Today Is Palindrome Day!

02/02/2020 is a special day. Find out why!

A palindrome is a term for when a word or phrase is spelled the same way backward as it is forward. Some examples of palindromes include level, kayak, civic, radar, solos, tenet, and names like Bob, Otto, and Hannah.

Palindromes aren’t limited to words, though. Numbers can also be palindromes, like the date 11/02/2011 (11022011).

It’s always fun when dates and times have interesting patterns. For instance, the date 11/11/11 and often couples will get married on such dates.

Why February 2, 2020 is so rare

Today’s date, 02/02/2020 is especially special because it has the distinction of reading the same backward and forward when written out in eight digits in multiple date systems.  For example, in European countries, dates are written as day/month/year, so today’s date works as a palindrome in this format, or in the typical U.S. format of month/day/year.

Palindrome days are especially notable because they are actually pretty rare. There will only be 12 palindrome dates this century. 

Here’s a list of them all:

October 2, 2001 (10022001)
January 2, 2010 (01022010)
November 2, 2011 (11022011)
February 2, 2020 (02022020)
December 2, 2021 (12022021)
March 2, 2030 (03022030)
April 2, 2040 (04022040)
May 2, 2050 (05022050)
June 2, 2060 (06022060)
July 2, 2070 (07022070)
August 2, 2080 (08022080)
September 2, 2090 (09022090)

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But you mention December


Bro what about 12-02-2021.
12022021 = 12022021

prof premraj pushpakaran

prof premraj pushpakaran writes– october 7, 2017 is also a palindrome day!!!

Kevin H

Today should have been a worldwide holiday.

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