5 Tips for Fishing in the Rain

Rain, rain go away? Not so fast! But before you cast your line, you'll want to read these tips for fishing in the rain to ensure you have a successful day!

Fishing in the rain can provide excellent opportunities to catch more fish. Of course, this will require a little planning in advance to have a productive day out on the water. There are a couple of factors that you should consider before you cast your line, such as getting to know the area, tides, Moon phases, water temperature, and of course, the weather. Light rain tends to discourage some anglers from hitting the water but it actually provides a great opportunity for catching fish. Check out these tips for fishing in the rain to ensure you have a successful day:

1) Wear Appropriate Clothing

When fishing in wet weather, wearing the right clothes is important. Quality waterproof gear makes the difference in being comfortable or miserable. If you stay warm and dry, you will be able to fish all day! Of all the tips for fishing in the rain, this one is key for maintaining a positive mindset.

2) Check The Tides

During storms, the tides are higher, and rainwater builds up onshore. Fish where there is water movement—near drains, inlets or spillways. The outflow will churn up bait and fish will be waiting to feed.

3) Fish Before The Storm

The most productive fishing will occur before a storm when the low barometric pressure sends fish into a feeding frenzy. That may slow down during the storm and pick up after it passes when the pressure begins rising again.

Man fishing in the rain.

4) Use Colorful Fishing Lures

When selecting artificial baits, consider bright colors and tackle that makes noise, such as crankbaits or popping corks, to help fish find the bait. Rain muddies up the water, decreasing visibility and making it harder for fish to see baits.

5) Safety First

Practice safety first and check your local forecast before heading out to fish. While fishing in light rain is fine, it’s never smart to fish when lightning is present or dangerous surf conditions exist. Don’t head out into open water if lightning is in the forecast, and be sure you have a sturdy, safe shelter to go to if a storm strikes. Follow these simple fishing safety tips during your fishing trip.

When planning your fishing trip, consider the above tips as well as environmental factors, such as water temperature, tides, structure, location of bait, water movement, and times to fish. Be sure to check out the Farmers’ Almanac’s Best Days to fish!

Visit Takemefishing.org to learn the best times to fish, selecting the proper fishing gear, and the best places to go fishing and boating.

Here’s wishing you tight lines!

Contributed by freelance writer Alycia Downs

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Holly Brokes

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