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Category — Astronomy

Locate Cassiopeia, The Vain Queen, In The Stars

The bright stars of Cassiopeia are easy to spot if you know what to look for, and her tale from Greek mythology is much like a soap opera.

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The Words Of Wisdom On Sundials

The world’s oldest clocks not only tell time with the passing of the Sun, but they also tell a tale about the maker or owner. Learn some of the common themes etched in them.

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See The Moon Eclipse The “Little King”

An eclipse of another kind will take place this week

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Look Up: A Stargazer’s Guide To October 2017

There are a lot of great things happening in the October sky, including two meteor showers, planetary lineups, and a full Moon!

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This Week: Welcome The Harvest Moon

October’s full Moon is usually the Hunter’s Moon but this year, it got a name change. Find out why.

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Who Is The Celestial Junk Man?

Nicolas-Louis de Lacaille is considered by some to be a true pioneer in astronomy. Learn about the stars and constellations he catalogued, many of which sound like items you might find in your attic!

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Here Comes The Autumnal Equinox: First Day of Fall!

Fall arrives this week with the Autumnal Equinox. But what is that, exactly? We explain.

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History Repeating Itself? The Cyclical Phases of the Moon

Did you know this week’s Moon phase will be the same in the year 2389? Lean more about the fascinating patterns in the Moon’s cycle.

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