What Is The Lion’s Gate Portal?

Astrology is well known for tracking the Sun’s movement through the twelve zodiac signs from Aries to Pisces, but the sky contains many other constellations and stars which are also believed to carry characteristics and influences. For instance, Sirius, the brightest star besides the Sun, symbolizes courage and luck. When it aligns with the Sun, Orion, and Earth, its power is believed to be amplified—an astrological phenomenon known as “The Lion’s Gate Portal.” Here is a brief description as well as ten suggestions for how to utilize this special time to reach your goals!

What Is The Lion’s Gate Portal?

According to Western astrology, Leo season lasts from July 23 until August 22 each year. On August 8 (8/8), the Sun, Sirius (the brightest star in the sky), Orion, and Earth completely align with each other. The Lion’s Gate Portal refers to a period of days before and after—from July 28 until August 12—when the power of Sirius is believed to be activated by the Sun.

To the ancient Egyptians, Sirius was seen as the embodiment of the agricultural goddess Sopdet and connected with the annual rising and flooding of the Nile, responsible for their survival. In later civilizations, the Greeks and Romans noticed that Sirius, which they considered “The Dog Star,” began to rise alongside the Sun in late July. They believed that the united ascent of these two stars side-by-side made for the hottest time of the year—The Dog Days of Summer. (It is important to note, though, that the Dog Days and the Lion’s Gate Portal are not the same—even though they happen simultaneously and focus on Sirius as a key factor. The Dog Days are based on ancient philosophy and astrology whereas the Lion’s Gate Portal is a more recent tradition which harkens back to similar roots.)

Besides its brightness, ancient astrologers noted that Sirius seemed to take on characteristics of two fiery planets—Jupiter and Mars. In astrology, Jupiter is the planet of luck, miracles, expansion, and growth believed to bring forth prosperity, happiness, fortune, wealth, and wisdom. Mars is the planet of action, competition, conquest, passion, desire, and energy. With these powers combined, Sirius became known as particularly auspicious. This is why taking action while it is in aligned is thought to help one achieve their goals, imbued with the luck of Jupiter and the courage of Mars.

What Does Numerology Say About The Lion’s Gate Portal?

While numerology and astrology are different techniques and art forms, some mystics and cultural practitioners blend their meanings and find correspondences within them. One such is the fact that Leo predominantly takes place during the eighth month of the year, which is August. Yet, with the Lion’s Gate Portal reaching a culmination on the 8th day of the month, the unity of two eights further brings importance to this number and time. In numerology, this further empowers the lucky energy at this time, as well as brings attention to the fact that the eight, when turned on its side, is also the symbol of infinity. Infinity is endless and forever—something we aspire to feel and build as people and a civilization.

10 Ways To Use The Lion’s Gate Portal

Because the Lions Gate Portal is believed to be a powerful and lucky time, we’ve put together a list of several different ways you can strive toward your goals and create the life you desire.

1) Create A Vision Board

What would you like your life to look like in the year ahead? Focus on images and words that are empowering and embody the kind of life you are working to build.

Vision boards are powerful tools for setting intentions and achieving goals.

2) Meaningful Conversations

Sit down to have important heart-to-heart conversations and meaningful dialogues with significant people in your life—in love, in family, or in friendship. Make a plan for things you’d like to change and build toward and communicate authentically.

3) Make An Action Plan

Create (or review) professional goals. What can you do each month to reach new levels of success? Psst … did you know that you can use the phases of the Moon each month to help prioritize your goals? Learn how!

4) Review Your Finances

Assess your financial life. Start a savings plan, invest, or create a budget to cut out excess expenses.

5) Improve Your Health

Take a deep look at your physical health, diet, and fitness. Meet with a doctor, specialist, or fitness trainer to gain advice about how you can improve your health in the year ahead.

6) Get Creative!

Focus on your creativity. Let yourself be inspired. Work on artistic projects or buy new products to try out.

7) Keep Learning

Pick up a new skill or learn something. This would be a great time to enroll in a course!

8) Book A Vacation

Plan some exciting travel now or in the year ahead. This could open up your perspective about the world.

See 4 seasons of extended weather forecasts for the year ahead! – Join The Farmhouse

9) Explore Your Spirituality

Learn more about spirituality or an alternative culture. This may aid you in better appreciating your place in life and how you may live life more fully.

10) Reflect On Your Roots

As you work toward creating a new future for yourself, celebrate how far you have come—including the struggles your ancestors overcame. Embrace yourself, release any past trauma, and move forward with gratitude.

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Kyle Thomas, an expert astrologer.
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