Do Full Moons Make People Act Crazy?

Urban legends abound on the subject of things—and people— going haywire around the time of the full Moon. But is there any truth to it? Depends on who you ask.

“Must be a full Moon …” is a common utterance whenever things start to go a little haywire. The idea that a full Moon can drive people mad is an old one. Even the word “lunatic,” and its relatives “loon” and “loony,” derive from the Latin word “luna,” meaning “Moon.”

Urban legends abound on the subject of things going haywire around the time of the full Moon. According to contemporary lore, emergency rooms and veterinary offices are busier when the Moon is full; suicide, arson, and violent crime rates increase, patients in psychiatric hospitals act out more, and there are more traffic accidents.

Others even attribute medical occurrences, such as women going into labor, epileptic seizures, and sleepwalking to the full Moon. But is it true?

Do Full Moons Really Affect Our Behavior?

People who believe that Moon phases affect human behavior point out that the human body is about 60% water. If the phase of the Moon can affect ocean tides, and even cause a bulge in the Earth’s crust, surely it would exert an effect of human beings, they reason.

And, of course, one of the most popular features in the Farmers’ Almanac is our Best Days calendar, which recommends specific days to do everything from plant root crops to cut hair for increased growth, based on the phases of the Moon and other factors. Readers swear that they see better results in their endeavors when they follow these recommendations.

Moon - Werewolf

What Does Science Say?

Science has taken the question of the full Moon’s effects seriously enough that there have been a number of studies examining the various claims. Nearly all of them have come up empty, though. All have either found no correlation between the Moon and human behavior or were later debunked by other studies that questioned their methods.

Scientists are also quick to point out that objects on Earth have more effect on one another than the Moon does. Astronomer George Abell famously noted that a mosquito sitting on your arm exerts more gravitational force on your body than the Moon does.

So why the persistent belief, purportedly even among emergency room personnel and police, in the power of the full Moon to bring on crazy behavior? One hypothesis, posed in a 1999 issue of the Journal of Affective Disorders, suggested that sleep deprivation, caused by the brightness of the full Moon, might have worsened existing mental disorders. Once electric lights were invented, the authors said, the effect was negated, which is why modern studies have found no correlation.

Others say the belief has remained strong due to “confirmation bias,” the idea that people favor information that supports their preconceived notions. In other words, if you expect people to act strangely during a full Moon, every strange behavior you encounter during a full Moon reinforces that belief.

Read 7 Ways The Moon May Affect Your Health

What do you think? Do you notice people acting differently around the time of the full Moon? Share your thoughts below!

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Jaime McLeod

Jaime McLeod is a longtime journalist who has written for a wide variety of newspapers, magazines, and websites, including She enjoys the outdoors, growing and eating organic food, and is interested in all aspects of natural wellness.

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Alberta Rademacher

I worked in a hospital ER for many years. Certain times of the month one of the workers would ask to lookup the date if it was Full Moon ,cause the ER was more chaotic than normall..


I know what science says, but after working in a hospital, I can’t agree. It SEEMED as though more babies were born and more crazies were in the ER.


Totally believe it. I had to go to the ER on the super full moon this month. There were 76 patients back in the ER and I had to wait 10hrs before I went back (i had to get certain tests by a GI so i had to wait.) I was flagged as an overnight observation so that just kept checking my vitals until there was a bed. All the hospital staff were convinced it was the full moon!


You need to ask a Cancer. (-;


What’s weird is nobody ever talks about the weird behavior during a new moon, even though the tidal forces are greater than a full moon…..


I am at work right now, sitting outside, taking a break. I am looking at the full moon. I work in a dementia facility and most of my residents have been going off the chain all day. Screaming, falling down, more aggressive behavior than usual. I came outside to take a breather from all the chaos and looked up and yes, it’s a full moon.


I was a CNA as well as an EMT for quite a few years. As a CNA it only took a couple of our alzheimer/dementia patients to start acting exceptionally off-kilter before one of my coworkers would get on their phones to find out if it was a full moon. We all knew that if either of the Emma’s started to act crazier than usual, it was a full moon. In the EMS world we would get hammered with a larger call volume as well as some bizarre calls. For me personally, I get exceptionally clumsy a day or so before the moon reaches the full moon phase. IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE! Ask anyone who has porphyria, the disease of the vampire, which is where the werewolf legend came from, and they will tell you, it makes a difference.

Jackie Young

I have been a 911 dispatcher for 20 yrs. I can tell you we notice a difference in call volume and the call types where ppl are not acting normal. We have callers we consider “regulars “ that we know they will be calling more frequently during the full moon. We believe in the full moon theory.

A. Garry King

My family were in the bar business for more than 5o years, and there were definitely strange people affected by the phases of the moon, and we’d always say there would be full members out on the full moon, but also when it was the new moon, there would be new members, Hah!


IT DOES affect people!
I notice it in my family, friends and strangers!
hyper!!! loud!! restless!!!

kim walsh

I was a florist for 25yrs. and we always sold more roses during a full moon.


Tell this to doctors and nurses in the ER! And police!

Nahid Rathernot

They know.


Everyone on here says the same thing, I worked blah blah, I know blah blah. I can tell you with out a doubt blah… Most can’t tell you definitively what they had for breakfast 2 days ago. Most mistake a waxing gibbous phase at 95% illumination as a full moon. Plenty of people in the criminal justice/medical/mental health field have substance abuse problems. Yet somehow all the people here can magically recall with perfect clarity days that happened years ago. Right, cause I guess every 911 dispatcher, cop, or nurse is an amateur astronomer, with perfect memory, that never took a drink lol. I’ll tell you what I have seen in spades in the criminal justice field and mental health feild (2 Fields I’ve worked in); confirmation bias and arrogance. People who don’t know the facts of a situation and jump to conclusions based on erroneous gut feelings.

Theresa Lynn Myers

I am an amatuer astronomer and I notice the moon cycles. I am a nurse. A lot of the time, when people say it must be a full moon…It is a NEW MOON. My humble opinion is people see a Full Moon and just assume. Although I do have trouble sleeping during the full moon….it is because it is sooo beautiful and I just LOVE to watch it. The new moon is one you cannot see.


I had a huge argument with my girlfriend last night and low and behold it’s a new moon today.
Almost every month the moon cycles effect her to the point that I keep track.


You mean they don’t recall if it was a full moon and they’re just saying that? There’s no relation to the moon and behavior?


Gee, you must be fun at parties!


I don’t look at the moon, then expect crazy. When I see more than normal crazy, I check the moon.


It sure does seem like there is an effect, doesn’t it?


Just seeing the mass accumulation of professional people’s observations could qualify as an excuse for further empirical study. It has been OBSERVED over and over again (observation can be imperfect, but it not a “gut feeling”). I question both the scope and methods of many of these studies. Maybe we have yet to identify the connection, and only ruled some reasons out, but that just sounds like scientific process to me. I seriously doubt we have ruled out every possible causation, but I think you would also have to be 🙈🙉🙊 not to accept that there is at least a correlation that has not been explained. My turn lol… as a career public librarian, I have pulled actual stats that show incidents reports increase (in at least the library systems I’ve worked in) both in quantity and level of unusual behavior during a full moon. Crazy people come into the library all the time, but never more than during full moons. There, input from neither medical nor criminal justice fields. Take it as you will, I still consider the full moon theory as yet to be fully disproven. That is after all why it is just called a theory 🤷‍♀️


Funny how so many people experience negative emotions during full moon. While I also see a huge change in myself, I get extr hyper, silly & excessively happy. But all in a extreme way


Every time there’s a full moon me and my boyfriend get into a bad fights fits yelling all day and we don’t do this knowingly of the full moon obviously, but I look outside and there’s always a full moon. We both have some mental disorders as well so.

Rosalie Martin

I did a paper in 1990 and proved that the full moon has a higher affect on human behavior it has to do with the tuger pressure on the fontanel lobe of the brain causing people with emotional disorders to act out yes I proved using data from Dade county Florida and Cleveland Ohio that there is an increase in violent crimes murder suicide and rape . your data needs to be time of crime not effects 3 days later.when person dies or reports information.

Charlie Paningajak

If you say full moon doesn’t effect people’s, you don’t know what you’re doing, because some people’s really does really get mad especially the people’s who uses pills ?


Full Moon


People can say whatever they want. I’ve worked in jails, dispatched, Drs offices just to name a few things and whenever there’s full moon people do bizarre things! People who have had head injuries act out. I had three grandchildren born on super or blood moons. I am also aware of myself becoming easily agitated for no reason. Times I didn’t even know it was a full moon till I looked out. I’ve also talked to nurses, police and many other professions and they ALL back up the theory that people act strangely during a full moon. I don’t have the answers why and I don’t know anyone who does. Maybe darkness (satan) just doesn’t like any kind of light! But full moons absolutely do affect most people.


The moon is symbolic of the church Rev 12. Song of Solomon 6:10. As the church is coming into fullness for rapture there will be more sin (darkness) as we are witnessing today, because satan knows his time is short. The physical typing the spiritual. Jesus cometh soon


I like this but I don’t see anything like it In song of Solomon


Interesting thing the moon…

Last edited 1 year ago by Nikki
Shaffiq Shaik

100% agree. i notice that during a full moon i pick fights with everyone i come into contact with, including loved ones. its always something they say which causes me to see red and want to end the relationship.
I had a serious argument with both my son and daughter a few days ago. Then i googled ‘full moon this month’ and sure enough…these fights were caused by myself during the full moon. And so it has been all my life. The world surely does not need people like myself, especially with all its current problems. Im sick of myself.


Don’t say that, the world does need you, there’s a reason why you’re here. You should read a book called the purpose driven life. We all have a purpose.

September N Navarro

IM TORMENTED BY THE BEAUTIFUL MOON THAT LIGHTS UP MY NIGHT WITH THE EXCEPTION OF the fact that everything makes me angry and then i feel like maybe i shouldn’t have acted like a total b*t÷h but the full moon really puts me threw hell
Ive had people laugh me and tell me im crazy to think that. I said you can think what you want but the proof is out here and easily accessible
So i usually spend like 30-40 minutes explaing all that so i just tell em “google it ”
Can yall help me out on this one….Are any of you all affected by the full moon a few days before it arrives and usual just a few hours after its gone
How many can relate?

Last edited 3 years ago by September N Navarro

God created all things for His pleasure including u so don’t let anything created edge u out, have faith in God and rebuke that abnormal feeling in Jesus name because u are suppose to have dominion over all things created.

Like 10:19 “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

Jesus loves you and He cometh soon.

Shaffiq Shaik

You are not alone!!


I have much difficulty just a few days b4 during and a few days after the. Full moon.
I’m 76 years old and I can remember being a teen and breaking up with my boyfriend once a month. I’d like to bet it was at the full m[n too Now I become restless and when that m[n is not so close I sleep like a baby Sure its Beautiful but it wreaks havoc on me and then I’m not at my est on those days!


You aren’t alone! We often hear stories about people that are affected by the moon like this. Thank you so much for sharing here with your community!


As a retired teacher of middle school students, I can say that ‘something’ stirs the spirit/behavior during a full moon.

Cindy Beam

Anyone who has ever worked in the school system will tell you that behavior definitely changes during a full moon.

windows gal

it is a full moon today and im definitely feeling weird


I worked the front counter at Juvenile Hall and during full moons we ALWAYS had a lot more kids come in and more weird things being done – even the police admitted it.

Sharon Arrington

I worked as a police dispatcher for almost 30 years, and we always had crazier than usual happenings during a full moon.


Definitely right but it is evil spirit causing it, and Jesus has come to save.

Todd moody

I’m done 10 years in the penitentiary and I’m telling you right now there is something very connected with full moons and crazy behavior!! I know on many occasions I said it must be a full moon and went and checked and it sure was because people where acting nuts!!!


This is gonna sound really odd to hear but…..maybe once or twice a month near a full moon, my sister just has laughing fits. She laughs at things that normally she doesn’t laugh at. She’s 15 and it’s only her that has laughing fits. You could say anything to her that she finds funny and she won’t stop laughing. I’m not sure if it’s the moon affecting her mood or if it’s just her hormones.


Absolutely the moon effects tides on earth. The human body is primarily made of water, why shouldnt we think the tides can effect us
I also worked for police and fire as a dispatcher and we definately got mor calls and crazy, weird calls


I would say that there’s some truth in human behavior vs a full moon, it doesn’t appear to effect everyone but there’s something there. A very close friend of mine is a police officer and he swears by this, noting an increase in crime and general ‘strange’ behavior during a full moon that other cops tend to take note of. Maybe the Scientist that found no supporting evidence need to go on a ‘ride along’ with their local police.


The full moon may very well affect my mood, but if so, that is a result of the stupid, crazy, ridiculous things that very much tend to happen around that time. Don’t even get me started on the technical glitches that occur – with computers, cars, appliances, etc. For me, always around the full moon. People die. Livestock dies. Accidents happen. Totally random, bizarre issues arise. The weather gets crazy. It has gotten to the point, this past year, that I absolutely DREAD full moons. And this month’s Wolf Moon did it again! Surely I am not the only one who notices this correlation?


Nevermind the second half of the article completely ruined my point.:(

Gavin Milby

Thank You.

Very Helpful!

Carl Long

Working behind the counter at auto pars shops & Convenience stores for over 40 years I can tell you act different during a full moon. Combative, grouchy complaining about everything. And I’ve had female customers become rather amorous then. And I’m not all that good looking.

Susan Higgins

Ha ha Carl, thanks for the smile!


That’s so funny!


I’ve worked in an Emergency Department for 30 years, & can only describe what I’ve observed. Complete chaos, and extremely bizarre behavior. Indeed this can happen on any given night, however a full moon would take it to a whole new level of crazy. I’m retired now and am off the front line . I now find a full Moon lifts my level of consciousness & brings me joy. I feel very connected to it.

Cara Gray

I feel the full moon! Most of the time it’s fine. But lately it’s been strong! It’s going to be off the hook?!?! Be very swear of your surroundings more then you are us to!!! Have fun, be safe and Good luck!!❗❗❗


Hi Cara i feel the moon too. My whole life and sometimes its overwhelming and super strong like this month.
I would like to find out if my feelings are similar to other feelings. I feel also the new moon. Can anyone relate to this. Thank you

Tu Keyzea

Well if the Moon is affecting you in anyway you should go to a site called “Budda house”. They have changed my life ever since to the point that I can’t wait for a full moon because it can charge me up until the next full Moon. Your understand what I mean when you go on the website. Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy every second of life that God has given you ?


I would love to check out this site, is it just

Cindy Beam

I also feel a connection to the Moon. And, my name is Cynthia – Goddess of the Moon! And, I’m a Cancer.

Last edited 3 years ago by Cindy Beam

My husband gets more combative leading up to and during the full moon. He uses it as an excuse to pick fights, then ignore me. If I go into the room he is in, he screams that it’s too crowded, and stomps off. His counselor even went so far as to say that I should just put up with it, and not do anything to piss him off.

Cara Gray

How old is he? Put up with, O -hell NO!! If he can act out like a fool and he is ok with you have bigger issues?? Bit put up with it. NO WAY!!

Susan Higgins

Jesi, that’s very unfortunate. Time to find a new counselor!


I have the same issue with my husband!!!! I always know when the full moon is coming. The smallest of things set him off.


For the last few years, I have kept a chart of the dates in my life that are really awfu for whatever reason, days when bad things happen and when I just feel abnormally hopeless, depressed and frazzled. I recently checked the dates of these difficult times against the state of the moon, and nearly ALL of them are in the few days leading up to a full moon or on the day of the full moon itself. I don’t care what anyone says – for ME, the full moon seems to add a lot of stressors to my life, both emotionally and concretely. It’s the truth.

Cara Gray

IF YOU know that, make it work for you just figure it out. I beleave there is way. DON’T let it own you, own it!!Try it??

Dee L.

I’m 61 yrs.old, and YES, i do know for a fact the Moon , in my life and others around me , have seen and felt and experienced . Me it’s more body pain, i ALWAYS hurt worse. I did a study of my own. My sleep is more restless , my husband gets more cranky .Witnessed it , felt it , I believe it, and the Gravity pull, makes the sense.
Am i Senseless for saying this ?? I surely HOPE not. Because I wouldn’t say this , if not true and has happened way too many times , EACH MONTH .
But I do LOVE FULL MOONS THEY ARE SO ROMANTIC, to look at, cause I hurt too much to BE ROMANTIC…


I can feel when a full moon is coming i start to get a lot of anxiety and i feel very uneasy a few days before and during the full moon.

Susan Higgins

Hi Ava, it happens to a lot of people.


Happens to me as well


I find that when there is a half moon I CAN NOT SLEEP.When it’s a full moon me and my friends are always really awkward and can’t decide what to do normally it’s fine.


I have 3 children that where acting out this morning. One child has no window in her room. So, its not the bright moon disturbing her. but, the moon is full. Shes been fine for a few weeks since just after the last full moon, now shes bi polar again and again the moon is full.

Chetna Singh

Full moon actually affect me, but in a very different way. I feel an upsurge of energy. I become more loving towards my kids. They appear much more adorable.First I thought these are just mood swings that comes post delivery.But somehow I discovered there is a completely different aspect to this.
Now, my body tells me when is the full moon and when is new moon.My energy levels change accordingly.


Absolutely believe in it! Also that “confirmation bias” works both ways. 😉


Absolutely believe in it. Also believe that “confirmation bias” works both ways. 😉


I can literally feel my body change a couple days before the full moon, Being a cancer probly does not help. I don’t care what the scientists say I can feel it in my body and every time I look it’s almost a full moon Usually the day before the actual full moon.

windows gal

hey tamara! i totally get hte part about being a cancer…im a cancer sun and pisces moon…. both of which are rules by the moon… i find myself getting really anxious and questioning everything during a full moon


I know for sure that more babies are born during a full moon. Just ask any Labor & Delivery nurse.


I also realized the one that I love is an A$##!!@ around every full moon. So it’s true it makes people crazy. Just forgive and keep loving. What can we do?


So was mine. Completely insane and even aggressive. Every single full moon. He would destroy his entire household, try wreck the relationship, self destruct in many ways.
Eventually, after 2 years of utter insanity he got his way and I left.
At waxing moon he was normal and relaxt. Si it’s not an urban myth. I’ve seen it first hand and fortunately live to tell the tale.


As a female, a female, I have to say that for 10 + years at least I am the Moon shared common cycle. Menstrating during the five days the Moon is at its fullest. I also have noticed whenever I have been most emotional abnormally emotional is when there have been lunar event such as eclipse blood moon Harvest Moon. There is no doubt in my mind or body that the phases in correlations to the Moon affect me greatly.

Rebekah S

I find that for at least 10 days BEFORE the full moon, I have really bad luck.

I first noticed it in November 2018 after several incidents happened, all before the full moon (which was on November 22, 2018). The first incident was that my mother was being nasty to me for no reason – I don’t neglect housework, I’m not lazy, I rarely drink, I don’t smoke, and I don’t abuse drugs so I don’t know why she was being so nasty to me.

The second (and most upsetting and memorable) incident, two days later, was that I went to my physician’s office. This was on November 13, 2018. The physician’s office also happened to be a local Walk-in Clinic available to the public. I went there, first thing in the morning. Even though I arrived before the clinic opened, there was already a huge lineup. (I counted 67 people. It has NEVER been that huge before.) When I got in, I saw someone who saw me two weeks before (my physician wasn’t available). The person (who will go by “Peter”; I can’t call him a doctor since he doesn’t deserve that title from the things he said to me) that I saw was nice to me the first time I saw him. The second time I saw Peter, he was a complete jerk. When he came in, he accused me of taking papers out of my own medical file – even though the medical file was outside the examination room in a file holder; I even emptied my pockets, purse, and told him to check the trash. The papers that he claimed were missing weren’t in any of those places and he didn’t apologize for the accusation. When I stated why I was there – to be refilled on an anti-anxiety medication, WHICH I HAD BEEN TAKING DAILY FOR THREE YEARS, he refused to write the prescription, even though he wrote it two weeks prior (I’m supposed to get monthly prescriptions from my family doctor who works at the clinic but wouldn’t be back until the following week). He told me that the only reason he wrote the prescription two weeks ago was because he pitied me! He also said he wouldn’t be writing the prescription this time. If he had just refused to write the prescription and none of the other things happened I would be frustrated but not upset. Also, what I was on was something that could give you seizures if you stopped it cold turkey. He didn’t care about that. Luckily I’m already on anti-seizure medication.

Which brings me to the third incident: The day after I saw Peter, I got a call saying I was approved for a new anti-seizure drug (which I ended up later dropping because it gave me suicidal thoughts). I started taking it and, the day after I started taking it, I was in the mall when I suddenly lost my balance and badly injured myself (I didn’t go to the hospital since I was worried that I might get someone like Peter). I couldn’t take the new anti-seizure medication at night because it gave me insomnia so I had to put up with the side effects – loss of balance being one of them. After November 22nd things were better and I didn’t associate it with the Full Moon until bad things such as people being extreme jerks happened in the same timespan. I researched it and think that what happened, especially the second incident, has to do with the Full Moon.


Yeah….my fiance act like an asshole every full moon. He ignore me and even get mad without any reason. I have to marked on my calendar of it’s full moon. Even though I try to anticipate that even, still I get sick and tired of this thing. Gosh….I really need a person who can handle this phenomenon.

Susan Higgins

HI Lucia, maybe plan to be away during those times. Be sure to check out our full Moon calendar so you know when!


I have sleep deprivation during a full moon. I also can’t sleep unless a room is completely black.


A friend of mine named Julie who works at a hospital in AZ, I’m not a hundred percent sure what she does though, I know she’s not a nurse exactly, said that the hospital is usually more filled up around the time of a full moon, and we were talking and I was very emotional and just weird and she told me to look outside… Sure enough, a full moon was out there. But it also could be PMS…….. Anyways, I’m not superstitious but I think that the time may affect people in some way- science doesn’t quite make every answer sufficient.

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