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Larkspur The July Birth Flower

Larkspur The July Birth Flower featured image

In the heat of summer, brilliant blooms of larkspur color the landscape across the northern hemisphere. As the traditional July month birth flower, larkspur is synonymous with summer, but it also has surprisingly rich folklore and symbolism that make it meaningful and far more than just a pretty flower. Along with the alternative July birth

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Rose The June Birth Flower

Rose The June Birth Flower featured image

Rose, the June birth flower, is perhaps the most famous flower in all of botany. But why is it regarded as the go-to symbol for love, how is it rooted in folklore around the globe, and what’s the difference in meaning between pink roses and the other color varieties? Discover what lies beneath this traditional

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Lily Of The Valley The May Birth Flower

Lily Of The Valley The May Birth Flower featured image

Lily of the valley is a sweet, nostalgic flower that typically thrives during the rich spring conditions of May. These clumping blooms sprout their delicate bell-like blossoms throughout the month, making them a lovely choice for the May birth month flower. But how much do you know about lily of the valley meaning and the

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Daisy The April Birth Flower

Daisy The April Birth Flower featured image

With their sunny booms, quick growth, and innocent childhood associations, daisies are the ultimate spring flower and a perfect choice as the April birth flower. But why are these sweet blooms associated with April and what does folklore say about daisy flower meaning? Here’s everything you need to know about daisies to celebrate spring. Plus,

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Carnation The January Birth Flower

Carnation The January Birth Flower featured image

January’s birth month flower, the carnation, brings colorful and long-lasting blooms to an otherwise dull winter month. But what do carnation flowers symbolize, why are they associated with January, and how can you grow them? These fascinating facts and folklore will make you appreciate this understated flower all year long! About Carnations A fragrant perennial,

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Birth Month Flowers: How To Plant A Family Garden

Birth Month Flowers: How To Plant A Family Garden featured image

Design a landscape that’s meaningful and memorable for you and your loved ones by planting your family’s birth month flowers. Categorized by month and blooming conditions, birth flowers hold a special meaning similar to birthstones and zodiac signs. Many believe they can represent your personality, emotions, and relationships — helping you form a deeper connection

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Poppy Flower — Facts, Symbolism, And Gardening Tips

Poppy Flower — Facts, Symbolism, And Gardening Tips featured image

Have you ever wondered if the poppy seeds on the bagel you’re eating come from the same poppy flower that produces opium? They actually do, but they have been scrubbed of the milky substance which forms illegal narcotics and therefore are perfectly safe to eat. Don’t be alarmed: The poppy flowers growing in your backyard are a different species! There are 120 varieties of poppies—only one of which you cannot grow in the US. Learn all about poppy flower history, nutrition, folklore, and tips for growing. Read on.

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