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What Are Plant Hardiness Zones?

What Are Plant Hardiness Zones? featured image

Plant Hardiness Zones are areas on a map that tell you which plants will do best where you live. They are based on the average lowest temperatures of each region of the US. (Find your Plant Hardiness Zone on the official map here.) Hardiness zones are sometimes referred to as “growing zones” or “gardener’s zones”

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Are Grasshoppers Good or Bad?

Are Grasshoppers Good or Bad? featured image

Grasshoppers seem like fun, nice bugs, but they aren't so good for your garden. For many cultures, they are a symbol of abundance and courage, but in reality they are generally considered to be pests. Want to learn how to safeguard your garden from them? Read more important info after the jump.

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10 Irish Superstitions

10 Irish Superstitions featured image

You may know the classic Irish good luck associated with finding a four-leaf clover or hanging a horseshoe with its points up, but have you heard of these strange 10 Irish superstitions?

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March’s Birthstone – Aquamarine

March’s Birthstone – Aquamarine featured image

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. Its name is Latin for “seawater,” which describes its blue-green color and relates to its ancient oceanic mythology. Coined by the ancient Greeks as “the sailor’s gem,” its presence on a ship was believed to appease the mighty sea god, Poseidon, who in turn would calm rough waters and

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Superfood Lattes – What are they? And can you make them at home?

Superfood Lattes – What are they? And can you make them at home? featured image

Superfood lattes are a trend that has cracked open the hot-drinks market and are quickly gaining steam. Unlike traditional lattes which are usually made with a spot of espresso and frothed milk, superfood lattes come in an assortment of flavors and pack a nutritional punch. Health-packed lattes made their mark years ago, most commonly as

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Boost Your Immunity with Fermented Garlic Honey

Boost Your Immunity with Fermented Garlic Honey featured image

Garlic honey may not make your mouth water with anticipation, but once you read about its powerful health benefits you may decide it’s worth a taste. Independent of each other, both honey and garlic contain powerful antioxidants that help keep your body’s immune system strong, as well as boost your brain health, protecting it from

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Grow Vegetables In Dry Climates

Grow Vegetables In Dry Climates featured image

Yes, you can grow vegetables in dry climates or during droughts. Here is a list of the best vegetables to plant, as well as tips on how to keep things growing during dry conditions. Xeriscaping is a fancy word for a method of landscaping in dry climates. In addition to employing water conservation techniques, it

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