Farmers’ Almanac astronomy provides the best times to view meteor showers, full moons, facts about planets and stars, plus more!

The Great Solar Eclipse 2024

The Great Solar Eclipse 2024 featured image

The Great Solar Eclipse 2024 Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of a total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 – a date worth marking on your calendar. Better yet, consider planning a vacation around this celestial phenomenon. For optimal viewing conditions, our recommendation is to head to the Southwest, where the likelihood of clear skies is

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The Astrology Of Eclipses — See How One May Affect You!

The Astrology Of Eclipses — See How One May Affect You! featured image

According to astrology, eclipses bring rapid developments and encourage us to move in the best direction — personally and collectively, as a society. If you are on the “right path,” you may experience major triumphs and victories. If not, you may meet a challenge that forces you to change direction, for the better. Curious how

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What Is A Sunspot And A Solar Flare?

What Is A Sunspot And A Solar Flare? featured image

Sunspots and solar flares are making headlines lately, but what are they exactly and how do they affect us here on Earth? Learn how they are believed to influence our weather and even have the power to disrupt communication in the following article. What Is A Sunspot? A sunspot is a cooler area on the

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The Next Great “Daytime” Comet?

The Next Great “Daytime” Comet? featured image

Newly discovered comet C/2023 A3 (Tsuchinshan-ATLAS) is on its way into the inner solar system and already grabbing headlines as the next possible “Daytime Comet.” Early estimates say it may outshine the brightest stars in the sky and become visible to the naked eye during daylight hours for a brief time in October 2024. Here

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Rare Sky Event! Parade of Planets 2023

Rare Sky Event! Parade of Planets 2023 featured image

Catch a glimpse of a rare sky event on Monday, March 27, 2023. Use binoculars and look west approximately 20 minutes after sunset to see five planets, the Moon, and a beautiful star cluster known as Messier 35 (M35). Celestial objects will appear in the following order from left to right: M35, Mars, the Moon,

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How To See The New “Green” Comet

How To See The New “Green” Comet featured image

Update: The Green Comet (c/2022 e3 ZTF) otherwise known as Comet ZTF is currently traveling away from Earth and out of our solar system, never to return again. Your last (and best) chance to catch a glimpse will be on February 10. The full Moon will interfere until that time. (See below.) Learn more about

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How To Celebrate The Harvest Moon

How To Celebrate The Harvest Moon featured image

Full Moons are mysterious, magical, and important ways to mark the passage of time. Each month, the Farmers’ Almanac celebrates the monthly full Moon noting their traditional and alternative names (Sturgeon Moon, Beaver Moon, Harvest Moon, etc.). Most of these names come from the Algonquin, a Native American peoples that once inhabited large areas of

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Parade Of Planets 2022

Parade Of Planets 2022 featured image

In case you missed the Parade of Planets with the Moon in June 2022, here is a beautiful record of the event. This photo was taken on June 24, 2022 at 4:35 am: Thank you to Scott Readman and all of our readers who shared photos of this spectacular celestial event on Facebook (and Instagram).

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One Time Only: Rare Memorial Day Meteor Shower!

One Time Only: Rare Memorial Day Meteor Shower! featured image

You will not find this meteor shower on our annual list, yet there's a chance it will be the very best display of the year! After Memorial Day fireworks are over, continue gazing toward the sky for rare meteors due to enter Earth's atmosphere that night (or the following night). The circumstances for producing a shower of this kind are rather unique, making this a brand-new, one-time only event! Read on.

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