2021–2022 Extended Weather Forecast

Grab Your Gloves! Fetch Your Fleece! Winter is going to be a season of flip-flop conditions with notable polar coaster swings in temperatures!

Frosty Flip Flip Winter Header by Farmers' Almanac.

2021–2022 Extended Winter Forecast

Grab Your Gloves! Fetch Your Fleece! Winter is going to be a season of flip-flop conditions with notable polar coaster swings in temperatures!

Winter means snow. Or it’s supposed to! Many of our readers wait with snow skis and shovels in hand to see what Farmers’ Almanac is predicting in its long-awaited extended outlook, while others use it as a cue to plan that warm-weather getaway, trading their parkas for pedicures!

So, without further ado, here’s what we’re forecasting for winter 2021-22

2022 US Farmers' Almanac Winter Forecast Map.

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Snow Days Ahead

According to the Farmers’ Almanac’s time-tested weather formula, there will be snow, but probably not as much as a snow-sport enthusiasts might dream of. On average, we’ll see near-normal amounts of the white stuff from coast to coast. However, there will be notable month-to-month variations.

❄️ January: The Cold, Hard Flakes ❄️

Winter’s chill will start gradually. In January, temperatures will start out mild for much of the country but will trend toward colder conditions during the middle to latter part of the month. But overall, the month will be stormy, especially along the Atlantic Seaboard where an active storm track will lead to a stretch of precipitation in various forms: rain, snow, sleet, and ice.

The Great Lakes, Midwest, and Ohio Valley will have more than their fair share of cold and flaky weather in January. The Northern Plains and Rockies will also experience Old Man Winter’s wrath with stormy weather culminating to a possible blizzard later in the month.

What about Texas?

And for our friends in the Southern Great Plains, including Texas and Oklahoma, we are sorry to report that late January may bring some potentially frigid and flaky weather like you experienced last winter. Hopefully, it won’t be as robust, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

As for the Folks Out West…

You will be subjected to some hefty storms moving inland from the Pacific during the second week of January. See what else is predicted!

Winter Whopper? February’s Flip-Flop Forecast

In sharp contrast, February will average out to be a much quieter month in terms of storminess across much of the nation. In the eastern-third of the country, for example, we calculate that on average there will be 57% fewer days of measurable precipitation compared to January, a significant drop-off. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that storminess will be completely absent.

We’re forecasting a “winter whopper” for parts of the Northeast and Ohio Valley toward the end of February. Another “atmospheric hemorrhage” from the Pacific could lash most of the far West, with everything from strong winds to heavy rains and snow.

March’s Lion, We’re Not Lyin’

March will see close to normal precipitation nationwide. But in a sense, March will be a microcosm of the entire winter. From start to finish, the month will be full of stretches of uneventful weather, but when it turns stormy, the precipitation will come in big doses. For the East and Midwest, for example, a late winter storm will blow in at mid-month followed by a nor’easter along the East Coast toward month’s end.

The “B” Word

We are raising red flags for potent winter storms for the Great Lakes and the Northeast during the second week of January, the final week of February, and second week of March on account of bouts of heavy snow, rain, or a wintry mix of both. A possible blizzard is predicted for the Northern Plains and Rockies near the end of the third week of January.

Seesaw Temperatures

What about cold? Winter temperatures are expected to range from near- to somewhat-below normal across the eastern-third of the nation, well below-normal over the Central US, and near-normal across the western US, especially in February. So if you’ve been putting off buying those sale long johns or portable hand warmers, you may want to rethink it.

Especially come March, when most parts of the nation will be anxiously awaiting warmer days, the news is not all rosy: they will be few and far between. In fact, around the time of the vernal equinox, which occurs on March 20, unseasonably cold temperatures may grip many parts of the country. As we mentioned, this winter will be doing a lot of flip-flopping, with fluctuating temperatures, and March is no exception.

Find out how much snow and how cold the temperatures will be not only this winter, but for the entire year ahead!

Backward Spring? Find out why the Farmers’ Almanac is referring to spring 2022 as “backward.”

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I’ve always pays my vacations around the farmers almanac weather predictions. They’ve been spot on and I thank them for doing such a good job.

Susan Higgins

Thank you, Ron! We’re glad we can help you enjoy your vacations!


Ive been following the Farmers Almanac for years, due to the fact being a business owner
Always prepared clientel about the weather.
Farmers Almanac has been spot on with winter, summer, spring and fall with weather predictions


I hope Houston gets snow this winter

Mark Bennett

I hate cold weather


Will Long Island, NY get a lot this year?

Judy Martin

Praying for snow here in Central Virginia, Need to kill these germs in the air. Snow would be great!!!!


I’m dread6a cold ❄️🥶 dark Winter just hope it’s not too and


English much?

Rich COtton

I have lived in Indiana since 1986 when I was 9 1/2 yrs old. We have had our fair share of wild winters here. I lived in New Jersey before coming to Indiana. We got snow every winter. We would go sledding for hours. Im grown up now and am not able to enjoy the snow like I did when I was younger. I have had numerous surgeries on my spine in the last few years and that has stopped me from enjoying alot of things.

Jennifer Lipford

I live in NC and I wanted to know if we are getting snow this year. Everyone is saying it’s going to be blizzard like winter

Robert Rogers

Well I just moved to Cleveland a few months ago. I am looking forward to the snow!! BRING IT!!!
And I trust in this forecast. It is almost always right. I swear, they get the YEARLY forecast better than local weather stations get the weekly forecasts.

Colleen Done

On Feb 13th 2013, the Almanac predicted and unseasonably warm weekend in Michigan. Based on that, our son planned their wedding. The highs never got above Zero! It was miserable. Don’t count on the Almanac for long term plans!

William Jurdak

The almanac says they are about 80% correct on their forecasts. Your son obviously chose to get married in that other 20% LOL!

Cheryl Denise Whicker

Just to let you know I saw a wooly worm this week…it was totally black. I live in NC.


what does that mean exactly?


They say it means a bad winter.

Dawn Rose

I saw a completely black wooly worm, while walking our dogs, about a week and a half ago. We live in Northern Virginia and I have a feeling this Winter will be hellaciously miserable!! 🙁

Cheryl Denise Whicker


Mitzi Havlik

How about Kentucky area


My grandparents always had an almanac , planted gardens by it, went to doctor by it, any surgical work had to be done at certain times. They relied heavily on the signs that were given in the almanac.

Freda Raleigh

At my preschool where I teach we try to potty train and take their binkies away according to the almanac.


Less technology, more common sense back in the day…


Gotta’ love blind faith…jus’ sayin’

Monica D Ward

What about Sacramento California winter weather

Nancy Bentley

what about western colorado?

Susan Higgins

Hi Everyone, take a look at our forecast map, and then if you want specifics for your zone (our long-range weather forecasts go by zone), check it out here.


Yes, you show ONLY one month currently the month of August. For more than one month ahead its $8.99 and up.

Susan Higgins

Yes, the price is $8.99 for the entire year (not a monthly charge). A bargain!


Any refund plan if your forecasts turn out to be wrong?

amy medley

will cal. ever get cold?

jeri dickinson

how about Virginia?


What Jeri said?..What about Virginia, I work for the public school system and I want/need some snow days

Brian Haddorff



Forecast for Kentucky this winter? Is it supposed to be less ice and snow this year, more, or somewhere in the middle? I really don’t want as much ice this year like back in February.

Katie Booth

Whats going on in Arizona this winter? Im hoping for mild to warmer then average.. whats the likelyhood?


What about New England? Will there be snow for Christmas?


What about the Tennessee Valley?


Also, what about the TN Valley?

Donna Jones

What about middle Tennessee???

Robert Rogers

ALSO, what about Western Tennessee???

Last edited 24 days ago by Robert Rogers

Being a Texas Native and having suffered the subsequent sweltering sauna summers, I’ve always been a winter fan. All summer, I live in anticipation of that first blast of of cool refreshing air from ‘the north’! BUT, I’m hoping NOT to relive the Feb ’21 storm-a-geddon!


I’m with you! I can’t take the hot, humid weather anymore. It’s horrible. I’m ready for winter. I can do the snowy stuff, too……..I believe. Just don’t want any power outages for anyone.


And THAT’S the nut of it. Blasted people in charge of all the decision-making in the “power grid” blew it big time, and got a pass. We need people there who know what they’re doing, and not puppets acting on politics.

Tom Hendrickson

What is the extended winter forecast for Northwestern Wyoming

David in MA

Your milk, at the cow, will be frozen, unless they have invented tittie mittens. LOL

Last edited 3 days ago by David in MA

other forecasters and enthusiasts of weather are predicting very similar outlooks if not a bit more harsh, specially for ohio valley and north east. looking very unsettled and stormy (snowy). some of people are starting to wonder if maybe there wont be a mild start to winter this year, once its cold its staying cold as well.

even some AI models my friends is making and published privately that suggesting that models from 1993-1994 and 1995-1996 are key this year with high level of confidence (over 85%) in tis 1000+ iteration runs of analog years + this current year its highlighting 93-94 and 95-96 as the models to watch which is interesting because some serious heatwaves those years like there was this year and its lining up fairly well with these years in some ways.. but was some massive snow storms those years.. double-quadruple the average snow those years in many areas

Last edited 1 month ago by SnowLover

what is the weather for upstate for this yr

Melvin reeves

Looks like better get chainsaw ready to cut wood for greenhouse

Stephanie Wilkinson

What is the forcast for Northern Utah?


What about the Central Wa. State winter weather?

Susan Higgins

Hi Sandy, be sure to check your zone (Zone 6) and map for what we’re predicting for that region.


You can only check a month ahead though without being charged, so not much use currently.

Carson Pridgen

Why is the fishing calendar so hard to locate?

Susan Higgins

Hi Carson Pridgen, I’m sorry you’re having trouble finding it! On the main navigation bar on the home page, in the center, one of our categories says “Fishing” and it’s right in there. Here’s a direct link:


But seriously …. how about the tri state area: NJ/NY/Conn…??? Cold ?? Snow?? Nor Easter ??

David in MA

Prepare for “all the above”.


I’d like to see more winter for the NEast. I’m in the firewood biz🤣🤣🤣


LOL, i do snow clearing for small to medium parking lots, driveways and sidewalks in winter and it can some years really bring in big $$$ lot of work but its worth it some years. this year is looking promising.


What the winter will be in belair maryland

Robin Rogers

What do you mean by a backwards spring?

Susan Higgins

Hi Robin! Well, you’ll have to stay tuned (or look in your copy of the Almanac)!

Rich Riley

My guess is that Spring will start out warm, and get colder as Spring goes along, hence backwards.



Sheree Kellar

What’s the winter going to be like, Henderson, New York? We’re on lake Ontario about 50 miles from Canadian border. 🤘

Susan Higgins

Hi Sheree, our forecasts give our predictions by zone, not city/state. You can check our long-range planner for more details (become a member so you can see weather a year in advance!) Take a look here.

Lilian McGraw

Hi. I became a member and never got my Almanac copy.

Susan Higgins

Hi Lilian McGraw, the 2022’s are shipping now! When you signed up, there was a note that the new edition ships in August. Takes about 7-10 days. Let us know if you have any issues! And thanks for becoming a member!


The Lakes in Michigan have always kept March miserable. There is a lot of ice in that freezer! As they say, “You don’t like the weather in Michigan? Just wait a few minutes, it will change.”


I hope nyc gets a lot of snow.


what will central wisconsin get the most of? rain, snow, sleet mixture?

Jack Parker

I am praying for very little snow in Minneapolis for once. Even when I hear “average snowfall” these days, it’s difficult to define because “average” isn’t what it used to be. I do the shoveling for a very large complex. Do you have any encouragement/hope to share with me?!

Susan Higgins

Hi Jack, basically, “average snowfall” indicates the averages year over year. Our recommendation is to maybe hire some help this year for all that shoveling! You can also check our long-range planner for any specifics, which you can find here: If you become a member, you’ll be able to see a year in advance! Or purchase your copy of the Almanac for 2022, which you can buy here and keep tucked next to the snowblower!

Jack Parker

Thank you for your kindness and taking the time to reply! Much appreciated.

Rebbe Stoffel

Move if you don’t like the snow!!! We Minnesotans live for it!!! And like the lady said spend 1,000 dollars and buy a snow blower if you don’t like to shovel, or I’m sure your neighbors have one you can borrow, that’s the benefit of Minnesota nice!!


Minnesota nice = passive aggressive. To the extreme. You want actual nice friendly people? Go to Iowa. You won’t find them in MN.


Rebbe here is a PERFECT example of the average problem attitude in MN. They’re like that all across the upper Midwest.

Jen K

I’m curious as to what the prediction will be for southeast wv?


Based on this, it sounds like North Utah (like, border of Idaho and Wyoming North utah) will be getting either normal wintery weather or more snow. Am I reading that correctly?

Sandi Duncan

Hi Wendy, according to our summary above, you will prob get about normal amounts of snow and then flip-flop back and forth between cold and very cold temperatures. We do break down your weather in our zoned, monthly forecasts which you can see online or in the book – https://www.farmersalmanac.com/long-range-weather-forecast/north-central-us


It”s never cold in North Carolina. I just hope we get some rain.


I’m in south Carolina Spartanburg

Rita Levet

Looks like Louisiana might have a real winter according to the weather map! That’s exciting!,And maybe even some snow again this year!

Annette Crossley

I’ve always loved the Farmers’ Almanac, my daddy would always have me searching around the house for his Farmers’ Almanac, he swore by it to plant his garden.

Sandi Duncan

🙂 Thanks, Annette! Hope you have a copy as well!

Doris keyes

I as my parents use to love the Almanac, Every season I look for the Pantone colors and the Almanacs predictions. Thank you for the 80% reliability. How is Madison , Wisconsin going to fare this winter?

Susan Higgins

Hi Doris keyes, thanks for your comment! We watch for those Pantone colors as well! As for WI, our forecasts are regional (rather than a specific city and state) so check your zone (2) and map for the forecast!

Janice Dobbs

Have loved the Almanac and used it for many years, however, this year’s copy did not have “the signs” posted on the calendar pages. We always used those to schedule any procedures or surgeries and really missed seeing them. Why did you stop?

Sandi Duncan

Hi Janice, we have the signs posted on the calendar pages as well as a chart that list all of the signs for the entire year on a page before the calendar pages. Perhaps you don’t have a copy of our Farmers’ Almanac? Check https://www.farmersalmanac.com/buy that is ours and in the 2021 version the chart listing the Moon’s Astrological Place is on page 117 and we do list the signs on the calendar pages astronomically speaking.

Janice Dobbs

Hi from Ga!

Sandi Duncan

Hi GA!

john doe

hi from georgia as well.


Hi, I live in the middle of Indiana, originally from Upstate NY, and would love to have a hearty winter here in Indy this year. What do you think the chances of the that happening are?, Or should I had back to Rome NY for some snow this year? Thanks!

Last edited 1 month ago by Leila
Sandi Duncan

Hi Leila, I think you’re best bet would be to visit Rome, NY! Maybe the last week of February! Good snow searching to you!


I am curious about the winter outlook for Colorado as we are usually in between forecast zones.
Will be ordering the almanac soon. 🙂

Sandi Duncan

Hi Jim,
If you look at out winter map and our overall outlook, I’d say Colorado is in for a decent amount of snow and cold temps, but it will be back and forth month to month, week to week.

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