7 Ways The Full Moon May Affect Your Health

Turns out, a full Moon can affect our physical well being in many ways. See what researchers discovered...

We’ve got a full Moon coming up! We often hear from our readers that the world goes a little off-kilter during this time—kids act up, people are more impatient, car accidents, and more. Even the word “lunatic” stems from the Latin word luna, meaning Moon, and there’s plenty of evidence to support that erratic behavior does occur in some people around the time of a full Moon. But can a full Moon also affect your physical well-being as well? We checked in with some experts on the topic.

7 Ways The Full Moon May Affect Your Health

Here are some interesting things researchers have found regarding the full Moon and its effects on your health.

1. Heart

Can the Moon’s cycles have an effect on your heart? Apparently so, but not in the romantic sense. A study published in the Indian Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Research found that when exercising, your heart is at its peak performance during a full and new Moon. So check the phases of the Moon before hitting the gym!

2. Brain

Much like the Moon is responsible for the ebb and flow of tides, because our brains are a significant source of water, Dutch researchers hypothesize the Moon’s gravitational pull could similarly have an effect on your brain, causing erratic behavior. Read: Do Full Moons Make People Crazy?

Other studies by British scientists reveal that a full Moon may actually decrease seizure activity in epileptics. In these cases, however, researchers suggest it may be due to the brightness of the Moon rather than its phases. When the Moon was bright, participants had fewer epileptic seizures. They attribute this to the hormone melatonin, which is naturally secreted in your brain when the Sun goes down, hence signaling it’s time to sleep. In epileptics, they surmise, the brightness of the full Moon counters this release, thus decreasing seizures.

We also hear from our Facebook fans all the time: complaints of headaches and migraines around the time of the full Moon. While no scientific correlation is made between migraines and the full Moon, full Moons can disrupt sleep (see #4) which, in turn, disrupts hormone levels, thus triggering headaches.

3. Kidneys

A 2011 study published in the Journal of Urology found that kidney stone pain increased significantly during a full Moon. And in another study, English researches found that generally, more patients were admitted to hospitals with urological emergencies during this time, too. Conversely, the new Moon caused a “calming effect” for people with these conditions.

Coincidence? Maybe not. One theory behind these conclusions is that the kidneys, like other organs and the human body itself, are made up of about 60 percent water, and just as lunar activity can affect our oceans, creating powerful and predictable tides, the Moon may affect the workings of these organs, causing a noticeable ebb and flow in times of calm and pain. Not all researchers agree, but there is enough evidence that additional studies are in the works.

4. Sleep

A 2013 study published in Current Biology reviewed the sleep patterns of participants over three days in which they were allowed to fall asleep at will in a controlled area that had neither clocks nor outside light. When the data was compared to the phases of the Moon, researchers determined participants not only had lower melatonin levels during bright Moon phases, but they also took 5 minutes longer to fall asleep, slept 20 minutes less in general, and had 30 percent less REM sleep. And if you’re not getting enough sleep, your health suffers. Try these tricks to get a good night’s sleep!

5. Menstrual Cycle

A woman’s average menstrual cycle is 28 days, which is quite similar to the 29+ day lunar cycle. This timing may be more than coincidence according to Chinese researchers who discovered that almost 30 percent of all the women monitored ovulated at the full Moon and menstruated during the new Moon. In some cultures, there is even a name for this phenomenon, called White Moon Cycle, which essentially mirrors the fertility of the Earth which is said to be most fertile under full moonlight.

6. Birthrate

Japanese researchers discovered something interesting: there was a significant increase in the number of births when the gravitation of the Moon to the Earth was most powerful. While researchers admit they are still unclear on exactly how or why this relationship exists, they say it might help healthcare professionals and pregnant women better prepare.

Additionally, one Italian study examined more than 1,200 births over three years and found a higher number of babies born in the two days after a full Moon.

7. Injuries

Since the full Moon can affect our behavior in certain ways, it should come as no surprise that we are more prone to accidents or illness during this time, according to some. One 2011 study published in World Journal of Surgery found that over 40 percent of medical personnel believe in “Full Moon Madness” among patients. It was also revealed that emergency calls for all sorts of conditions actually increases by 3 percent whenever there’s a full Moon, and then drops by 6 percent during a new Moon.

In 2008 British researchers found a link between the lunar cycle and what doctors call “medically unexplained stroke symptoms,” where patients develop complaints such as headaches, numbness and coordination issues but have nothing physically wrong with them.

What do you think—do you experience any changes in your health during the full Moon? Share your stories with us in the comments below.

When’s the next full Moon? 

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Cynthia McMurray

Cynthia McMurray is a freelance writer and journalist, and publisher of a national health magazine. She has written books for leading health professionals and is the owner of Write Words, a consulting business for writers. She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her article, Animals' Amazing Sense of Direction  appears in the 2021 Farmers' Almanac.

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Rick Ashley

I know of a woman..88 years old. Who gets migraine headaches two weeks before a full moon. She says this started when her daughter was born in 1960.


Sore Throat Or Coughing
I always either have one of these few days before or during or after full moon since I started tracking it for 4 years now.
And a heart break too.


This happened decades ago, I was attending University and working part time in a suburban library. One evening the library was more noisy than usual, I mentione this to one of the older librarians and she said – oh it must be a full moon! I laughed and poo poo ed the idea, I went and looked it up and guess what? IT WAS A FULL MOON. I checked on this a number of times after that and it generally was a full moon!

C. Kooles

I am a Permanent Makeup artist. After observing the different pain levels of my clients, I found if I had performed the procedure during the week of or week after the full moon it was much more painful. I now will not preform any procedures during this period. Makes it inconvenient but my clients love me for it.

L. Laframboise

Our family members do not sleep as well and we are more tired and short fused. I worked in a retirement home and on a full moon, our residents with psychiatric disorders were more prone to outbursts. Many of the children in our families were born the night of a full moon. I have also observed when I was trying to meet deadlines when I did freelance translation, I encountered problems with my computer such as freezing text, typing text differently than what I had typed. For instance, K1E, the E automatically changed to a lower case e and in an algaebric format.


WOW! Thank you for sharing your experiences with the Full Moon. It always amazes us how it can impact people!


A few years ago, something made me look this up. I thought those who believed in planets were nuts. Well, I went thru my emails: nothing during a full moon, but exactly 4 days EVERY TIME before a full moon, I go berserk! I start having panic attacks, anxiety attacks, randomly yelling and breaking relationships etc. Since then, I have monitored it all these past 5 years and it’s sheer terror. I know it’s coming & trouble finds me. Ex: whackjobs are attracted to me. I try hard to control my environment. I’ll have some idiot middle of the night knocking on my door. I rip the door open then tear a new one onto them, verbally. I can’t sleep so I have to sleep during the day. I’ll have some idiot yelling outside my bedroom window, even one time, the manager WALKED IN ON ME SLEEPING! WTF? For no other reason that “I haven’t seen you in a while”! WTAFF!? Yeah, well if I wanted to be seen, you’d have seen me, I DON’T want to see ANYBODY, it’s morbid. I will hurt you if you mess with my alone time during full moon season. Day of the full moon, i’m ok. One time I was ok and then it happened 2 days after. Not sure why. This time it was very foggy and cloudy and it still affected me. It seems they increase in intensity and I can’t control myself at all.

I’d like to hear from anyone who has symptoms exactly 4 days before. I believe that’s when it’s pull is at the strongest. I’ll be going “I’m ok, I’m ok, I’m ok” and I really am peaceful. Then I’ll get an email, usually from some tard insulting me on YT, and then someone knocks and I totally lose it, or if I’m playing cards online and the computer beats me, rage triggered. Anyone else attracts crazies and becomes one themselves exactly 4 days, when the moon pull is at its strongest? Reply to me, please.


Yep. Got here looking for info about always getting a cold after a full moon.
It is uncanny…


I work at a school and when kiddos start to misbehave me and the other teachers attribute it to a full moon.


I get extreme emotions like anger sadness and extreme amounts of energy

Nancy velez

Was born full moon in January

Nancy velez

I was born january 4 .. full moon


I worked in the ER in a suburban hospital. When folks started pouring in with various problems,we looked at the calendar and sure enough it was Full Moon!


My daughter was born on the full moon. She was the 7th baby on the 7th of September at 7:30pm. The nurses said “There will lots more babies born tonight. It’s always like this during a full moon.”


I now realize. The many irritations of the day, lacking logical reasons for erratic behaviour between my friends, strange day.


about 2 or 3 days before a full moon, my arthritic joints get so painful I can barley walk , after the moon crests my pain level goes back down. I would love to know if there is a way to combat this. I don’t want to give up my job.


My husband at the age of 62 died Halloween day 2020. At approximately 1145 am, Of a massive fatal heart attack. It was the full , blue, moon. I believe the full moon caused his death.


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“A study shown” “jappinese researchers discovered” this article is sketchy


I usually get a flu each full moon, is that weird?

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You are just weird


Hi Celina, I usually get run down around the new/full moon.

Darlene Rousseau

The wolf moon of January 2022 affected me by pain in my left leg that has steel, and my head ached all night. This also occured with the Blood Moon in November 2021.


I was physically assaulted in 2019 . Were I ended up having serious back pain. I lost my period since that day. Later on I started to have breathing problems where I mostly use Nebulizer to breath . Mostly when there’s a full moon I suffer a lot . More back pain , can’t breath at all I can’t sleep . What should I do ?


Please I would like to get an answer . It’s very important. Can the moon affect my health. I look forward to an answer. Thanks.

Yvonne Young

I don’t have the answers you are looking for but I can tell you that I too have difficulty breathing and very agitated during the full moon and it lasts for about a week. When I know a full moon is on the horizon I have to tell myself and remind myself that this is only a once a month thing and sometimes I am able to calm myself. You are not alone!!


I too experience health issues in the week to week and a half leading up to a full moon. Headaches, stress, extra emotional chest pains, joint pains and trouble sleeping. I have been charting these symptoms for years. I am convinced it’s the full moon. I frequently tell my husband “the moon is trying to kill me.” I also would love to know if there is anything that can be done to lessen these issues.

Bess Coleman

Having worked with a midwife for many years l noticed that a majority of labours began when the noon was in its what l call peanut phase, it is a peanut shape, a few days into waning after a full moon.


I definitely sleep less and feel more energetic.

Amanda H

I had the worst panic attack of my life Wed & it’s effects lasted for days. I fully believe it had something to do with this full moon. My heart was also acting very strangely, as though I was having a heart attack! So happy this full moon is over. LoL

Mona Nasrallah

Migraine correlation to full moon ?

I am trying to figure out what causes my migraines as I’m otherwise completely healthy. Does anyone else think this as well?

Colleen S Thompson

hormone fluctuations…it happens to me that way


Yes I get a migraine when there is a full moon and emotionally flat as a pancake

Nicki Norwich UK

Amazing reading, totally fascinating
I am regularly affected by the moon, and this current Beaver Moon (November 2021), I have felt way more energised than normal, and super confident in my day to day tasks, like I could rule the world!
I sleep well, but wake early.
I am an Aquarius (if anyone finds that relevant).

Mona Nasrallah

For me it’s opposite as I think my migraines correlate with full moons so consider yourself lucky if anything matters I’m a cancer born June 27th.

Nancy S Blake

The veterinarian I worked for would not castrate horses, bulls, or dogs on a full moon…he said they would bleed heavier than normal then. Most of our cows had their calves during full moon or the day after.


As a Nursing Home Administrator in a Mild Mental Facility, We notice a huge difference of increased aggression/agitation in patients during a full moon.

Colleen S Thompson

jail riots, escapes also…they call it “parole dust”


I can believe that! I feel agitated/a bit depressed and overall unwell.Headaches/ migraine.


I am already feeling the effects of the full moon 10/20. Fatigue, brain fog, no appetite. So glad to see I’m not losing my mind. I’m finding myself more moon sensitive as I age. This is something else.

Last edited 2 years ago by Junie
mark hagen

I read somewhere that the full moon pushes the troposphere down which increases the level of poitive ions in the atmosphere. The full moon increases positive ion ratios, which accounts for the strange and aggressive behavior noted by police and medical services. Studies show that 75% of the population is noticeably and adversely affected by positive ion ratios, while increased negative ions tend to have a calming influence on these same people. The effects of alcohol are increased. In some Europeon countries the do no perform surgery during full moon unless the have negative Ion generaters in the hospital. Negative Ions from waterfalls effect some with a calming euforic feeling


Thank you for that information ?


Is anyone here affected by the balsamic /new moon? My cfs/fibromyalgia/emotions flare a lot!


Yes I was hoping someone else could tell and I wasn’t crazy!! I have Lyme Disease and the moon effects me big time! Today I just don’t feel good and I dizzy.


Ive been extra dizzy too and the barometric pressure is super high! New moon in a few hours EST ?


Yes me too.Dizzy and headaches.

Kathleen VandeLaare

My stomach bloats out super far and I’m sorely depressed every full moon


It’s a full moon today September 20 and I just can’t sleep even though I’m yawning nonstop and this partial right side headache won’t go away but I know I’ll be like new once the full moon is over.

Toni starbuck

I too have similar issues, my hands go numb, I’m very tired throughout this time as well as intuitive. Often of balance and yes quick to anger.

Last edited 2 years ago by Toni starbuck
Alan Church

I always find the information shared in your feature stories about natural phenomena fascinating. The articles on the Harvest Moon and how the moon affects your health were no exceptions. Thank you ☮️

Mike Ohlinger

Yes the full moon affects stability in my health usually 2 days before n after a full moon. Thanks for asking n good data.


I always get I’ll leading up to the full moon,irregular heart beats,bloating and feeling strange and disoriented,it’s terrifying,I dread it every full and new moon

Lila Cothran Campbell

I’m sorry you get this but happy to have found some company in this ;-/! Are you a Cancer by any chance? Has this been going on long time for you?


I’m a cancer and it happens to me every single full moon but different some full moons are headache numbness some are full of energy wanting to go out and do everything but not today September 20.2021 I feel like dying

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