Farmers’ Almanac astronomy provides the best times to view meteor showers, full moons, facts about planets and stars, plus more!

Celestial Ceres

Celestial Ceres featured image

Long before Pluto, another spherical chunk of rock and ice in our Solar System was given, and subsequently stripped of, planetary status. Learn about Ceres.

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Petite Pluto

Petite Pluto featured image

It may have had an identity crisis for a while, but Pluto is a planet again, and it's pretty interesting. Learn more!

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Nebulous Neptune

Nebulous Neptune featured image

Neptune is the eighth, and farthest, planet in our Solar System. Learn more about the mysterious "Blue Planet."

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Unusual Uranus

Unusual Uranus featured image

Uranus may not be as big as Jupiter or as impressively arrayed as Saturn, but look a little closer and you'll find that there's more to "Bullseye Planet" than meets the eye.

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