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There’s something magical about heading outside to look up at the night sky. From spotting shooting stars to identifying the Big Dipper, stargazing is wonderful way to learn about astronomy. Whether you’re an avid or backyard astronomer, you might find our Starry, Starry Night gift picks useful in making your night of stargazing even more enjoyable.

These gifts will put a smile on any stargazer’s – backyard or seasoned- face. Here are a few of our favorite starry night gifts:

Cosmic Cooking Firepit

Cosmic Cooking Fire Pit

Stargazing in the winter can be the best time of the year to spot stars. It is perhaps a cruel twist of fate that, just when the night air turns coldest and the wind bites most sharply, the night sky is at its brightest, clearest, and most beautiful. To help you keep warm, why not build a fire in this celestial themed fire pit!

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Steel Outdoor Chiminea Fire Pit with Built-In Log Storage

Steel Outdoor Chiminea

Prefer the look of a chiminea? Here’s our pick. This uniquely-designed chiminea will help keep you warm as you sip your hot chocolate and gaze up at the star-filled night sky.

Chimineas help reduce smoke as they direct it up and away rather than at you and your fellow skywatching friends!

Warm up with this chiminea. Find out more.

Olight Olantern Mini

Mini Lantern

For the best stargazing it’s always a good idea to find a dark spot, without any artificial light, but it’s also important to stay safe while walking in the dark areas.

We found this cute, battery operated mini camp lantern works well! It’s small size make it easy to pack or carry. It’s red light feature works really well for helping to see better at night.

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FUGOO Inferno - Wireless Bluetooth® Speaker & Real Flame Lantern

Portable Speaker & Real Flame Lantern

Enjoy listening to your favorite tunes while staring up at the sky? Want to add a touch of ambiance to your starry night adventures? 

This portable speaker, real flame lantern does this and more!  Fill the lantern with chafing fuel and watch the flame in a safe yet alluring way.

Makes a great gift!

Binoculars 16 x 50

Binoculars- 16 x 50

Did you know that binoculars can be used to stargaze? Binoculars, when held steadily (or mounted on a tripod), will give you a glimpse of the craters of the Moon, the crescent of Venus and the moons of Jupiter.

Should a bright comet come along, there is no better instrument to give you a great overall view of both the head and tail. And by just sweeping along the Milky Way, you’ll be treated to a myriad of stars.

These travel binoculars with their full rubber cover at the tubes offer a safe grip to the observers. They work well with difficult light conditions (dark evenings). They make a great gift for the new or avid stargazer and they’re easy to travel with.

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FirstLight 114mm Newtonian Telescope with Twilight Nano Mount

Telescope with Twilight Nano Mount

If you want to learn about our solar system or see amazing deep sky objects, this telescope is for you. Set includes a telescope, stable mount, eyepiece, and red dot viewfinder. The telescopes include refractors fm 114mm to 203mm.

Bonus: The telescope has an adapter for your smartphone to capture and share stunning views. All you need is curiosity.

FirstLight N114mm (4.5-inch) Newtonian with 500mm focal length f/4.3 telescope comes with Twilight Nano Alt/Az mount; 40mm draw tube focuser; Plossl 25mm eyepiece; Red-dot Finder; Smartphone Camera adapter.

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Great Beginner, Budget-Friendly Telescope

The 90mm opening gathers enough light for clear views of galaxies, nebulae, clusters, and Moon and planet details. The doublet design with two glass lenses and an air gap reduces chromatic distortion. The simple yoke mount and altitude rod allow smooth telescope movements and tracking. The tripod has an accessory tray for eyepieces to improve stability.

This model includes 9mm and 20mm Kellner eyepieces, a red dot viewfinder, an erect image diagonal for correct land view orientation, and an adapter for smart devices to capture and share photos. It’s perfect for exploring the solar system or deep sky objects.

Start Stargazing Today

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