Farmers’ Almanac Garden Gift Guide Spring 2023

Celebrate spring with a few of our favorite gift items. See what made the list.

Spring is here! Which means more daylight hours to get outside and enjoy the gifts of Mother Nature!

Here are a few of our favorite things that help us celebrate spring:

The Farmers’ Almanac Garden Gift Guide Spring 2023:

Welcome Butterflies to Your Yard

The delightful smell of the Purple Butterfly Bush is intoxicating and attractive to both humans and pollinators alike!

Flower buds appear in early to mid-spring and begin opening up in early summer. They grow well across the US in hardiness zones 5-9. Learn more.

Most bushes produce in the first year. Check out the great assortment available from our friends here.

Learn more about this pretty bush!

Dream/Garden Journal

Journaling is a wonderful way to relax, meditate, set goals, or to sketch out and plan your garden. Our Dreams Journal contains 192 lined pages ready for your thoughts.

Buy Dreams Journal (pictured here)

Buy Moon Journal (tap to view)

Garden Helper Soap

Spring is time to head outdoors. Give your working hands some TLC with a soap that does what the name says!

Our Garden Helper soap contains natural exfoliants-ground organic cornmeal and oat bran-to gently scrub away the day’s dirt, while the pure olive and coconut oils and natural glycerin keep your skin moisturized, soft, and supple.

Get your bar today!

Blue lace agate necklace.

May’s Alternate Birthstone

An alternative birthstone for May’s emerald, blue lace agate is thought to stabilize emotions and bring peace to the wearer.

Buy now

This beautiful stone encourages expression and communication.

– Limited quantity –

Roses Make a Pretty in Pink Gift

Pink is our color this month and this pretty in pink rose bush will add pretty pink blooms to your garden.

Clusters of clear pink double flowers sit atop dark green glossy foliage and bloom in abundance throughout the season.

They offer a beautiful season-long show of color. The low, spreading habit of Drift Roses makes them ideal for small gardens, hillsides, and perennial beds.  

Buy now

Makes a lovely housewarming present or birthday gift.

Pink moon bracelet.

Pink Moon Bracelet

This delightful Pink Moon Bracelet is made with authentic rhodonite stones that symbolize unconditional love.

Thought to stimulate the heart and inspire compassion, pink rhodonite is also known to help perfectionists who have trouble loving themselves!

Buy now

– Limited quantity –

Mojito Anyone?!

Celebrate any event with a Grow Good Time Herb Seed Bomb.

Each “bomb” contains a 1.25″ hand-rolled seed ball that contains organic and/or non-GMO herb seeds.

These herbs are perfect for muddling and infusing into your favorite libations. Herbs seeds include mint, lemon basil, thyme, and lavender. Planting instructions are included.

Buy now

Gift Membership to the Farmhouse

Did you know we offer gift memberships to our popular Farmhouse community?

Send your gift now!

This membership gives recipients instant access to 12 months of our most popular content, including Weather Forecasts, Gardening by the Moon, Fishing, and so much more.

Your gardening friends and family will thank you for this amazing Gift!

Note: This page contains some affiliate links, meaning if you choose to purchase after clicking a link, we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

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Which one of these garden gifts excites you the most?

Do you have an idea for a product you would like us to carry in our online store?

Let us know in the comments below!

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I love reading about the different kinds of flowers and also the soap’s

Robert Summers

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