Banana Peels Can Even Shine Your Shoes

They can do a lot of other things too.

The next time you reach for a banana, don’t discard the peel! It has multiple uses, from soothing mosquito bites to shining shoes. Just read on:

All The Things Bananas Can Do

Mosquito bites: Before reaching for the insect bite ointment, try rubbing the inside of a banana skin on the affected area. It has been reported by many at reducing swelling and irritation.

Warts: A natural wart remedy. Cut a small piece of banana skin and place it on the wart, with the yellow side out. Tape the skin with surgical tape.

Shoe Shine: Rub the inside of the banana skin directly on the shoe and polish with dry cloth.

Soil Enrichment: Adding banana peels to the soil helps tomato and green pepper plants to thrive. Banana peels contain potash and phosphorus. Chop peels and place several pieces into the hole before planting the seedlings and you’ll have strong trunks and stems on your plants.

Rose Booster: Give your roses a boost by placing banana skins in a spray bottle with warm water. Allow the sealed bottle to sit at least 2 weeks or until fermented. Spray the liquid on rose bushes.

Liquid Plant Fertilizer: In a blender puree 1 part banana peelings along with 3 parts water. Pour liquid blend on the soil surrounding your garden flowers or potted plants. It makes a great boost for indoor container plants, too.

Animal Feed: Our mule, Sally, and horse, Apache, love to snack on banana peelings. Don’t forget to remove the sticker first!

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Deborah Tukua

Deborah Tukua is a natural living, healthy lifestyle writer and author of 7 non-fiction books, including Pearls of Garden Wisdom: Time-Saving Tips and Techniques from a Country Home, Pearls of Country Wisdom: Hints from a Small Town on Keeping Garden and Home, and Naturally Sweet Blender Treats. Tukua has been a writer for the Farmers' Almanac since 2004.

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