When is the best day to fish?

Farmers’ Almanac’s Fishing Calendar is based on the phase of the moon, the zodiac sign the moon is in, and experience. Local conditions, tides, and weather may affect your fishing experience.
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Fishing Condition

This is the overall rating for the whole day, based upon our formula:

Best Time

This column lists the best time of the day when, according to our formula, fish will be biting: MORNINGEVENING.

December 2020
  • Dec 04 Poor Evening
  • Dec 05 Poor Evening
  • Dec 06 Fair Evening
  • Dec 07 Fair Morning
  • Dec 08 Poor Morning
  • Dec 09 Poor Morning
  • Dec 10 Good Morning
  • Dec 11 Good Morning
  • Dec 12 Poor Morning
  • Dec 13 Poor Morning
  • Dec 14 Poor Evening
  • Dec 15 Poor Evening
  • Dec 16 Poor Evening
  • Dec 17 Good Evening
  • Dec 18 Good Evening
  • Dec 19 Best Evening
  • Dec 20 Best Evening
  • Dec 21 Poor Morning
  • Dec 22 Poor Morning
  • Dec 23 Poor Morning
  • Dec 24 Fair Morning
  • Dec 25 Fair Morning
  • Dec 26 Fair Morning
  • Dec 27 Fair Morning
  • Dec 28 Fair Morning
  • Dec 29 Best Evening
  • Dec 30 Best Evening
  • Dec 31 Fair Evening
January 2021
  • Jan 01 Fair Evening
  • Jan 02 Fair Evening
  • Jan 03 Fair Evening
  • Jan 04 Fair Evening

What do our ratings mean?

POOR day basically means the fish will either steal all your bait or will not even touch your line.
FAIR day means that you may catch one or two fish but you will have to work hard to do so.
GOOD day means that you will catch enough fish to feel gratified.
BEST day means that you will catch something almost every time you cast your line in the water.

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Places to Fish and Boat Map

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