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In a recent blog I mentioned a Best Day for Fishing and other activities. A couple questions were posed about what this is all about. Many years ago before any form of communication helped people, activities were timed according to observations. These activities became connected with the position of Moon and the Sun.

It is believed that the Moon has greater force during certain parts of the cycle and less powerful at other times. Thus in early almanacs and continued today is a Best Days Calendar. This is found on our website and a longer listing in the Farmers’ Almanac (pages 86 -87). It is also part of our popular Planting By The Moon Calendar. Old-timers swear that if you follow these rules, it will you help live a more “orderly life.” Some of the signs pertain to the Zodiac, others to the moon or both in doing certain things.

The fact is I get hundreds of requests each month from people who remember a grandparent or elder telling them they should wean a child, plant a root crop, quit smoking or some other task according to the “signs.” This information has always been part of our publication. Can you do things outside of the “rules” – sure – but this information is based upon a tradition that the moon and sun impact our lives.

Recently, when I was putting a fence in at a friends house I made sure we did it during the time listed in the almanac because the dirt settled more firmly around the post. It was hard work made easier by using this calendar.

If you have never looked, check out our Best Days Calendar on the web or in the Farmers’ Almanac. Try using this as a guide to an organized life. You might just like it. The one activity I offer no advice is surgery. Hundreds of years ago, people bled to death during surgery. So, it was important to do it during a time when blood flowed less. Today it is not an issue and, with all the lawyers into the world, I don’t dispense medical advice.

If you use the signs, let me know how it works for you. What sign do you follow and what are the results? Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Father’s Day to all Dads.

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Annette Davis

In 3 months to have hip replacement?

Theresa Howard

Best time to have knee replacement in feb or march 2023

Heather Dougherty

We do not dispense any medical advice or medical recommendations, and always suggest you follow your doctor’s advice and recommendations regarding surgery. That being said, I can share with you some folklore regarding the timing of surgical procedures. It has been said that people believe that to encourage faster healing you should have procedures when the zodiac is in the sign of the affected area and during a declining moon. Farmers’ Almanac has planning calendars for both of these things! Best of luck to you!


Horse Castration in January best dates, knees or below


When is the best time in November/December 2022 to stop drinking soda?

Larry Gibson

Needing shoulder surgery when would be the best time

Kimberly Graham

Knee surgery-When is best time to have knee surgery in December 2022


When is a good time for knee surgery in October 2022?


When is the best time for surgery on my ovaries (getting out a tumor) in July?


Sorry to I was late in seeing this. I was brought up to have any procedures during the sign that is furthest away from the sign (time) you’re actually in. I e…. If you’re having dental work, the procedure date should be in the body part as far away from the mouth as possible. If the signs are in the mouth, wait as long as possible if you want less pain, bleeding etc.

This has worked so many times in my family. You can find the signs in the almanac on pgs 224-225.

I’d be interested to know how your procedure went and how far apart the signs were and how you think you did.



Hi Tammi I was wondering about signs for surgery my aunt always went by the almanac and she’s no longer with us but I’m scheduled to have full hysterectomy on April 4 2023 and I’m not sure how to tell if this a good time for me or not how do I find out or could u help me figure it out thanks Tamara


What is the best time in June for heart surgery?


What is best time for hip surgery in June 2022

Ruth Rose

Surgery should be when the moon is new. Never have surgery during a full moon. Full moon causes too much bleeding to happen.


When should my daughter have her wisdom teeth removed according to the farmers almanac in March or April of 2022?


When is the best time for foot surgery in January, 2022


When is best time for knee surgery in this month of December, please?

Sherron Hileman

I am having shoulder surgery December 2021. What are my best days for surgery?

Sherron Hileman

I am having shoulder surgery December 2021. What are my best days?


I’m having gallbladder removed. When are the signs below the hips?


I’m planning on having hip replacement
Nice 10- or 11
I couldn’t find the chart that shows if this was a good day or not???

Shelley Becker

I have to have surgery on the right side of my neck. The doctor said the cancer is contained. It’s very large and was told the surgery will be long. When is the best days in June and July to have surgery?

Shelley Wigham

My Dad use to cut his pigs by the signs- the other farmers wanted to know why he never lost any livestock when they did, he told them he followed the Farmers Almanac and the signs to take care of animals!

Susan Higgins

Great news! Thanks for sharing!


I was always taught to have a procedure done when the sign was as far away from that body part as possible or going out of it. I had my wisdom teeth cut out using the signs and my recovery was very short .

Shelley Wigham

We always check the signs before surgery- yes as far away as possible and good results! (Of course a good doctor helps too!)


So would June the 9th be a good day for surgery on your face?

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