Full Moon December 2023 – Cold Moon And Alternative Names

Full Moon December 2023 Cold Moon.

The full Moon December 2023 arrives when the chill of winter settles over the land, casting a brilliant light over the frozen landscape and emphasizing the quiet stillness of the season. This particular full Moon is commonly referred to as the “Cold Moon” due to its association with low temperatures, however, its significance extends far beyond low temperatures.

Full Moon December 2023: Tuesday, December 26
Peak Illumination: 7:33 p.m. Eastern Time

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Why Is The December Full Moon The Cold Moon?

The name “Cold Moon” is a descriptive label for the December full Moon, used by various native North American tribes and Celtic culture. In the Northern Hemisphere, December often marks the coldest day of the year, although temperatures can significantly vary, and record lows can happen at any point during the winter months. Since December signifies the official start of winter, it is often associated with the coldest temperatures, as the season settles and intensifies. This is also reflected in the Chinese name for this month’s Moon, “Bitter Moon,” which likely alludes to the bitter cold that arrives in December.

More Seasonal December Full Moon Names

Another reason for the name “Cold Moon” is because of the long winter nights, when the cold lasts the longest before the Sun rises again to warm the Earth. This is why December’s Full Moon is also called “Full Long Nights Moon” or “Long Night Moon” by the Mahican, Oneida tribes, and neo-pagan cultures. The full Moon appears exceptionally long in December when nights are at their longest, allowing the Moon’s light to shine for a longer duration than any other time of the year. In contrast, the Sun’s presence is much shorter during December, leading to the Zuni tribe referring to it as the “Sun Has Traveled Home to Rest” Moon in the southwest.

Because of the emphasis of winter in this month, the simple name “Winter Moon” is often used, especially by the Shoshone tribe of the Great Basin. “Dead of Winter Moon” is a slightly more descriptive name used by the Alaskan Inupiat peoples, reflecting the greater severity of the season so far north. “Snow Moon” is another relatively common term with the Cherokee and Haida tribes, highlighting that the first snow generally falls in December in many areas.

In further relating to quirks of the beginning of winter, “Popping Trees Moon” is a name used by the Arapaho and Oglala tribes, noting that this is the time of year when sap can freeze and rupture the tree’s bark, causing popping or snapping noises from what seems to be an empty, silent forest.

Harvesting and Hunting—Even in December

Many other full Moons during the year are aptly named after available foods and harvesting, such as the “Strawberry Moon” of June or the “Sturgeon Moon” of August. December is no exception, despite the fact that most harvesting is long since finished by the end of the year. This Moon is occasionally called the “Oak Moon” which is thought to originate with medieval English or Druid customs related to harvesting mistletoe from oak trees when the white berries are their fullest.

Another plant-based name for the December full Moon is the “Evergreen Moon,” used by the Comanche tribe of the southern plains and referring to trees that are the highlight of the month as they do not lose their greenery.

Different Moons throughout the year also highlight animals, such as the “Buck Moon” of July or the “Beaver Moon” of November. In December, the Dakota, Lakota, and Sioux tribes call the Moon “When Deer Shed Their Antlers” to note that maturity and the time to gather the antlers for use.

Spiritual December Moon Names

Because the month can be drab and desolate, some cultures have names for December’s full Moon that instead look inside oneself rather than looking to exterior seasons. The Ojibwe and Chippewa tribes of The Great Lakes region call this the “Little Spirit Moon” as a more reflective option, while the Hopi of the southwest use the term “Moon of Respect” to note spiritual respect. The Catawba of South Carolina use the term “Storytelling Moon” to note this as the time of year when tales and legends are told and retold, fostering respect for their culture and sharing it with new generations.

Even American Colonial traditions recognize the December full Moon as a spiritual time by calling this the “Christmas Moon” or “Moon Before Yule” to show its place in the religious cycle as well as the natural cycle.

Full December Moon in the Southern Hemisphere

While December may be the onset of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, those same full Moon names would make no sense in the Southern Hemisphere, which is enjoying spring and summer during December. To that end, the full Moon names south of the Equator reflect that difference in seasons, and the December full Moon is often called the “Strawberry Moon,” “Rose Moon,” or “Honey Moon” in different regions. In South Africa, it is the “Fruit Moon” to connect to the rich and sweet harvest that month.

No matter what you may celebrate in December or what the season is like in your region, the full Moon can shed stunning light on your night and illuminate all that is beautiful in the changing of the season and nature’s enduring cycle.

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If you could rename the Cold Moon, what would you call it?

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Clementine La Honda

Is that 12:12 AM in every time zone or just Eastern?

Susan Higgins

Hi Clementine, just the eastern time zone, which we mention in the article.

Joseph McMillan

Wow never know about the cold moon very good history

Toni sistermoon

Midwinter is appropriate because midsummer is the first day of summer.


The article does NOT at any point claim it IS winter solstice on the 12th. It states that Dec 12th in APPROACHING, as in nearing the solstice. Please learn to read before complaining and hinting you can write well.


Re Steve Anderson’s comment, midwinter is also another name for the Winter Solstice. It does seem odd, since the Winter Solstice refers to the first day of winter, so hardly mid! By the way, I also prefer written info to videos, although I’ve been warming up to them. I’m glad I’m not alone. 🙂

Rose MacDonald

I love the video.

Susan Herley

In meteorology for the Northern hemisphere, winter begins on December 01, 2014. It is also called the beginning of meteorological winter. The meteorological seasons are divided according to the calendar months.

Steve andersen

What gives? Winter doesn’t even start until December 21. The Full Cold moon is not midwinter. I am available if you need a more accurate writer!

Lora Welch

That was great video.


Loved it!!!!!!!!


It was informative — I like video or written.


Photography is beautiful and the narrative is compelling. I always enjoy your videos but some are just stunning as is this one. Looking forward to seeing the Cold Moon!!!


Very interesting video I liked it. I will be glad to see the days lengthen

Rosia Morrison

I really enjoy your articles, thank’s for giving all year long *****

dee lewis

December seems to come faster every year….Thanksgiving one day and Christmas the next…..yet, we struggle on and begin to look forward to the coming spring.


December is a wonderful month full of celebrations, traditions and history, but the month January is a rebirth of the spirit of soul. Thank you mother earth!

Ellen Campbell

I’ve enjoyed your moon information each month and also the many other bits of information you bring to us.


neat video.


That was a cool video. Is there a video for January? The wolf moon?


December’s Full Cold Moon- Thank You.., excellent!

Peter Geiger

Good news – you can actually have it both ways. We are providing a series of Full Moon Lore videos but you can also read about it online under astronomy/ full moon names.For the serious reader, go to our website and in the search box put Full Moons and you will get 30+ articles to read. Hope this helps.


timely video, as the full moon made the trip across the night sky, the temperature reading dropped accordingly here in Maine. At -12 degrees, wind chill -30, I traded the comfort of a blazing wood stove to a warm bed covered with quilts, three cats, and a dog.

Lynn Turner

I’m with Betty Ballard. I’d rather read an article. Maybe post both?


Great Video! I love your videos and your articles on the Moon and the origins of its names for each month or season. Reading your articles or viewing your videos has improved my gardening skills. Thank You.

betty ballard

I prefer written information. Do not like videos


Thank you for yet another informative and well made video!

jayme brown

Very comforting snd soothing voice used in this short video, wsnted more!

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