Why Your Dog’s Paws Smell Like Fritos And Other Fun Facts About Man’s Best Friend

Check out this list of 10 fascinating facts you may not have known about Man's Best Friend.

Dogs aren’t just loving and loyal, they’re amazing. There are probably a few things about man’s best friend you didn’t know. Check out these 10 fascinating facts.

10 Fascinating Facts About Dogs

1. They Can Tell Time

Well, maybe Chewbarka can’t tell you when it’s 3:30 but he will wait by the door around that time because it’s the time the kids arrive on the school bus. They’re capable of predicting future events based on past experiences.

2. They Get Jealous

Dogs can show jealous behavior.

A University of California San Diego study shows that dogs can show jealous behavior when their owner gives too much affection to someone or something else. The study involved owners paying attention to three objects—a stuffed dog, a book, and a child’s bucket. Of course, their dogs were most jealous of the stuffed dog.

3. Dogs Can Smell Illness

It’s no secret that a dog’s sense of smell is thousands of times more keen than a human’s. When you’re sick, your metabolism changes which causes changes in the enzymes in your mouth which the dog can smell. Also, cancer cells release different waste products than healthy cells, which smell different. Several studies have shown that dogs are sometimes more accurate in sniffing out cancer than screening tests. Wait until you read our story on Dogs With Lifesaving Jobs in our 2022 edition!

4. Their Average Lifespan is 10 to 13 Years

Chihuahua - Puppy

Smaller breeds live the longest. 

5. Dogs Tend to Poop in Alignment with Earth’s Magnetic Field

The next time you have to tell Spot to hurry up and do his business, watch how he lines up his body with the earth’s North-South axis. It seems dogs prefer to face north when doing their business (although it doesn’t always happen). A team of scientists studied dog behavior and noted the alignment of dogs’ spines which were recorded using hand-held compasses. Fascinating. Now, you may never lose your way in the woods again!

6. Newborn Puppies Are Almost as Helpless As Human Babies

Though they mature much more rapidly, puppies are born blind, deaf, and without teeth.

7. A Dog’s Mouth is Not Cleaner Than a Human’s

Dog - Kingsport Dog Park

Did you really believe it was? Dogs drag home roadkill and even eat the droppings other animals leave behind. 

8. Dogs Are Not Color Blind

But, they do see color differently than humans. Besides shades of black and white, the dog’s color field includes shades of blue, violet, and yellow.

9. We Love Our Dogs!

happy woman holding pet dog in garden

The United States has the highest population of pet dogs in the world—75.8 million.

10.  Yes, Your Dog’s Feet Smell Like Corn Chips

It turns out, that earthy corn-chip smell is a totally normal and a common effect of certain bacteria that live on even the cleanest dog paws. Learn more about this from a vet.

Check out our list of “people foods” you can and can’t share with your dog.

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My friend God bless her . My dog companion would love on her and she always said Marley (dog) smelled like hominy. To each their own.

D. Smith

Boy, you have ruined corn chips for me – forever! And I used to love those things . . . dang you!

PA Putney

Corn chip odor is first indication of yeast!


True! My poor American Bulldog gets yeast infections often. She’s on a good food, but she’s sensitive to everything!


I find #3 very interesting. About 2 months before my father-in-law passed away last year, we drove up for a visit along with our Great Dane. When she approached him, her entire demeanor changed. She had never met him before, but did not want to leave his side and kept sniffing his mouth – at the same time being completely calm. We never witnessed her act that way before or since.
My father-in-law had stage 4 cancer.

Roxann Sellers

I’m a retired nurse. I’ve heard that before, and people going to the Dr.s because a family member noting a change in an animals behavior. Dogs are amazing!

sean Antill

I’m sorry but my beagle poops in which ever direction he so damn well chooses very little of which is facing north
Worthless hound ‍♂️ ‍♂️ ‍♂️ ‍♂️


Both of our beagles do to and eat cat poop. How do I get two beagles to stop eating that when they roll around in gross dead things.. lol I feel your pain..

Carolyn Gagliarducci

Worthless Hound Really. Dogs Are Awesome. Sounds Like You Should Not Have A Dog.


Relax, I think they were just joking. Either that or the corn chip odor has fogged their senses. They read the article, they are dog lovers!

Anna Marie Gorkow Lee

Have you ever watched the movie, Annie?

Deb O'nair

I’m pretty sure he was just playing, just joking.


Wow!! Who knew dogs ate so smart,they should do a geography test

Martha Lister

Charles, it didn’t say that ALL dogs poop facing north. IT SAID, It seems dogs PREFER to face north when doing their business. There’s a link (in red) within the note that u should go read.

Mark Fisher

Maybe, their compasses are off.


All dogs do not poop facing north…


But ALL dogs do go to heaven

Roxann Sellers

LOL and all people do not read all words. AMAZING!

Dalwin Willams

Some south if they do yoga regularly with great juice

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