’s The Difference?

We hear the words “equinox” and “solstice” at the turn of each season. But what exactly do these words mean? Are they the same thing? We explain.

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5 Spring Equinox Myths Debunked

Balance a broom? Stand an egg on end? We separate fact from fiction when it comes to the moment that marks the spring season. How many of these do you believe?

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February’s Full Moon: A Supermoon?

February’s full Snow Moon will shine brightly on the 19th. Does this Moon have what it takes to be a “Supermoon,” or is it just more hype? We explain.

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Be A Lunar Eclipse Observer: Tell Us What You See!

Ready to be an official eclipse observer? Report what you see during the different phases of the upcoming total lunar eclipse. No special equipment necessary!

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Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse: Everything You Need To Know

Get ready for a midwinter celestial treat—a spectacular total lunar eclipse will be visible by nearly 3 billion people worldwide on January 20. Learn when and where to watch!

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