Finding Dimes? Could Be A Sign From A Loved One

When our loved ones pass, do they communicate that they are still with us? Here are the 6 most common signs that may hold the answer.

Nothing is more devastating than losing a loved one. Time can lessen the pain, but grief can last a long time (Here are some suggestions for managing grief.) Those who believe in an afterlife may find comfort in the promise of a reunion in the great by and by, but this can never take the place of being able to hug, hold hands, or talk to someone in the here and now.

But what if the people we love who pass away aren’t as far away as we think? Religions and cultures across the globe and through the ages have suggested the idea that those who pass on to the other side remain with us, unseen, to watch over and guide us. While the specifics may vary, some version of this belief is so common as to be almost universal. Guardian angels. Spirit guides. Protectors. Caretakers. Sacred ancestors.

More than that, people throughout history (and some still to this day) believe that, if we know how to pay attention to the signs, our loved ones living in the spirit world can, and often do, send us messages, offering comfort in times of distress and guidance in times of need.

But what are these signs, and how can we become adept at recognizing them? Although the way any individual spirit might choose to communicate is endless, there are several phenomena that are commonly recognized as signs from the other side. These include:

Common Signs

1. Dream Visitations

One of the most commonly described signs from the other side is a visitation from a departed loved one in the form of a dream. The belief that we are more open and susceptible to messages from the spirit world when we are asleep, on the verge of sleep, or in an induced trance, such as hypnotism, meditation, is a very old one.

Today, we know that our brain waves pass through a number of different phases during sleep. Theta waves, which occur in the liminal state between wakefulness and deep sleep, are associated with memory, learning, intuition, and the subconscious.

Of course, dreams are, by their very nature, not real, so how can you know if a dream is a true message from the other side or just another bit of undigested memory getting filed away? Those who believe they’ve had dream visitors say they have a different quality from typical dreams.

Whereas our normal dream life is often nonsensical, nonlinear, and fragmentary in nature, visitations most often feel more like real life, with a sense of solidity, vividness, and logic that is unusual in dreams. Such dreams are said to have a sense of weight and importance and to stay with the dreamer, sometimes for many years, whereas the details of garden variety dreams are often difficult to remember beyond the first moments of waking.

Some people have even described having long, detailed conversations with loved ones, sharing real-life information the dreamer would have no other way of knowing.

2. Familiar Sensations or Smells

Another experience many people describe is having an unmistakable feeling that their loved one is nearby, sometimes accompanied by sensations, such as a hand on their shoulder, or by smells associated with that person, such as their favorite perfume, a smell associated with their occupation in life (for instance, motor oil or seawater), or a favorite food they often prepared.

Like dreaming, olfaction—the sense of smell—is strongly tied to memory.

In fact, encountering familiar smells is thought to be a common trigger for déjà vu, the uncanny feeling that you’ve already experienced a situation before.

Whereas dream visitors most often bring an explicit message for the recipient, this type of visit’s content is purely physical and emotional—offering feelings of closeness or comfort, sometimes just when it is most needed.

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3. Animal Messengers

Sightings of animals you don’t normally see, or a sharp increase in sightings of more common animals, have long been believed to be portents from the spirit world, particularly if an animal shows an unusual interest in or lack of fear toward you.

Some types of animals have even been said to be bearers of very specific kinds of messages, for instance, ladybugs are said to be a good omen, offering assurance, particularly when things seem to be at their darkest, that not all is lost. Butterflies and birds, especially cardinals and blue jays, have long been seen as messengers that a departed loved one is still watching over you.

4. Pennies and Dimes

While it’s not unusual to find random coins and trinkets in the course of one’s day, a sudden increase in finding such small treasures could be interpreted as gifts from beyond, particularly if the items in question carry some shared meaning.

It seems the most commonly found items are pennies and dimes. Pennies and seeing references to the number “1” is often thought of as a message to think positively.

Finding dimes, or seeing the number 10, is said to be a message to “pay attention,” and “trust your instincts and intuition.”

Sometimes the coin is from a year that was important in some way in your relationship with someone who has passed, and it may be a sign that your loved one isn’t as distant as you thought.

5. Lost and Found Objects

Items moving from their usual locations without another explanation is another frequent occurrence. Lost objects (such as wedding rings) suddenly turning up in a spot after you looked there many times may be a message.

If this happens often or the location seems significant in some way, it may be an attempt to communicate some specific piece of information. If the pattern seems more random, though, it could be interpreted more as an attempt at playfulness.

6. Electrical Disturbances

Spirits are said to be pure energy, which means that manipulating electrical currents should come easily to them. It’s no surprise, then, that flickering or dimming lights are one of the phenomena most commonly associated with visitation from the spirit world.

While movies and campfire tales offer fodder about mischievous spirits playing hair-raising pranks on the living—for instance, the new inhabitants of a home where they passed—this type of visitation can be much subtler. If the wiring in your home isn’t particularly old or unsound, and if the disturbances only started after the loss of a loved one, minor, occasional flickers in lights, televisions, or appliances could just be a quiet hello—an otherworldly wink, so to speak.

In more overt cases, people have even described radios or stereos turning on to play a specific song that was meaningful to their departed loved one.

Whether or not you find comfort in looking for signs from your beloved departed, grief, shock, and disbelief are natural responses to loss. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the living—whether that means friends or family members who share your loss, a therapist or grief support group, or a group of friends who can help take your mind off of your sorrow, even for short periods of time.

Remember that finding moments of laughter and joy is not a betrayal of the person you’ve lost. Your departed loved ones, whether they are watching you from close by or far away, want you to live the rest of your life to its happiest and fullest.

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Join The Discussion!

Do you believe that dimes are a sign from a departed loved one?

Tell us about one time that you found a dime.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Dawn Vittitow

Yesterday I was shopping at the thrift store, trying to cheer myself up. I picked up an object, I don’t even remember what it was but there was a dime laying in it. I picked it up and carried it around while I shopped. At checkout I put it in my pocket and forgot about it. Today I looked at it and it is from 1972. The year my husband graduated from high school. I think I finally got a sign from him!


I have found a dime each of the 4 times I went out to the store this week.

Patrice Keenaghan

It has been 8 years since my husband passed but in the first 4 year’s I had received multiple signs pennies, dimes, dreams, Robins and especially feathers. There isn’t anything in my home and never was with feathers. While washing dishes in the kitchen water had spilt on the counter and when I removed the dish rack to wipe under it and I found a Blue Jays feather. How would a feather get there? There have been in the past feathers on the seat of a recliner where my husband would nap during the day and on the bedroom floor. These feathers would be brown, white, gray, light orange. In my dreams that are very brief, there’s no talking but my husband always is smiling. Finding coins pennies, dimes and quarters with dates I can relate to an immediate family passing. The last coin being a quarter with the year of my husband’s passing 2015. The list of signs I received in the past are not as frequent, but I truly feel my husband and family see I’m moving forward the best I can. When my husband passed, I started journaling and documenting everything along with the feathers, coins, the dreams etc. I’m just starting on a 4th book with photos and feel doing this honestly helped me through my grieving process and look forward to making entries with signs that I receive or just typing a note letting him know how my day is going and missing him so very much. I believe we will be with each other again.


Wow, what a wonderful way to honor and work through your loss. This is beautiful. It sounds like it has been very therapeutic and instrumental in your healing process – what a special gift. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Frank Spallone

Mom passed away over a year ago .I was brought up in a Catholic family .I believe in the after life,mom and me always talked about communicating to each other from the spiritual world if one of us passed away before each other .I still pray and communicate with her threw mediation and prayers. Our daughter wedding was in the last finally stages of being finalized.I was speaking to mom in prayer before sleep asking her to be present at her granddaughters wedding.It was about 12 am Alexa started to talk and woke me up.I heard Alexa say I have these songs for u that have been picked out for u . Strange that I have never heard these songs before ,I listened the songs finished and Alexa said goodnight. It was a different night I was sleeping out of know we’re my right shoulder was pulled with force not one time but twice .I put the light on seen nothing was startled but I am a believer and smiled mom was just there. Days went by kept talking to mom asking her to be there for her granddaughters wedding.Please just send me a sign.The day of the wedding I was putting on my shoes look down to my Surprise there was a brand new penny in-between my shoes looking up at me .I said to mom now I know you will be there . Believe.


What a wonderful reminder of your mom. Thank you for sharing with us!


I have found many dimes after David my partner in life. He was born in oct so I’m guessing it’s his way of letting me know he’s with me

Sandra Hargrove

About 3 months before my daughter passed I was telling her when I pass not to look for pennies from I would send dimes , this was before I realized that dimes are a spiritual meaning , that I would send dimes because nobody will walk past a dime. Well 3 months later she passed the unthinkable worse thing a parent could ever face us their own child’s death . Well it happened to me and I find dimes like crazy now. Her friends that miss her I tell them to look for dimes from her and now they find them like crazy now too ..I love it I know she’s there now and I thank her Everytime for letting me know she’s there with me looking over us all ..I miss my baby she was only 24…my Heaven forever 24

Tracy Gray

After losing my 18 yr old son in a tragic car accident, I began finding dimes. I would find them in the most unexpected places. Sometimes in a place I had just recently been. I never go looking for them, they just appear seemingly out of nowhere. I can usually figure out the reason for finding each and every one with some thought.i know it’s him behind it. One day I was at the local Wal Mart, got out of the truck, and right at my feet was a dime, not just any dime but a plastic dime apparently from a kids learning game or something like that. After giving it some thought, all I could think of was his sense of humor. He was a great guy and my best friend, but we also played jokes on each other. That is exactly what I would expect from him. When we lose someone that we can’t live without we hold onto every little thing possible. He also played high school football where he helped his team take 2 Texas state championships 2016 and 2017. He was an offensive lineman and was #51. That number comes up at least once a day. Sometimes it’s more often than that. The signs are all around us, we just have to be open to the idea that they really are looking out for us.


my dad about a day after he died, woke both me and my mom separately by calling out our names, early in the morning, about 6AM as i recall. mom and me later compared notes. about a week after my mom died, i was in her house at night when i was disturbed by a cacophonous din coming up from the basement that ceased only after a minute or so when i shouted “alright already i hear you!”


My mom passed away unexpectedly a few weeks ago; my dad passed 27 years ago. Since spring a male cardinal has been seen daily on low branches in trees near the house, but I had never seen the female although he often called to her. Just a few days before mom passed, I was sitting out in the back yard and thought I heard my dad say, “I’m right here.” When my brother called to give me the news, I told him what I had heard.

After mom passed, I began to see the female regularly on a low branch just outside my bedroom window. Both birds have been nearby for several weeks now. I have learned to recognize their sounds and look for them. It is a great comfort to know they are together again.

Side note: After dad passed, my mom found dimes everywhere for years. It was a great comfort to her.


How lovely to have that as a comfort to you! Thank you so much for sharing and we are sorry for your loss.

Lorraine Stewart

I find dimes every where in my yard my daughters yard in the grass where no one else would find them. At the gas station where I pull up to pump my gas. On a pile of dirt on the back of a trailer in front of my shed that was recently moved. I never go looking there just there. I’ve never checked the dates on the dimes i have found but I’ll start so I can figure out what the meaning is in my life, i do go on my instincts alot of times and trust my intuition.


My Mom told one of my sisters that in times of any kind of trouble if you find a dime and a penny together everything will be ok. For years after she died we would find eleven cents. After my oldest sister passed I began finding just dimes. Then in 2022 my dearest sister passed away. Our brother-in-law used to save nickels for her to play bingo with. (Each game cost her a nickel.) After she passed I began finding nickels. I find them everywhere at home and they seem to multiply! if I pick a nickel up and set it on my nightstand there will be two when I look again. You may ask why I am the one finding the coins and I would say it is because I was very close with my mother and my sisters. And even though I know they’re here I miss them very much!


My Mom passed away 9/1/18. I was to be married 3/31/19. In between that time, I visited my Moms grave 3-4 times. Each time, I would sob crying asking her to please be at my wedding (in spirit,obviously) I would ask her to give me a sign that she was there with me on my special day. The sign I needed to know that she was undoubtedly in attendance was for her to turn the lights off and then back on. At least 3 times I had this talk with her. I never took anyone with me when I talk to her. I never told ANYONE what I had asked my mom to do because, I wanted her appearance to be authentic and not fabricated or manipulated by anyone to make to feel better about her absence on my special day. On that day, things were a “hectic calm”. As you can imagine your wedding day would be. As the bridal party moved around my dressing room getting dressed, talking, laughing, enjoying the refreshments I was sitting getting my hair touched up by the stylist. THE LIGHTS WENT OUT! for about 3 good seconds and came back on. The chatter in the room became concerned and slightly alarmed that the lights had just went out but NOT ME I sat there just as calm and said to them ” it’s ok, thats my mom letting me know she’s with me” I didn’t care what anyone thought of my announcement and quite frankly, noone seemed to bat an eye. I can’t even describe the feeling I felt after that. To this day 4 years later I still Thank my mom for coming to my wedding. It broke my heart that she didn’t physically get to see me in my dress or walk down the isle, but she was DEFINITELY there in spirit.

Laura costello

My sister, Liz died February 5, 2023 the worst day of my life, and the last four months I’ve been experiencing a lot of signs that she’s possible watching over me or right by me I’ve come across pennies and dimes Cardinals many of them songs the perfume she used to wear and I believe that she is near I have to believe that she is near we were very close. I didn’t believe in that type of stuff before until I looked it up. I don’t know what to write but I get signals and signs all the time from my TV flickering on and off to every time I get in the car I hear her favorite song or a song that has a meaning or message.

Last edited 11 months ago by Laura costello

That must be comforting to know that she is still present in your life. We’re sorry for your loss.

Carolyn Maloney

When she was alive, my mother always talked of finding dimes. She died in 2005 and my family and friends who were close to her have found and continue to find dimes at mostly important times and events in our lives. We love finding the dimes. It makes us feel close to her.


At church on Mother’s Day they handed out baby bottle banks for mothers and babies in need. We’re to bring them back on Father’s Day. I’ve been finding quite few dimes! I’ll always remember my late mother asking me one time, when we were getting in the car, “why do you always have dimes on your car seat?” I never thought much about it until many years later, someone had told me it’s supposed to mean a departed loved one is with me. Reading the rest of this article, I’m feeling like I must be in pretty good company.


Those banks are such a lovely idea! It does indeed sound like you are in good company. Thank you for sharing!


Talk About Them with New People, Who Never Got to Know Your Loved One.

Paul romero

My dad passed away recently within a few hours of his passing I heard his voice say my name . When I go to bed I turn my TV off and it’s turns back on . I just miss my dad .

Jo Anne

Right before my mom passed away I read her the Pennie’s from heaven poem. I told her that because of inflation that she will need to send me quarters! At her funeral my sister found a quarter on the floor! But wait! Since she passed I find dimes in the craziest places! Where no dimes should ever be! So, I scold my mom above and tell her how funny she is for giving me more than a penny but less than a quarter!
I can see and feel her giggle every time!
When we count the till down at work, it more times than not
Is off by a dime and all my coworkers and I blame my goofy mother!


Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience you are having with your mom. She sounds like she has a great sense of humor!


My papa died when i was 10.i became suicidal for the year after her died. One night whole i was sleeping, i saw him in my dreams. All of a sudden i was on a bus bench in downtown Portland. I looked up and the puffy cloud in the beautiful sky opened up& i saw colors I’ve never seen before or since. My papa came out of the cloud dancing an Irish jig, wearing his royal rosarian suit. He sat next to me and told me not to touch him. I didn’t. He told me to stop worrying about gramma dying, that i myself would be an old woman before she would pass. (He was right she was 94, i was 50.). He told me a few more secrets. He told me he loves me & or family would all see each other again someday. Then he said i could touch him. I jumped on his lap and he held me in his arms and kissed my cheek. He said “i have to go now”. I told him i loved him and started laughing because he danced a jig back up to his cloud and disappeared. I awoke from a dead sleep, wide awake, laughing out loud! I was happy and filled with joy. My grief had disappeared! I was healed! I never cried for my papa again. Amen.


That is a heartwarming story, we’re grateful to hear that he was able to alleviate your grief and find peace.

David Hoppe

Your observations about dimes really struck me, but did not surprise me. When I was preschool age my mother would ask me for a “Yankee Dime,” which she told me meant she wanted a kiss. Since her death in 2002, I find dimes at least 4 days a week. I find other coins also, but few and far between. I told my wife that each denomination represents each member of our immediate family. Pennies for the dog, nickles for our son, and quarters for her, (because my mom loved her most.) To this day I find dimes 3-4 days a week, especially when I am not sure of a decision I have to make. I even found a dime, in the hospital just outside the room where my wife of 25 years lay, waiting for me to make the decision to remove her from life support. Thank you mom! You really helped me know that I was making the right decision.


Since my husband’s passing, I have found both pennies and dimes, one with his year of birth on it, and a couple with the year he passed! I often smell his aftershave, he has turned on my fan several times in my bedroom, he’s knocked pictures of himself off of my tree, and has even knocked a canister off of my shelf, he has pinched my cheek, and he does come into my dreams Occasionally, the last time I dreamed about him, he was kissing me on the lips, very hard, and it felt so real. There have been birds that come and sit on my fence while I’m sitting on my steps, and one just stared at me one day, and I had another bird that walked right up to me while I was sitting on my steps and just looked at me, and I always say hello Bob because I figure it’s him coming for a visit! I have felt him sitting on the edge of my bed! I believe he is still with me & it does bring me comfort knowing he’s still nearby!


We are sorry for your loss. It is wonderful that you have these moments to give you peace knowing he is near. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Judy DaFoe

I have been visited multiple times by some of my pets who have passed.


I find pennies with the year of birth all the time


That must be very comforting – especially with the birth year on them!


I recently lost my grandmother. It’s been very difficult to digest the fact that she’s really no there amongst us anymore. She was ailing, I hope she’s at a better place now. This article brought me some relief knowing we can still communicate in many ways. I miss her..


We are sorry to hear of your loss. We’re glad this article was able to provide some peace.

Brett McLeod

I honestly find a dime a day and have for the last couple of years.I find them in the most odd places,I feel as this is a sign from my mom,who passed away at the age of 60 back in 2002.I have had some hard times in my life and finding these dimes makes me smile and feel good as I know someone has been trying to help and guide me on to a good path.

Glorie Georg

My 22 yo daughter passed away in an accident on May 29th 2019. At the time my son worked for olive garden and wore a dime on his lapel like most waiters. The dime always sat in their shared restroom for when he got dressed for work. I was told by him that they believe in dimes coming from heaven. So through out my life we find pennies and I always pick whatever change I find even a penny, I think if I’m too lazy to pick up a penny then I don’t deserve to have money and money was hard for us raising them. I think it just is when you are starting a family. But after my daughter died I find dimes lots more than pennies, not nickel, not quarters … dimes. I proclaimed they were from my daughter and started to collect them. I find them right when I am sad which is often and in the oddest places. Where I work on the street, parking lot etc. I don’t count the dimes I find in the dryer….. They are in unusual places and I find them often. I kiss it and save them. I know it’s from her… and they are in a steady increments. It gives me hope that she is dropping them for me..I just watched something about the Navajo Rangers that were assigned to cases that were unusual happening on the reservation from unsolved mystery. They were investigating an old government building and there were literally dimes dropping behind them. He made everyone clear their pockets after the first incident, as to confirm is wasn’t a joke and not from his people helping him investigate. In all they were witnessed to 63 coins dropped out of thin air right behind them or it would strike one of them. BUT he noticed they were all on heads on the floor. They would hear them drop in adjoining rooms where no one was and even when the Ranger went home five dropped on his head as he made entrance into his own home … all on heads…..That really called close to home . I find them when I’m sad alone or such in the oddest places when I work. I work alone at night in a hospital in radiology and would find them after I have been there all night and no one else comes in here and they weren’t here my whole shift then they appear… on my desk, under my mouse pad on my CT scanner when I would get ready for a patient. Just so odd where I noticed the oddity. I know in my heart its her because I get real sad during the quiet times of being alone. It comforts me and especially now I seen that ranger having coins fall and hit the floor when they shouldn’t….. I am assured that it is her or my brother and mom and dad. My brother had been murdered when he turned 30 on December 18. he was killed at Christmas, It hurt for so many years and still does. I had her on his birthday and I knew it was a sign from him and God to give me another reason to rejoice that special day…… this helped me immensly to know they are around me at times when my heart aches for them…. to assure me they are right there with me….Dimes!!!!


We are sorry for your loss. What a beautiful way to know that she is still with you. Thank you for sharing this story with your community here.


Hi. Praying to my Dad alot for help and support and just wanting to know he’s there and still with me . This week following week I found 7 dimes. 7. That’s not a coincidence. That was was him. Prior to this I have found other dimes in odd places. It was him. Thank God bc I need him still. And though he’s gone, I still need him. Thank you Dad. You’ve always been there – even now! That’s pretty special.


I just had a dream of my deceased mother whom I was very close to. In my dream I was walking with her and all of a sudden I start hugging her while crying and saying to her that I am so glad she is alive and telling her that I must have had a dream that was so real that I thought she was dead and continued crying while telling her she is and was such a good mother and repeating how much I’m glad she is alive and how much I appreciate and love her i woke up whaling really loud and still crying for a long time anybody know what this dream may mean

Last edited 1 year ago by Stan

Simply said… your mom visited you. They come in dreams because it’s less shocking than appearing to you while awake. ❤️


This year will most likely by my mom’s last due to deteriorating health.
I miss her so badly already!!!


We are sorry to hear this. Such a hard thing to go though.


I have several instances too many to tell all,but my two favorites are dream visit and the first time I found not but 3 and not at same time but one then two then three everytime I looked down there was a dime it happen 3 times and I had witness. most recent at birthday for grandsons birthday at the Wolf Lodge water park and as I start filming him opening his presents ,the first thing that happen was the picture got real blurry ,I thought my phone was messed up,? Then it started and didn’t stop; ORBS and I mean a lot big and small fast and slower but coming from all direction flying sideways and upwards a few even slowed down in front of my phone .So not one person can convince ñe that it is dust.They need to view my video

jackie Ragland

lost of a friend last year.


I was in a terrible time in my life. I moved back to Alberta after leaving a bad situation in another province. Everywhere I went, I would find dimes. At the time I didn’t quite understand but I knew something was up. I thought everything would be OK. It was for awhile. I found employment but was so very lonely. But sorry to say,it didn’t stay that way for long. Bad luck happened again. I don’t know what I did wrong. God,I wish I knew. I’m in a horrible spot again and wish those dimes would reappear again.

Jaime G

I lost my mom just last week on February 6th. The grief is horrible and I lost my best friend. Someone who loved things like I did. I feel so bad that I didn’t stay the night before cause of work and money. She was in a nursing home and I’m in a hotel because we were homeless. This past Saturday I saw two cardinals together and just knew it was her and my grandpa. I miss her terribly but I know she’s okay and not in pain anymore. My aunt and Grandma don’t believe like I do in paranormal and signs… It’s one of the many reasons why I miss my mom so much.


We are so sorry to hear of your loss. I’m happy that you had such a lovely moment so you could feel she is at peace. Thank you for sharing with your community.


Every time my parents left to go on vacation, they would tell us kids that they were spending our inheritance. We wished them well and told them we hope when they die that there’s not a dime left.
My parents are passed now and I find random dimes everywhere. I have bowls full of them. It’s them. No doubt.

Sabrena H.

I do not really regret moving away from my hometown; I had just always wished I had packed up my Momma and brought her with us. It’s only about an hour and a half away from everything I had ever known. Moved in 2017. I promised my Momma and my sister and my Dad that we would make the trip up to see them as often as I could. So, we were usually there every other weekend. Over the years I have done my best to keep those visits a tradition. It was the beginning of 2021 and so many times that we made it in to see everyone my Mom talked about being in way more pain than she ever had been. She was diabetic. She had beat cancer twice by then, subtracting a kidney and half of her right lung with each of those victories. I remember her saying she was just so tired all the time. I know I would tell her to hush all that nonsense up. I did not care for her talking about how her time was probably near and trying to go into discussions about her wishes for the end of her life. I could see she was more tired than normal. As the year went on, I would make the hour and a half trip as many times as I needed to when she needed me or wanted to see us. I would drive an hour and a half just to do her laundry or to run to the grocery store. Every single time I would have to head back home, she would stop me on my way out her door “Bre, do you need any gas money, baby girl?.” I never did. But she would always ask. And plenty of times she would make me take a $20 bill she had plucked from her wallet. I took it “just in case”. The $20 bills and her keeping track of my drive home so she could time when she called to make sure we made it home okay…small things then, that mean so damn much now. September 2021, she found out her cancer was back. Stage 4. Too weak for chemotherapy. Opted out of anything else that was offered. She stayed in her home for as long as she could. The 3-6 months she was given only lasted a little over 2 weeks. I laid in bed with her at the hospice house and held her hand. She passed away on October 25th, 2021…3 days before my birthday.

After her passing, we had to move all her things out of her apartment in a matter of days. All of it was so much – too much – to take. She had left her car to my son (her best friend and lifesaver). It had to be moved from the complex’s lot. She had not driven it in almost a year, so the night we were taking it home I drove to the gas station across from her house to air up the tires and make sure there was plenty of gas in it. As soon as I stepped out of her car and walked around to check the tires…. there was a $20 bill lying on the ground. It was her. No one could ever convince me it wasn’t. She lets me know she is with us every chance she gets. I am sad she’s not here with us. But her signs let me know that she is okay. And if she’s okay then I know someday I will be too.


WOW! That is a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing and being part of our community. I’m sorry to hear of your loss but grateful you have signs from her.


After my mom passed away I would always say, I wish I could hug her one more time. One day after work I came home sat on the couch and dozed off. I had a dream that I walked into the kitchen…. I was standing next to the sink facing the backyard . As I’m looking in that direction my sister and my mom walked in the back door my mom behind my sister. IShe said with a smile on her face , hi Donna. Knowing that she has passed away I said Mom? I walked towards her repeating to myself,, I hope I can feel this hug I hope I can feel this hug I hope I can feel this hug. we hugged and I felt it! I felt her hug it was real and it felt great! I didn’t realize until about 6 to 8 months after that dream that when conversation comes up and she is mentioned I never say I wish I can hug her again because I did! A friend of mine’s sister passed away and I heard them from afar they were talking and I heard him say I wish I can hug her again and I yelled you will you will! I’m yet to see and hope that he has received that hug but if not I’m sure it’s coming.


This is beautiful. I’m so grateful you shared this with our community. What a lovely experience for you.


My mom passed away in 2019 I was having a hard time with her death I walked and walked and walked crying with each step in deep thoughts! I notice. A bumblebee fly beside me buzz loudly I kept walking but something said talk so I did ! I said mom is that you if so I miss you so much I love you and I’m having a hard time without you at that moment is when the bumblebee landed on a shiny dime in the middle of a gravel road. I didn’t know the meaning until I looked up on internet now I find dimes all the time especially when I start missing my mom or my husband who passed 4 months ago.


I found a chocolate coin in casserole dish on top shelf of cupboard as I was about to cook. My daughter in law used to put chocolate coin under little son’s pillow from tooth fairy whenever he lost a baby tooth. I gave my little grandson the chocolate coin not realising he had a loose tooth, that night his tooth fell out. His mother had passed away some months previously. If I had known I would have waited and put it under his pillow. I told him the next day where I found it. He was 7 at the time and was delighted and said he knew who put it there. There was no way anyone in the house would have put a gold wrapped chocolate coin in a dish at the top.of the cupboard. We have these chocolate coins each Christmas but it was way past Christmas and they all get eaten anyhow. Suzette used to squirrel a few away for tooth fairy. the casserole dish with the coin was the largest one with 2 other sizes nestling inside, all dishes constantly used by me so I believe his mum put it there for me to find to place under his pillow. Shall never forget that, and how happy my little grandson was to have the coin, he knew somehow it was his mum who put the coin in the cupboard for him.


Just the other day a dime flew in the window to my room where there is a screen…my hubby and I were not thinking about the significance of the dime. Untill we looked to the internet for some answers. My husbands mother died two years ago and on the anniversary of her death this year a plant that was at her funeral was brought to my door and to my husband’s attention by my niece who said this plant wants to talk to you and I brought it here to make you happy Uncle Dave and said happy anniversary. How could my three yr old niece know that it was the anniversary of my husbands mothers death.the plant obviously was trying to communicate just like the dime

Sylvester Samuel

Today I dreamt about seeing my late Mom who passed away in October and was checking if my Dad who passed away in July came around in the dream and when I went out I saw a butterfly, and a bird but after searching for the meaning i couldn’t find it anymore, I really missed my parent and I’m tempted to masturbate when I haven’t done that in months now.. what does that mean?


I was joking with my mom one time and she said “If you creamate me to save money I’ll haunt you.” Now I was going to do exactly what mom’s insurance policy said ,same my grandma/dad had the coffin,but when I took the paperwork to the funeral home I
found out that the policy had expired and I’m shaking my head.Mom always paid her bills and I asked when. 1983 I was told and I said oh worst year we ever had. Grandma died ,burried Jan of that yr. Mom had to clean out the house and everything.The in April lost my job. We found out we were gonna have to move,so chaotic yr.apparently slipped though the cracks as the saying goes.
I say if she knew I cremated her she had to know why.All I had left was $100 and out of that I bought flowers.
The telephone started doing strange things. I’d be talking and it was like someone pressing the button on their end and you touchtone sound,so I thought crossed line had that one time and I called phone company to check the line ,the pole,in their office.Crossed line they said NO. They said call police ,police said call them then and this happened every day no matter who I spoke to and I’d get upset and say something touch tone sound right after it was so weird and so sometime i’d say ok
beepy have fun go for it do what ya want and when I did that it kinda slacked up.They say deceased feed off of our energy sometime spirtis,so it was so strange and then there was clicking and it eventually stopped ,but before it did I could be talking and the phone call would drop just hang up. Never experienced anything like that ever before.

Here’s another my dad did and one time sister came over with her husband and they had a little projector and were showing it on side of fridge which made a good screen.I said something to the effect too bad dad can’t see this or dad would sure like to se this and my mom just cleaned the fridge few days before.The ice maker was not working and mom had made cubes square ones in plastic container put in bowl,but I went in freezer to get ice and right in front were cubes half moon shape just like the ones the ice maker would make and at first I’m thinking oh great it’s working again and it struck me.Told mom come see
Aunt and her husband were so busy watching their home movie they had no idea what was going on,but mom and I b believed in spirtis ,ghosts whatever you want to call it and I think it was dad.


A loved one passed away in August and tonight I washed a few items and found a dime in the clothes dryer.
I’m thinking maybe it was in your pants pocket when you washed them and you did not know and that means it
would have been in the clothes dryer awhile ,because I do not wash my pants on regular basis,but I had a towell
in there ,so maybe when I put the towell in the dryer ? I’m hoping it’s my loved one and if it is I hope it will happen
again. The clothes were going round and round and round and I heard something and I’m thinking what is that
and it was a dime.

Sarah Taylor

My mom passed almost 3 years ago, but I just started to face it, we collected wheat straw pennies, I hadn’t found 1 for a couple years, but 2 weeks ago I found one and every single day since, I’m blown away I know it’s her


Thank you for sharing this. I’m glad you are able to be reminded of her in such a lovely way!

Hanging Bear

Every Single one of these, My wife passed away last year today December 19th. Dimes in unusual places, the most dramatic, I had to go to the ER a month ago and it was the same ER, next to the same room. Keep in mind Post Covid era protocols, rooms are sanitized after every patient, behind the nurses intake work station almost under her chair was a dime. I have a work phone, ipad and personal phone and for the last 3 weeks they are going haywire. Sending e-mail drafts without me, not connecting then connecting, receiving messages hours and in one case a day after they were sent, charge seeming to last forever or die very quickly. And Eagles, I am seeing eagles all the time one day at work (I work near Baltimore which does have a fair population) I saw six at one time in one place. Objects moving or disappearing and reappearing, my favorite belt went missing for a week, I only put it in 3 places, I checked all 3 repeatedly only to find it in one of those places I looked at many times. I read this article and about broke down.


Spirit is real and there is no person in the world that’s living who will ever understand the universe in full they are with us more than we think


Even though I don’t believe in anything there’s a part of me that would kill for some sign of my dad. Life without him doesn’t make sense and I don’t feel like a whole person anymore.

Barb Bernhardt

When my Dad died I starting finding pennies, and lots of them. I was told that they were probably from my Dad. Two particular instances with pennies that I had…one was I was in a relationship with someone and was planning on breaking it off. For a women in her fifties, it was a major decision. I was walking on a road that I had walked before, and praying to Dad all the way over to where this man was to tell him it was over. After I broke the news I started walking back. I asked my Dad if I was making the right decision and I looked down and there was a penny. So I said Dad is that you talking to me or did I just find a random penny. Within a few more steps I found many pennies.

At a family Christmas a few years ago we had a houseful. It was total chaos, and in the end my husband had to leave to go be with his mother and things just seemed stressful and not the way I wanted the day to end. I was sweeping up at 10 at night to put things back in order and I moved a wooden bin that held a wastebasket, and there was a penny. I had moved it before the day started to clean under it. I was sure it was my Dad telling me that everything was ok and to cheer me up.


I was very close to my older sister, so much so that she called me her “first child”. When she died 3 days after Christmas I was devastated.
I took her cat in after her death and gave him a loving home with me. Every year when the seasons changed her daughter and I would both have to call her to ask which way to switch our ceiling fans so that spring I turned on the fan and sat watching TV. I heard a mew and saw her cat who was sleeping soundly in a chair looking up and stretching on his back like he does when someone strokes his belly then I noticed my ceiling fan was slowing down. I watched as it came to a complete stop then reversed directions and started turning in the other direction. Then directional switch was a horizontal one not vertical so it didn’t get weak and slip down on it’s own. I believe my sister came to check on her cat and to help out with the seasonal direction of my fan. Also, I had taken her washer and dryer because they were newer than mine and every now and then the washer would chime on in the middle of the night. The buttons were not in a position where a cat could step on it and turn it on. I got up and turned it off and was almost back to sleep when it chimed on again. I finally said aloud, “I hear you and I love you but I have to work in the morning so cut it out.” It never came back on again that night. I also had music boxes that would just start playing randomly while I was sitting watching TV. Again the cat was no where near them. I love my sister and still miss her every day even after 7 years without her.

Farmers' Almanac

Dear Carla, Thank you for sharing about your sister here. We are sending you a great big hug from Famers’ Almanac. If you’re ever wondering which direction to spin your fan again, take a look at our article here:


Just a few days ago I found two pennies together, then later the same day I found a dime. But I don’t believe in all that stuff anyway, so I just put them into my rabbit bank (no piggy in this house.

Farmers' Almanac

Hi Bunny! Like Benjamin Franklin says … “a penny saved is a penny earned!” Lucky you. You may not be superstitious but if you like rabbits, you may like this bit of folklore:


My brother was murdered earlier this month. At first, he was missing, and then his body was found. Our tv was going bonkers. It had pixilated and was being really funky. Then my car battery died (newer car) and had to be jumped. Then my cell phone battery wouldn’t keep a charge. After he was found, our tv was still very funky and pixilated. My laptop does funky things like I turn it on, but it won’t show the screen. I felt like he was reaching out to me. I told him that he was murdered and by whom and that I was sorry. I asked for his (and my other deceased brother and dad as well as prayer to God) help to find the guy. The guy was found, and the electrical stuff stopped. But I’ll know that when electrical stuff happens, that he (and my other family members) are around. It is comforting to me.

Farmers' Almanac

Hi Brenda, We are so sorry to hear about your brother. Thank you for sharing your experience here.


Sorry to hear about your loss ,but yes it’s quite possible.

Lynette Groom

Hi there. My partner died unexpectedly on July 13th, 2022. He died of covid after I took him to the hospital emergency room when he was having difficulty breathing. Taking him to the hospital for breathing help was nothing unusual and usually happened maybe 3 to 4 times a year. When I left him that evening after he was admitted, I had no idea and was completely shocked that he tested positive for covid and then passed away in the middle of the night due to a heart attack which was ultimately linked to covid. So his official cause of death was covid. I still am in disbelief that he is gone because I never expected that he would not come home from the hospital maybe the next day. Since his death things have been very strange. I have been consumed by grief. I’m 56 years old and found myself experiencing grief for the very first time. Three of my four grandparents had passed away but other than that I have never lost anyone close to me. I was very fortunate and never really understood how fortunate I was until that July evening. With his loss, I have been lost myself. Incidents have occurred which link to this article. The first incident was a dream visitation in which he came to me and when I saw him his hair and his beard, which were very long, we’re Snow White almost like Santa claus. He did not speak to me but I could hear him. As if his thoughts were being broadcast outside of him somehow. I’m not sure if it was his voice or not because that’s one of the things I really struggle with since his death, I cannot recall his voice. This is so strange because he had a very deep distinguished unusual maybe voice and I can’t believe I would ever in a million years forget what it sounded like. When he first died maybe a week or two after, I realize that I couldn’t hear his voice any longer and I was struggling to see his face or remember his face. These things are very distressing but I’m sure common. Anyhow, the first dream visitation was only a few nights after his death. He came to me with the long white hair and beard and when I saw him I was prompted to give him a message. Now, this dream was like no other dream I’ve ever had and it felt more like a waking reality. Something or someone was broadcasting through me a message that I needed to deliver to him. It seems that he was in some kind of a trouble when in a stuck I guess you could say in a way. And what I gathered was that he was somehow stuck between worlds, I don’t know if this meant stuck between heaven and hell or purgatory or if there’s a special place where you have to go. But I did learn later that some religions including Christianity and Buddhism have a concept that 40 days after the death of a person they find themselves in a transitional state where they go from one form to another and sometimes they get stuck there because they’re afraid and they don’t know what to do. So when I saw him I wanted to say some other things but I was directed to give him a message and the message happened as soon as I opened my mouth words were coming out of my mouth and it felt like I was awake. And I said to him you need to listen to me closely I’m going to give you a message now you need to go with your instincts something is happening and you’re going to be prompted with choices soon you need to follow your gut and your instincts and go where you need to go you’ll know what to do if you follow your instincts. Please don’t doubt yourself. Go the way


My mother died. Months later I had a topiary on my night stand. It was tall, very sturdy, impossible to fall down. My husband & I were in family room. We heard a crash in bedroom. We picked it up, put back in night stand. It then crashed 2 more times to the floor. We laughed, said mother stop it, we know you never liked the tall tree type plant. That was my mother. On my birthday I saw my mother if full view at lunch. I wanted to go to her but I literally couldn’t move. That was my mother. I didn’t understand why my body was frozen. Our love was so very strong. She came to me 1 more time. I felt so special

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