How To Grow Radishes

Want a rapidly maturing crop that you can plant in succession for a steady supply of vegetables all summer long? Then radishes are the way to go! Crispy and tasty, they’re great cooked or sliced on salads.

How To Plant Radishes

Start: Always start radishes from seed! They’ll germinate in just 4 to 5 days. You can plant them as soon as the soil is workable in the spring, and keep on planting them throughout the growing season. To sow seeds, place them three inches apart at a depth of 1/2 an inch. For succession planting, sow new seeds each week or two so that you’ve always got harvestable radishes in the garden.

Water: Radishes prefer moist soil, but make sure it drains well—no standing water! An inch of rain per week is perfect.

Soil: Radishes tolerate almost any kind of soil, though they’ll grow best in soils without heavy clay. pH 5.8 to 6.8.

Light: At least 6 hours sunlight.

Fertilize: Radishes don’t require much fertilizer, but if you do choose to feed them, avoid large doses of nitrogen. This will result in leafy, lush foliage, but small, stunted roots.

Harvest: Check your radishes frequently because they grow fast! Pull them up when they’re about 1 inch in diameter. If you let them grow too large, they could become tough and woody.

Notes: Radishes are quite small and they don’t mind a little shade, so you don’t have to give them too much space in the garden. Instead, try planting them in between rows of other vegetables to make use of empty spaces! Also, if you’re planning to plant radishes throughout the growing season, take temperatures into account by choosing a few different varieties designed for spring and fall growing seasons.

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Very good advices!


Very good advices

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