May Birth Month Symbols And Fun Facts

May Birth Month Symbols And Fun Facts featured image

Welcome May! This month is about the happiness that unfolds as blossoms burst forth in vibrant colors. For many people in the Northern Hemisphere, thoughts of summer fun come to mind as temperatures rise to comfortable new highs and spring’s stormy weather tends to balance out. Farmers’ Almanac invites you to discover delightful May birth

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Winter Squash Recipes

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One of the oldest known crops to mankind is squash. With autumn in full force and the holidays on their way, why not take advantage of the abundance of winter squash, and try these tempting seasonal recipes?

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Persimmon Winter Forecast 2023-2024

Persimmon Winter Forecast 2023-2024 featured image

According to popular folklore, a persimmon can predict winter weather. How do you make a persimmon forecast? It’s easy. Just split open seeds of a locally grown fruit and look at the pattern inside. Here’s everything you need to know: “Some people believe persimmon seeds can predict the severity of winter weather,” says Farmers’ Almanac

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Full Moon Horoscopes — See Yours!

Full Moon Horoscopes — See Yours! featured image

Learn how the astrology of the full Moon each month may affect you according to your zodiac sign and gain personal insights into your personal life, love, work, and more. Whether you’re looking for understanding, strength, or just want to feel closer to the universe, our Full Moon Horoscopes shine a light to help you

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Your #1 Guide—from Seed Starting to Stars!

Your #1 Guide—from Seed Starting to Stars! featured image

Lewiston, ME: At a time when information sources may be questionable, a two-century-year-old publication returns with many of life’s answers: Farmers’ Almanac 2024. Generations of readers turn to the Farmers’ Almanac for valuable gardening advice, extended weather forecasts, fishing tips, and helpful bits of wisdom that get better with time. This year’s edition features an expanded

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2023 Winning Blueberry Recipes

2023 Winning Blueberry Recipes featured image

Award-Winning Blueberry Recipes Every year we select an ingredient and ask readers and web visitors to submit original recipes that contain that ingredient. The winning recipes get cash prizes and the chance to be published in both the print edition of the Farmers’ Almanac and here online. Blueberries were our ingredient last year and while

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The Great Benefits Of Pink Noise And More

The Great Benefits Of Pink Noise And More featured image

You’ve heard of white noise, but there are many different colors of noise—each with its own unique sound properties. Pink noise, for example, has been shown to improve sleep quality and even enhance memory retention. Similarly, brown noise has been used in therapy for its calming and relaxing effects. The health benefits of these different

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3 Winning Summer Recipes You need To Try!

3 Winning Summer Recipes You need To Try! featured image

If you’re looking for quick, easy, and tasty options to bring to your next summer potluck event, look no further! Whether you want a unique twist on classic chicken salad, a flavorful grape salad side dish, or a delicious chocolate dessert, these recipes are sure to delight your friends and family … and leave them

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Celebrating Women’s History Month With Astro Alexandra

Celebrating Women’s History Month With Astro Alexandra featured image

Hey FA readers! In honor of Women’s History Month, we call your attention to a newly forming star: Alexandra Doten a/k/a “Astro Alexandra.” This former NASA and US Space Force employee was a part of the first steps to establish GPS on the Moon (still in progress). She now dedicates her life to sharing space news in

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Farmers’ Almanac Releases Summer 2023 Weather Forecast

Farmers’ Almanac Releases Summer 2023 Weather Forecast featured image

Warns Summer Sizzles Will Return Lewiston, ME: Summer may be a few months away, but that never stopped the Farmers’ Almanac from helping readers plan ahead. According to the Almanac’s long-range outlook “summer may bring record-breaking temperatures that might make this summer the hottest summer in the last century.” Astronomically speaking, summer officially begins in

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