Winter Forecast 2024: The Brrr is Back!

For Release August 2, 2023

Lewiston, ME: As summer’s extreme temperatures continue to break world records, many people may be dreaming of cooler temperatures. Right on cue, the Farmers’ Almanac releases its famous extended weather forecast and heralds a return of traditional weather for winter 2023-2024.

The Brrr is Back!

“After a weird and warm winter season last year, this winter should make cold weather fans rejoice—especially those in the Great Lakes, Midwest, and northern New England areas,” shares editor Pete Geiger, adding “the ‘brrr’ is coming back! We expect more snow and low temperatures nationwide.”

East Coast Snow?

Folks living along the I-95 corridor from Washington to Boston, who saw a lack of wintry precipitation last winter, should experience quite the opposite, with lots of rain/sleet and snowstorms to contend with.

Texans Beware!

According to Farmers’ Almanac 2024, Texans should prepare for an unseasonably cold and stormy winter season ahead

Frosts in Florida?

Winter will be wet in the Southeast region however a few frosts are forecast to bring the “brrrs” to Floridians and its snowbirds.

White & Wet West

An unusually snowy and wet winter is predicted for the Pacific Northwest. If El Niño continues to intensify, the Farmers’ Almanac believes another wet and white winter will keep California and the Southwest drought-free.  

How Farmers’ Almanac Forecasts are Made

“The Farmers’ Almanac uses a proprietary formula that considers a variety of factors including sunspot activity and tidal action of the Moon. However atmospheric phenomena such as El Niño also affect our predictions,” shares managing editor Sandi Duncan, adding “the fade out of La Niña is one of the reasons we believe winter last year turned out warmer than normal.” The outlook for winter 2023-2024 includes a nod to El Niño strengthening, which should result in more moisture and storms in the southern areas of the country.

Your #1 Guide

The Farmers’ Almanac extended weather forecast is a highly anticipated feature of this favorite annual publication. Published for over two hundred years, each edition is chock full of thought-provoking articles and calendars with the “best days” for everything from seed starting to stargazing. Farmers’ Almanac 2024 hits stores in August 2023. Discover more about Farmers’ Almanac at

Media contacts: Peter Geiger, Philom., Editor
[email protected]

Sandi Duncan, Philom., Mg. Editor
[email protected]

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Jane Adams

Any ideas if we’ll get anymore freezing temperatures in Destin/Panama City, Florida coastal areas? Thanks!


what is the forecast for Virginia?

Last edited 2 months ago by Sam

What’s the weather prediction for Michigan in 2024?


What’s the central Appalachian mountain area looking like this winter? Any potential blizzards or deep snows? I raise poultry and being extra prepared for bad winters is a must. Knowing how the weather will be in the future helps me prepare even better.

Lisa Gibson

What about the central USA, such as Arkansas, don’t see anything about that area?


The South Central region can expect unseasonably cold, stormy weather. Find more for your region here:

Crystal Young

Will we see snow in the Mid Atlantic; Virginia, this upcoming Winter?


What is the forecast for Central New York?

Richie Mac

What about Philly / south jersey will we see a lot of snow ???


For northern Texas, is there snow in the forecast?

Laura Shackford

What about Louisiana weather?


Looks like unseasonably cold and stormy winter extends from Texas into Louisiana.

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