Grow a Pineapple at Home From Scraps!

Grow a pineapple from the crown of a storebought fruit on your patio this summer. See the easy tutorial and start growing!

Do you know you can trim away a few layers of leaves from the crown of a discarded storebought pineapple, plant it in a pot, and have another pineapple in 18 months?  This fruit is one of the easiest to grow on your patio in the summer and inside your house in the winter.

Imagine serving your friends a fresh fruit salad with slices of juicy pineapple that you grew yourself. Check out these easy steps and get growing!

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What about growing other vegetables from scraps?

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I have put mine in water first with success.. had a pineapple in 1 year .. overwintered in garage .. i live in zone 8b

Jenifer sheppard

I have a pineapple plant that’s about a year and half. It recently gave me a baby plant. Looking forward to an actual pineapple, one day!


Do you have to soak the soil and do you keep watering through out the year? How much? Thanks.

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