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National Hot Dog Day

National Hot Dog Day featured image

National Hot Dog Day is always the third Wednesday in July. Put on the dog with some history, trivia, and fantastic frankfurter recipes!

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When and What is Midsummer?

When and What is Midsummer? featured image

Wait, if the solstice marks the first day of summer, why is June 24th called "Midsummer"? We explain, and share some of the folklore and celebrations.

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National Cheeseburger Day

National Cheeseburger Day featured image

September 18th is National Cheeseburger Day, but who needs a reason to salute and savor this sizzling American classic? We've got history and a few yummy recipes!

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World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day featured image

November 14th is National Diabetes Day. Learn more about the steps you can take to control and prevent this disease.

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World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day featured image

November 13th is World Kindness Day, a day to lend a helping hand. We share some ideas for ways to demonstrate kindness in your community.

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