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10 More Extreme Weather Events (Of The 21st Century)

10 More Extreme Weather Events (Of The 21st Century) featured image

In 2007, we published an article listing the Top 11 Most Memorable Weather Events, which evolved from two similar articles on extreme weather published in 1999 and 2001. Since we are now nearly a quarter of a way through the 21st Century, we thought we would augment the list with 10 more extreme weather events

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What Is Winter Inversion?

What Is Winter Inversion? featured image

Love winter or hate it, one thing is sure, there’s nothing like the smell of crisp, clear, cold mountain air to make a person feel truly alive. Air quality is often best in the winter time, when the weather works to “clean” the air, trapping ozone and other pollutants in precipitation or blowing them off

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