2023 Winning Blueberry Recipes

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Award-Winning Blueberry Recipes Every year we select an ingredient and ask readers and web visitors to submit original recipes that contain that ingredient. The winning recipes get cash prizes and the chance to be published in both the print edition of the Farmers’ Almanac and here online. Blueberries were our ingredient last year and while

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2022 Honey Recipe Contest Winners

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Every year, the Farmers’ Almanac selects an ingredient and asks readers to submit original recipes for a cash prize cooking contest! In 2022, the theme was honey. (We asked that each recipe included at least 2 tablespoons.) A Sweet Surprise We knew honey was an amazing ingredient for a variety of dishes, but we were

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Note: We run sweepstakes all the time, so be sure to check back here or sign-up for our newsletter to avoid missing out on our next contest!

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The Bean Recipe Contest is over

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Good luck to all the entrants! Lucky winners will get their recipes published in the 2025 Farmers’ Almanac and on   Cash Prizes for the top three winning recipes -$250, $200, and $150 Previous Contest Winners 2023 Winning Blueberry Recipes 2022 Honey Recipes 2021 Sweet Potato Recipes 2020 Banana Recipes 2019 Quinoa Recipes 2018 Garlic Recipes 2017

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