Do You Know These Fishy Facts? Fun Fish Trivia

Fun yet fishy trivia for all.

You’ll love these random fish facts!

Fun Fish Trivia

Visa or Clamshells?

During the Depression of the 1930s, clamshells were used in Pismo Beach, California, as legal tender.

In Cod We Trust?

Codfish were depicted on some early coins of the infant United States, from 1776 to 1778.

A Real School Built From Fishing

In 1670, the Massachusetts Bay Colony ruled that the profits from “basse” fishing be used to build a school that was free for all to attend. Thus, striped bass fishing built the first public school in the New World.

Holy Mackerel

Why do we say “Holy Mackerel”? One theory is that because the mackerel is a fish that spoils quickly, merchants were allowed to sell it on Sundays, despite blue laws in 17th century England. Hence the phrase “Holy Mackerel!”

Quick! Freeze the Fish!

Fishing led to the first practical method of quick-freezing foods. In the early 1900s,
Clarence Birdseye was fishing in a frigid region of Canada. He discovered that the fish he caught froze quickly and when cooked tasted just as fresh as when he had caught them.

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