And the Halloween password is…

Trick-or-treaters get ready! The annual Halloween candy giveaway is nearing, but you must know the secret password!

Happy Halloween!

On October 31st, Peter Geiger’s super fun Halloween festivities will be held at the Geiger headquarters at 70 Mt. Hope Avenue in Lewiston, Maine, beginning at 4 pm EDT. There, you’ll be able to attend the “Haunted Drive-Thru Trick-Or-Treating” and receive your King-Sized candy bars, provided you know the password. And the password is….

You’ll have to follow us on Facebook where we’ll post the Halloween password as soon as it’s revealed!

The Halloween Tradition

by Peter Geiger

It started about 25 years ago on an October 31st morning.  I was being interviewed by Jon James on WMME (Moose Radio) in Augusta, Maine. We casually talked about going trick-or-treating and I mentioned that I give out either king or giant-sized candy bars. Jon got so excited that we decided to have a “secret password.” If you didn’t know about the password, you’d get one bar. But, if you knew the special word, you got three giant candy bars of your choice (out of 20 types).

Kids would number between 300 – 500 per Halloween. That’s a lot of candy. With time so grew the numbers. In 2012 we had 780 guests consume 2,000 bars. Then, one year, in the pouring rain and with the help of Food Network Magazine, the Sun Journal, and two television stations covering the “event,” 1,302 characters showed and wiped out all 3,500 bars.

Happy Halloween!

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Cindy Caron

Could u tell me the password. I was at work

Cindy Caron

Ny daughter loves to go tric or treating and we didn’t get the password

Cindy Caron

I was at work and i didn’t get the password coyld u tell me please

Susan Higgins

Hi Cindy, we also just emailed you – “Cold Man Winter is Back!”

Jeri Bartley

I was at work and couldn’t listen for the password..could you tell me??

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