Full Moon April 2025 – Pink Moon And Alternative Names

Full Moon April 2023 - Pink Moon.

The full Moon April 2025 is a hopeful sign of spring, indicating the return of life and the resurgence of nature after winter’s dormancy. The April full Moon is often called the “Pink Moon,” but why? What other names does this first spring full Moon go by in different cultures?

Full Moon April 2025: Saturday, April 12
Peak Illumination: 8:22 p.m. Eastern Time

Origin Of The Pink Moon Name

The name “Pink Moon” has long been associated with April’s full Moon as flowers begin to bloom, particularly moss pink or creeping ground phlox, which is one of the earliest and most widespread spring flowers. Creeping ground phlox thrives in sandy or rocky soils, and is often used as a ground cover. This perennial bloom is most often pink, but also has shades of purple and white. It is popular with butterflies, another welcome sign of spring in April.

In Asia, particularly China, this Moon is called the “Peony Moon” as it is the season when those native flowers flourish. Blush pink is the most common color for peonies, but they are also found in cream and white shades, as well as richer shades of pink – perfect as another name for the “Pink Moon.”

Growth-Related April Full Moon Names

Because spring is a season of rebirth and new growth, many names for April’s full Moon mark seasonal plant changes.

For example, additional growth-related names for the April full Moon are the “Moon of the Red Grass Appearing” by the Oglala tribe of the Dakotas, the “Budding Moon of Plants and Shrubs” of the Tlingit tribe of the Pacific Northwest, and the “Sprouting Grass Moon” used by a variety of tribes.

The Choctaw tribe of the Southeast US refers to the April full moon as the “Moon of Blackberry” when the berries begin to appear in that southern climate, while the Cherokee use the more general but very spring-appropriate “Flower Moon” name. The southwestern Apache tribe often uses the name “Moon of the Big Leaves” to indicate how trees are flourishing in April.

Growth-related names are also found in European cultures. The Celts in particular have several names for April’s full Moon, including “Budding Moon,” “New Shoots Moon,” “Seed Moon,” and “Growing Moon.”

When colonists began settling North America, similar though less colorful names were used to refer to the April full Moon. The most common is the “Planter’s Moon” to indicate that sowing seeds begins at the time of the April full Moon to ensure an adequate growing season. The Winnebago tribe of the Great Lakes region also use the name “Planting Corn Moon” to indicate the start of the growing season.

“Sugar Maker Moon” is another colonial name for the April full Moon, as it is the season of collecting sap and making maple sugar and syrup. Learn how to make maple sugar in your own backyard.

More Spring Names For The April Full Moon

Other spring-related names for April’s Moon include the “Fish Moon” – used by many tribes in the Pacific Northwest as an indication of fish spawning. Depending on the tribe, this may refer to either salmon or shad. The Anishinaabe tribe refers to the April full Moon as the “Sucker Moon” for the return of suckerfish.

Similarly, the name “Egg Moon” is often used in April due to the beginning of the nesting season for birds and waterfowl. The Cheyenne tribe calls this Moon “When the Geese Lay Eggs” and other tribes have similar names.

Many northern tribes don’t use growing terms for the April full Moon, as it is often too early in the season to depend on such signs in northern regions. Instead, names typically refer to the breaking of the season and the end of winter. The Arapaho of Colorado and Wyoming, for example, name the April Moon “Ice Breaking in the River” while the Algonquin of the northeast and eastern Canada use the similar name “Breaking Ice Moon.” The Dakota tribes often call this Moon the “Moon When the Streams are Navigable Again.”

The Lakota, or Teton Sioux, tribe has a more unique name for the April full Moon. This tribe is principally located in the Dakotas, where spring growth is late and game may be scarce even in April. The name “When Wives Crack Bones for Marrow Fat” is often used for the April full Moon to indicate the scarcity of food and how resourcefulness is necessary at the end of a long winter season.

Religious April Moon Names

In some cultures, the Moon’s name may be related to religious holidays as guided by the lunar calendar. The April full Moon is called the “Paschal Moon” if it is the first full Moon after the spring equinox in late March, as the date for Easter is set after that first full Moon. In Jewish tradition, the name is the “Passover Moon” and marks freedom from Egypt.

Neo-Pagan traditions call the April full Moon the “Awakening Moon” as spirits awaken after the calm and quiet of winter, bringing a sense of clarity, renewal, healing, and rejuvenation to the season.

Whatever it is called, the April full Moon is a time to rejoice at the changing seasons and the beauty of spring it ushers in!

Join The Discussion!

What is your favorite name for April’s full Moon?

What would you name it if you could?

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Jane H.

I definitely intend to go out this evening to view our “Pink” moon. I wasn’t aware of this in the past (and I’m a senior!). Thank you for posting this interesting article. Since I’m in the Midwest, I’ll go out about 10:20 p.m. so I don’t miss it.

Susan Higgins

It was quite beautiful! You’ll be able to enjoy it for the next couple of days!

Chuck berry

When can we have blood in the feet in march

Vel Barrett

I have been a firm believer of Moon rising & settings that give the best results & I am just now, needing a reminder of those, for when to trim my hair for best rapid growth. Plus, the best time to color my hair for a longer hold in time? I know I followed this decades ago. Any suggestions? Vel B

Susan Higgins

Hi Vel, you’ve come to the right place! The Farmers’ Almanac takes all that guesswork out for you, and our Best Days charts have all that info for you in one spot. We’ll also email you this link: https://www.farmersalmanac.com/calendar/best-days


RIP Prince. Maybe he will settle for a pink full moon instead of purple.

I hope all of your plants grow in abundance.

Trump Moon

Lmbo.. listening to these comments ..
Today’s my Birthday. .I love a full moon.

very tired

After reading through some comments, I would say the effects of the full moon are apparent.


Yes, the full moon does seem to cause ‘full moon fever’–but beyond that, isn’t it just the coolest thing to watch it rise above the pines?

Janis McElhaney

The only thing that any full moon does as far as I am concerned is to keep me awake. Solution, block the moon light.


Work with the public, full moon definitely affects people.

Larry Doyle

I think a full moon follows Rhonda wherever she goes.

Jo Frye

Back in 1978, the builders were digging my basement on a Full Moon Eclipse – my basement ended up 2 feet deeper than it was supposed to be. That was fine and I
think helped to sell it years later. Coincidence? Who knows? Ha Ha

Sheryl Mosley

The Crazy moon , full moon, Bad things happen on the night of the full moon .

I believe when the moonrazy people come out , Stay in your house, Safe from harm !

I believe when the moon is full , that is when the crazy people come out , Stay in your house, Safe from harm !


You must mean, as the name implies. Not infers. Thanks!

Amelia Barton

our body is 98 percent water of course that is what happens every body knows this


Lol.. everybody knows this huh? You might want to double check your percentages then.. because if your body is 98% water… you’d probably be dead.

The correct info there is between 58 and 70 percent depending on hydration level. Less than 50 and you’ll die of dehydration, more than 74 and you’ll die from dilution of electrolytes


I worked in a mental hospital with direct care of the patients for 15 years. It was long held, and I’ve seen it firsthand, the effects of the full moon on patient’s behavior. Considering we are mainly made of water, it’s little wonder how the moon can have this effect. Arthritis acts up, police see an increase in crime-I saw bad behavior on my end. Tis true.
By the way, Rhonda- the book in the Bible is Revelation–no “s”. Get over the temptation on getting on that spacecraft-then again, go ahead.

Wanda Wall

Very true..that the full moon does have effect on everything. I also remember one time, a police officer told me.. that more violence was committed during the full moon. Then any other time of the month.


Rhonda, I truly believe that we are not the only beings in the universe that is just too arrogant to believe.And I believe in God I read the Bible.But girl, stay out of the L RON HUBBARD FANTASIES.
Things are changing yes,weather, peoples behavior,we are more stressed yes all that seems to point to things as we know it coming to an end, and yes I firmly believe the moon has its influence on us her, just as it has on ebb and tide, but hidden space ships?,inner earth? Come on now.

cheesy chuck

I like cheese! From the moon! Mmmm!cheese!


I used to work for an OB-GYN office and there were 50% more babies born the day/night before or the day/night of a full moon than any other day of the month. Crazy!

Pat Chastain

It is true more babies are born during a full moon. My daughter in law did not realize why she was having to go in to Surgery so much during her three days on call until I told her. More accidents , more shooting, killings, and crimes are committed during the full moon than at any other time. Boy, when I told her this, she asked me to write down the three days before and the 3 days after. She never took call again on the 3 days prior and tried not to take it on the night of the full moon or the 3 days after. Check with your police dept. and the ER at the hospital, the law enforcement knows this also. Try getting you a scanner and see what you hear these 7 days and compare to the 7 days during the other moons and you will see for yourself. More accidents and heart attacks happen on Mondays, also.


Rhonda have you been drinking the kool-aid?

kat irvine

One can’t think that way. As much as some beleive the full moon inspires insanity we can’t give in to fatalistic thinking. Chin up Angy.

Angy Smith

Should be the Crazy Moon ~ People- Work -Events – Fates All have gone Arwy this week

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