Why Is November’s Full Moon Called the Beaver Moon?

Why Is November’s Full Moon Called the Beaver Moon? featured image

As the chill air of late fog descends, animals begin to prepare their dens for the deep freeze of winter. Beavers can be seen along the banks of rivers and streams, collecting wood to shore up their lodges and dams before the ice sets in. This was also the time Native American tribes and later

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October’s Full Hunter’s Moon

October’s Full Hunter’s Moon featured image

As the Native Americans prepared for the cold months ahead, they looked to October’s full Moon as the signal to gather meat for winter. Because of this, the October Moon came to be known as the Full Hunter’s Moon. Similar to the Harvest Moon, the Hunter’s moon rises on successive days only about 40 minutes

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August’s Full Sturgeon Moon

August’s Full Sturgeon Moon featured image

As the dog days of summer began to give way to cooler temperatures, the Algonquin fishing tribes converged on the great lakes and other major bodies of water to fish for sturgeon: massive, prehistoric fish that can grow to more than 12 feet long. Because these fish were such an important part of the tribes’

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