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Category — Weather

The Persimmon Lady Shares Her Winter Forecast

Melissa Bunker, aka The Persimmon Lady, shares her annual forecast for the 2017-18 winter ahead. See what the seeds predict, and download your own persimmon chart!

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Fall Forecast: Warm Up or Cool Down?

Will the new season usher in cooler, quieter conditions? We’ve got the fall forecast for both the U.S. and Canada.

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Fata Morgana: The Strange Mirages at Sea

Unlike the more familiar water-in-the-desert mirages, a “Fata Morgana” can make objects like ships and even cities appear to be floating in the air. Learn more about this strange phenomenon that frightened sailors on the high seas.

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Hurricane Weather Lore

Hurricane season peaks mid-September. We scoured the Almanac archives for wives’ tales and folklore: what signs from nature did our ancestors watch to warn against weather’s fiercest storm? See what we found.

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Top 13 U.S. Hurricanes From 1900 to 2000

Here’s a look back at 13 hurricanes that wreaked havoc on the U.S. during the 20th century.

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Are You Hurricane Ready?

Hurricanes are weather’s most monstrous storms and they can cause devastating destruction. These important tips can help you weather the storm — before, during, and after a hurricane strikes.

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Lightning Lore: Did They Get It Wrong?

Does the old saying, “lightning never strikes twice in the same place” hold true? Find out what Mother Nature has to say about it!

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Labor Day Forecast: What’s In Store For The Long Weekend?

What’s in store for the unofficial last weekend of summer? Will your cookout get rained out? Find out!

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