The 20 Wackiest Objects Dropped on New Year’s Eve

The famous ball in Times Square isn't the only object dropped on New Year's Eve. Check out this list of crazy things dropped by other cities to ring in the new year!

Each year at the stroke of midnight, New York City has its famous ball drop in Times Square to ring in the New Year. But it’s not the only object that gets dropped at the stroke of midnight. Other cities such as Chicago and Fort Lauderdale have followed suit with their own ball drops, but some locations decided to get a little more creative and come up with their own versions of this grand tradition. Check out this list!

This year, many of these events are happening virtually, so check their websites!

The 20 Wackiest Objects Dropped on New Year’s Eve

1.Bologna (Lebanon, PA) – Nothing wasted!

2.  Big Cheese (Plymouth, WI)

3. Pickle (Mount Olive, NC and Dillsburg, PA)

4. Gumbo Pot (New Orleans, LA)

5. Steamroller (Steelton, PA)

6. Giant Peep (Bethlehem, PA)

7. Walleye Fish (Port Clinton, OH)

8. Wrench (Mechanicsburg, PA)

9. Sardine (Eastport, ME)

10. Cigar (Richland, PA)

11. Frog (Frogtown, PA)

12. Wooden Duck (Havre de Grace, MD)

13. Acorn (Raleigh, NC)

14. Giant Crab (Easton, MD)

15. Indy Car (Carlisle, PA)

16. Pear (Fredericksburg, VA)

17. Hog made of lights (Fayetteville, AR) – Main image by Jamie Seed.

18. Conch Shell (Key West, FL)

19. Olive (Bartlesville, OK)

20. Opossum (Brasstown, NC) – (No animals injured!)

Pennsylvania is the winner with the most interesting “drops” around the state. Take a look at this list!

Do you know of, or have you seen, any other “drops” on New Year’s Eve? Tell us in the comments below!

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Christine Schwacke

Folly Beach, SC had the Flip Flop Drop.

Tora Idos

Krumpe’s Donut in Hagerstown, MD


On Folly Beach, SC we do a flop drop!

Christine Schwacke

I just posted that. Lol


Giant sugar beet in Rupert, ID

Karen Price

Beer keg – Greensboro, NC

Gee Dee

In Moultrie, Georgia they throw a head of cabbage from the top of the courthouse to the ground below. Moultrie is the Cabbage Capital of Georgia.


What Bob said, the Giant Moon Pie in my hometown of Mobile, Alabama !


A Giant Blueberry in Kennebunk, Maine

Hilary Leslie

Sounds about right! 😀


Oh, and Helen Georgia. Giant Pretzel drop.

Sandi Duncan

Ooh we will have to add this! Thanks for sharing!


Mobile Alabama, Moon Pie parade and drop!


marion oh,,popcorn ball drop

Ed White

The cherry rise in Emmett Id

Doris Hoffman

In Lisburn,Pa they drop a pair of britches for the yellow breeches creek

Susan Higgins



You put the pickle drop in Mount Olive… but not DILLSBURG?!

Seems like a major miss on your part.

A Chicken

Indeed sir, but 2 years have passed since you said this so maybe they changed that?

J. Chris Fleming

In eastern Kentucky my family and I drop a block of coal. We are the only ones in the heart of the coalfields doing this.

Jo Lee

A giant chile pepper is dropped in Albuquerque, NM

Melva Sorrells Olliff

This is the first year that the Peanut Capital of the World, Dothan, Alabama, will have a New Year’s Peanut Drop.

Bryan Haley

Tulsa, Oklahoma drops a Strawberry every year since 1989 I believe.

Shelia Patton

Hard Rock Cafe in Memphis dropped 60 years of Rock and Roll Guitar


We drop a music note in Music City (Nashville, TN.)

susan francois

the possum drop in brasstown nc is still going on..a judge ruled in favor of it agreeing no harm is done to the possum

Renee Hendershot

Flagstaff Arizona we drop a pinecone…..


They drop a pickle that looks like a green Mr. Peanut in Dillsburg, PA (my hometown). A white rose is dropped in York, PA and a strawberry is dropped in Harrisburg, PA.

shannon bridges

A giant potato in boise,id!

A Chicken

Potato is power now lol

christina simonton

lancaster pa a red rose, elizabethtown pa mm&m candy, york pa white rose, falmouth pa a goat,

Dave Segermark

Add Rockhall, MD’s Rockfish Drop (not a real fish)

Myra Mayfield

You forgot to mention:
1. Moonpie in Mobile Alabama &
2. Pelican (17ft wingspan made of Crystal) in Pensacola, Florida…its quite a sight!

Georgia Gal

The Possum Drop is still done in Tallapoosa GA and is NOT done with a live possum. The one you refer to possibly is the one that was done in Brasstown, NC which appears to have been with a live animal.

Andrew Ragland

The Possum Drop is no longer done. PETA made such jerks of themselves that the event had to be cancelled. Never mind that the possum was live-trapped, treated humanely, and released back into the wild after the event. Pardon me diatribing a little here, but as a Neopagan, I’m required by my religion to have respect for all life. However, PETA has given the animal rights movement such a bad reputation, such an image of insanity, that it’s hard to speak out for animal rights without being regarded as a nutjob.

Karen Price

Possum drop is back! Judge ruled no harm was done to the possum. Ha!

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