Canada’s 2021-22 Extended Winter Forecast

What's in store for Canada's weather? Find out why we're calling this a frosty flip-flop winter!

Every year since 1818, the Farmers’ Almanac has provided long-range weather predictions that help you plan ahead. These forecasts are based on a mathematical and astronomical formula that is guided by the rules set forth by our founding editor, David Young. This formula has been altered slightly over the years, but it remains very much the same as it was first created for accurately predicting the weather up to two years in advance.

Grab Your Gloves: Farmers’ Almanac Is Calling For A Frosty Flip-Flop Winter Ahead

What’s in store for the winter of 2021-2022 in Canada? Well, grab your gloves and fetch your fleece—it’s going to be a yo-yo type of winter with notable polar coaster swings in temperatures.

Winter in Canada means snow. But how much? Will the winter enthusiasts jump for joy? Will skiing fans rejoice? According to the Canadian Farmers’ Almanac, snow will fall this winter but at a near-normal, average amount from coast to coast. However, there will be notable month month-to-month flip-flops that may help the snow-lover do the happy dance.

Snow’s The Word

Snow skiing at Whistler Mountain in Canada.
Planning a trip to Whistler? It should be a good year for it!

Winter wetness AND whiteness sum up January 2022’s weather outlook. We’re calling for a stormy month, particularly near and along the Atlantic Seaboard where there will be many days of rain, snow, and everything in between. Other areas of the country will also see many days of wintry precipitation, including the West Coast, which starts out mild and wet but turns stormy and white.

See what we’re predicting for your zone here.

Canadian Winter 2022 map
CA Winter Extended Forecast

In sharp contrast, February will average out to be a much quieter month in terms of storminess across much of the nation. For example, in Quebec and the Maritimes, we calculate that on average there will be almost 60% fewer days of measurable precipitation as compared to January.

But that doesn’t mean that storminess will be completely absent. We’re forecasting a “winter whopper” for parts of Quebec and Ontario for the end of the month.

March will see close out the winter season with close-to-normal precipitation nationwide.

how Cold?

Sledding in Quebec City, Canada.
Bundle up for those outdoor activities!

Grab your fleece and stock up on firewood. This winter’s temperatures will require some additional wool to keep the cold away. Overall we are predicting temperatures to range from near to somewhat below normal across the Eastern-third of the nation, to well below normal over Central Canada, and near normal across Western Canada.

Winter Temperatures: Month-by-Month

Woman in the cold with steaming coffee, Canada.

January temperatures will average out milder than normal over much of Eastern and Central Canada, particularly during the first half of the month with a trend toward colder weather toward month’s end.

February, on the other hand, looks very cold, particularly across the Prairies and Rockies. British Columbia won’t be as frigid, but even out there, an unseasonable chill will be evident during the second week and again during the final days of the month.

Find out how cold it will be where you live! Check our zone-by-zone forecast here!

Spring Snows?

Canadian Red squirrel snacking in the snow by crocus flowers.

In March, most parts of the nation will be anxiously awaiting springlike days, but they will be few and far between. In fact, around the time of the vernal equinox unseasonably cold temperatures may be gripping many parts of the country.

What’s in store for spring and beyond? Check back here for updates!

Our Forecast Accuracy

Traditionally, people who follow our forecasts closely say that their accuracy runs in the neighborhood of 75% to 80%. But, we remind everyone that our predictions are long-range and are meant to give you a good idea of what might come your way in the next year. We also bow to Mother Nature, who loves to throw us a curveball or two (such as winter’s abnormal Arctic Oscillation that we saw in 2019).

Here’s how our forecast fared

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So far off in your predictions it’s ridiculous.

Nate Thomas

What is the prediction for the Carolina’s for the Spring, May -June?

Wally Woodcock

The weather will be springlike


Environment canada predicts something else, untrustworthy

Helen Woroniuk

I love reading what is going to happen

carrie sitar


Dorothy Caswell

If you think that the costal and Ontario Quebec regions are the only important bits to share I will block what I have just agreed to Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba focus on the prairies more

Wally Woodcock

There was extensive discussion of the prairies. Note that much of the population resides in QC and ON and along the prairie regions border with the USA. therefore the report will focus on those regions.

Linda M

Last year the farmers Almanac predicted frigid weather and lots of snow, we actually had a warm winter and hardly any snow so it’s hard to put much faith in the forecast!

Susan Higgins
Brian Allemang

We live just 40 km East of Calgary and last year’s winter (2020) was mild compared to previous winters. We got most of our snow fall in Feb.

ruby poon

it depends where u r !!! im in edmonton and it was a freezing lonnng winter !! but a hot no rain summer ! something is making the temperature do outrageous flip flops so dont think theres nothing wrong !!! its all very important !

Gerry the Weatherman


Wally Woodcock

And yet the almanac was quite accurate this season wasn’t it?

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