Full Moon November 2024 – Beaver Moon And Alternative Names

Full Moon November 2023 Beaver Moon.

The full Moon November 2024 marks a time when some of the first snow falls in the northern US and Canada. It’s a time when most trees and shrubs have shed their leaves. Frost gathers on blades of grass and beavers begin to build their dams before the ground freezes. Hence the traditional full Moon name, “Beaver Moon.” Winter is coming. November’s weather seems to be asking, “Are you ready?”

Full Moon November 2024: November 15
Peak Illumination: 4:28 p.m. Eastern Time

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Why Is The November Full Moon Called The Beaver Moon?

America’s largest rodent knows that late autumn is the time to build a home. Beavers get busy this time of year finalizing their lodges, which is one possible explanation as to how the November full Moon became known as the Beaver Moon.

Measuring up to four feet long from the tip of its nose to the end of its paddle shaped tail and weighing in between 35 and 65 pounds, beavers are widespread across the United States. Only the deserts in California and Nevada and parts of Arizona and Utah are devoid of beavers building lodges this time of year.

Beaver chew through deciduous trees with four chisel-like teeth and powerful jaws. The timber combined with small brush and a thick coating of mud and rock forms their homes and supplies the beavers with food for the winter. Snacking on aspen, willow, ash, birch and other hardwood trees allows the beavers to remain inside their lodges most of the winter.

Beaver lodges can reach heights of 6 feet and span as wide as 39 feet. The lodge entrance is located underwater. Inside, the floor inside is often covered in wood shavings that act as bedding and absorb extra moisture.

The lodges or dams can be a source of frustration to landowners who might try to destroy the homes. However, eager beavers are efficient at home repairs. According to a University of New Hampshire extension article: “Beaver pay particular attention to the process of maintaining the dam and a constant water level. In fact, most colonies will rebuild a dam faster than most people can attempt to destroy it.”

State wildlife agencies monitor and control beaver trapping and hunting to maintain healthy populations.

Beavers were on the brink of extinction in New Hampshire during the late 19th century. This decline was largely driven by the high demand for beaver pelts, as fur clothing was in vogue during the early 1800s. Beaver pelts reached their thickest during the winter months, and trappers were paid based on the weight of the pelts. As a result, November became a crucial month for beaver harvesting, as trappers didn’t have to deal with heavy snowfall yet. It is plausible that this is how November’s full Moon acquired its name.

Alternative Names For The November Full Moon

The beaver isn’t the only animal inspiring names for November’s full Moon. To the Cheyenne of the Great Plains it is the “Deer Rutting Moon.” In the Southeastern region it is the “Panther Moon” among the Choctaw. Two birds are honored this time of year too: “Fledgling Hawk Moon” to the Hopi of the Southwest, and the “Turkey Moon” to the Potawatomi in The Great Lakes region.

The other unifying name for November’s full Moon focuses on cold weather or just the signs of cold weather to come. November’s full Moon is the “Moon of Much White Frost On Grass” to the Algonquin, and the “Frost Moon” in the language of the Assiniboine in the Northern Plains and Creek in the Southeast.

All of the United States and Canadian provinces (except for the most southern states) usually get at least one frost before the first of November, but it becomes more common as temperatures continue to plummet with the days get shorter.

For the Abenaki, Arapaho, and Cree this is the “Moon When The Rivers Begin To Freeze.” For the Anishnaabe (Chippewa, Ojibwe) and Passamaquoddy it is simply the “Freezing Moon.” Among the Comanche it is the “Heading To Winter Moon.”

Even in the Southwest it is a time of cold as the Pueblo name this the “Moon When All Is Gathered In.”

For those living in northern climates, perhaps the most appropriate name comes from the Kalapuya in the Pacific Northwest who call this the “Moon Of Moving Inside For Winter.”

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So glad I heard it on late night TV but the Full Beaver Moon is roughly a month after a waxing moon.


I am trying to decide what month the bitter Moon is.


Did you know: The spin-time of the Moon on its own axis is identical to the time it takes the Moon to revolve around Earth, which is why the Moon always keeps almost exactly the same face toward us.

Susan Higgins

Hi Mobile, Yes! We have an interesting article you might enjoy: https://www.farmersalmanac.com/exploring-the-dark-side-of-the-moon-21175

Henry Jowers

I have a small farm pond with Bream and Chanel Catfish and a few Bass. I feed fingerling feed every day but one clean up day. They eat two gallons in less than ten minutes, looks like piranas. This month nothing will eat of bite. I was told they would not bite untill after the next full moon. What happened?


I couldn’t sleep last night so got up early and decided to view the moon…..so glad I had insomnia! It was GORGEOUS!!!!

Portia McCracken

My first glimpse of tonight’s full moon (at 5:46 pm EST) elicited a gasp! Surely the name ought to be “Full Cheddar Moon;” I’ve never seen Luna so brilliantly hued as she was tonight.


Happy Thanksgiving with GRATITUDE for all the knowledge you provide others and me. “never let a day go by without learning something new.” At 73, I am as curious as ever. Thank you.

The moon was pretty last night. In Vinton, Virginia, I will be watching “when the moon comes over the mountain.” a lyric from PATTI PAGE song of the 1950s. There has been heavy “frost” here in southwest Virginia, so I can understand the name of the frost moon as well.


So glad I looked for information. Thank you


Love the information you give. I always learn something new!

Mark C. Warns

Before I went to bed last night and thought I left the front light on. I guess God did.

Teresa Walsh

Thanks for sharing this article. I enjoy your posts and Email very much.

Ann Reidenbach

Have loved the almanac since i was a small child, and still do at 71.

Jill Devine

I’ve not gotten any of your emails since 12/31/2014. I did not unsubscribe. Please start sending them again. Thank you.


very nice, always learning new things

Charles Hehn

We up here in Ontario have always called the November full moon a “HUNTER’S MOON” because of that is also the time of the DEER HUNT. or shortly after,


I love love all your articles and your spot on weather predictions I am almost ready for the snow and cold. Thanks for all you do.

shirley sill

love the Farmer Almanac info !! our only daily info on our world !! thank you !

I really appreciate your article on the Beaver Full Moon. I find learning about the names so much fun!

I really appreciate your article on the Beaver Full Moon. I find learning about the names so much fun!


Very interesting. The moon is looking pretty good tonight.

Karen K

thank you!

Mystic Mary

thank you for all your research!
So nice to keep the wise stories of our elders alive!
http://www.marydusina.com <3

Vickie Allmand

Thank you for such interesting stories. I am a retired public educator and love to continue to learn information we use in our lives everyday. Good job.

Theresa Connors Elliot

Thank you for this article on the origin of the Full Beaver Moon name. I always wondered why it was named this for November’s full moon. Happy Thanksgiving! Keep up the great job.

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