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The Big 20

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The 2014 edition is managing editor Sandi Duncan's 20th edition. Time sure does fly. . .

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Weather History For The United States

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Ever been curious about the weather on a specific day in history? Your search ends here – dive into the Farmers’ Almanac Weather History records to uncover fascinating weather details for any day in the past 50 years! Disclaimer: Farmers’ Almanac’s Weather History records are based upon data collected and powered by Visual Crossing. While

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What Is A Sunspot And A Solar Flare?

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Sunspots and solar flares are making headlines lately, but what are they exactly and how do they affect us here on Earth? Learn how they are believed to influence our weather and even have the power to disrupt communication in the following article. What Is A Sunspot? A sunspot is a cooler area on the

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