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13 Popular Weird Fish And How To Catch Them

13 Popular Weird Fish And How To Catch Them featured image

There are over 1,000 species of fish in North America’s fresh water alone. Large and small mouth bass, trout, catfish, and salmon get a lot of attention, but there are numerous other popular, weird fish to “school” yourself on. Whether you’re a veteran angler or heading out for your first cast, these tips may inspire you

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10 Great Places For Camping Under The Stars

10 Great Places For Camping Under The Stars featured image

Sleeping in a tent with the Milky Way stretched across the night sky is a magical camping experience, yet it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find areas with dark enough skies to see the stars—especially near cities! The good news is there are a surprising number of parks and public lands close to forests and coastlines that

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What Is Your Zodiac Sign? Zodiac Sign Dates And More

What Is Your Zodiac Sign? Zodiac Sign Dates And More featured image

“What’s your zodiac sign?” You’ve probably been asked this question more times than you can count. Whether it’s when meeting an acquaintance, going on a first date, or even chatting with coworkers, the interest in astrology and zodiac sign compatibility is more popular than ever and on the top of many people’s minds. Even if you

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Strawberry Moon Horoscopes — June 2023

Strawberry Moon Horoscopes — June 2023 featured image

Hey FA Readers! Due to the popularity of last month’s full Moon horoscopes, we reviewed our popular Zodiac Calendar and consulted globally recognized astrologer Kyle Thomas to create a special report for the next full Moon! Here are ways that June’s Strawberry Moon may affect you according to your zodiac sign. Strawberry Moon 2023 Astrology

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Birth Month Flowers: How To Plant A Family Garden

Birth Month Flowers: How To Plant A Family Garden featured image

Design a landscape that’s meaningful and memorable for you and your loved ones by planting your family’s birth month flowers. Categorized by month and blooming conditions, birth flowers hold a special meaning similar to birthstones and zodiac signs. Many believe they can represent your personality, emotions, and relationships — helping you form a deeper connection

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How To Clean A Gravestone

How To Clean A Gravestone featured image

Wondering how to clean a gravestone properly without causing damage? Protect your loved one’s lasting memorial with our simple guide. Over time, a headstone’s surface can unfortunately fall victim to the elements and accumulates environmental buildup — dirt, lichen, moss, algae, bird droppings, tree sap, soil splashing, mildew, and pollution. Regularly maintaining and cleaning a

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When Is The Next New Moon 2024?

When Is The Next New Moon 2024? featured image

Not to be confused with a full Moon, a new Moon is usually impossible to see because it is drowned out by the Sun’s bright light during the day. (However there are some exceptions.) Learn all about this unique lunar phase and why it’s an ideal time for stargazing! Plan your next star adventure for

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The 10 Brightest Stars In The Sky

The 10 Brightest Stars In The Sky featured image

People often ask, “What’s the best way to get started in astronomy?” We recommend looking for the most brilliant, easiest to find stars. Here is a list of the 10 brightest stars in the sky that you can see at night no matter where you are in the Northern Hemisphere—whether you’re out in the countryside

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Flower Moon Horoscopes – May 2023

Flower Moon Horoscopes – May 2023 featured image

This year’s Flower Moon (May 2023) is unique because it undergoes a penumbral lunar eclipse while Mercury is in retrograde. According to astrology, eclipses are believed to be three times more energetically intense than any regular full Moon and tend to align with significant life events. Often times, lunar eclipses bring major news, turning points,

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The Great “Cottagecore” Garden Trend

The Great “Cottagecore” Garden Trend featured image

“Cottagecore” is a beloved, long-standing trend centered around the natural beauty of country life. Otherwise known as “farmcore,” “countrycore,” and “prairecore,” cottagecore pays homage to the English countryside where tending to the garden, drying clothes on the line, and mending garments is done at a leisurely pace amid the smell of fresh-baked bread and wildflowers

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